Important App Development Tips For Healthcare Startups To Succeed
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Important App Development Tips For Healthcare Startups To Succeed

With these insights, you can make your healthcare app successful.

Important App Development Tips For Healthcare Startups To Succeed

Healthcare app development is the most important thing happening in the medical industry right now.

In 2018, a leading medical publication, Physicians Practice, conducted a survey of its readers and found that 75.9% of the participants were using a health mobile app of some kind.

It’s estimated that the telemedicine market will reach almost $64 million by 2022 while digital healthcare technology is expected to grow by 30% and surpass $25 billion in 2019.

Thanks to advancements in health technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile apps today are well equipped to provide innovative consumer-focused solutions that just weren’t possible before.

Healthcare app development is thriving which means that more and more healthcare organizations are getting in early but that doesn’t mean that people are using them as much as you think.

While the demand and need for mobile health apps are clear, creating a healthcare app that provides an acceptable user experience can be a complex and demanding process, to say the least.

Important App Development Tips For Healthcare Startups To Succeed

We have covered the top 7 app development tips for health organizations that can help you develop an app that users will actually love and engage with on a regular basis.

1. Know What Your Users Want

Don’t make an app that people want, make an app they need. The first and possibly the most important healthcare app development tip is to take feedback from your patients to design a healthcare app that delivers features focused on solving their particular issues.

Developing a healthcare app can quickly scale to an incomprehensible scope if you aren’t focused on the key features from the get-go. Rather than thinking about reinventing the wheel, focus on more practical features to make sure your healthcare app becomes a success.

2. Make It Simple & Sustainable

To make sure people use your app you’ll need to make sure it looks and functions just as well. By tailoring your app’s features and functions to match your target audience using the data you’ve collected you should be more than capable of developing an app that’s user-friendly and sustainable in the long run.

For example, if you’re using an app that lets patients look up their medical records or pay for medical services such as medicine or doctor then you need to focus on reducing the time it takes to process those requests while keeping the procedure as simple as possible.

3. Develop With Scalability In Mind

Developing with the intent to add more features and keeping your app to date is incredibly crucial if you want to sustain it in the long run. Using an Agile software development methodology in the healthcare context is a great way to break down more ambitious projects into smaller chunks, which you can gradually roll out updates for while keeping the app functional.

It’s a great way to future proof your device while delivering more value and benefits to the user. Needless to say, taking feedback from existing users is essential for further development of new features to help you maintain your current user base while making it more appealing to the rest.

4. Privacy & Security Are Non-Negotiable

Even after leaving out laws and regulations, maintaining the safety and privacy of your user data is essential for establishing and maintaining user trust. Making sure your users feel confident and safe while using your health care app isn’t only important but non-negotiable.

If you fail to keep your user’s personal information and medical records safe, it can easily lead to new users being hesitant to use your app or outright abandon.  Your app needs to be trustworthy while complying with regulations and guidelines put in place by HIPAA.

5. Make It as Accessible As Possible

People use more than a few devices to interact with apps and get the healthcare help they need. Accessibility is very important if you want healthcare app development to increase the chances of widespread use for any app you make. You need to consider what platforms your app will be on early in the development process.

Just on smartphones alone, you’ll need to make sure that your apps are available by both Android and IOS users while being compatible with the multiple tablets and other smart devices these Operating Systems run on.

In addition, you might want to release a physical/digital version for desktop computers and laptops depending on your target audience. In addition, don’t forget about ADA compliance which applies to both mobile and websites.

6. User-Friendly UX/UI Experience

If your medical app is anything but easy to use then chances are that people will abandon it sooner than you think. When a user opens a mobile app, the first few seconds are more than enough time for them to decide whether they want to use it or not – just like a website. If the design isn’t compelling yet intuitive it’s more than likely they’re going to move on.

Your app user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) need to be easy to understand yet packed with compelling content while being easy to navigate. Finding the right balance between style and functionality can be hard and even more so when developing apps for healthcare.

Considering how much data patients and doctors need to input and consumer, it’s always a good idea to keep things simple and use good design to promote seamless flow. This not only results in a better end-user experience but also boosts ROI. You don’t have the resources available to build a stellar user experience for your users?

Check out this list of 12 consulting companies with deep experience in the healthcare space that can help you with your journey. And if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can always check out development marketplaces like to get freelance dev resources for your next project.

7. Test, Test & Test Some More!

You’ve made a great healthcare app that’s easy to navigate, looks good and scalable, so now the only thing left to do is to make sure it can work without any issues. Many developers don’t put their app through enough testing which ends up getting their app labeled as “unreliable” by user’s which can mean an early end for a healthcare app.

Healthcare apps play a more personal and important role in your user's lives. Making sure your app can operate without any major issues, bugs or crashes is essential to the success of your app.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the most important things that matter is the patient’s best interest should be kept in mind. Developers should understand that their utmost motive is assisting the user first.

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