The Importance Of A Mac Cleaning Software Like CleanM

The Importance Of A Mac Cleaning Software Like CleanMyMac X

Paying Apple for the extra space every time you run out of storage space doesn’t make sense. Get CleanMyMac X instead!

The Importance Of A Mac Cleaning Software Like CleanMyMac X

Regardless of our profession, we all have, at some point in time, suffered from a slow computer, no matter how expensive or advanced it is. Moreover, when it comes to Mac, reclaiming its storage becomes a clear pain point that should have been addressed long ago. 

Nevertheless, several third-party macOS apps have taken it upon themselves to help users get more free space in their systems. CleanMyMac is one such option and is known to provide excellent services, taking the top position in Mac cleaning tools. 

To make your Mac run like new again -- faster, healthier, and more productive -- you need to run it through a cleaning tool and make sure that all the junk is removed. So instead of thinking how to cleanup Mac manually, just get a cleaning software! But why do you need a cleaning software? Well, here’s why?

The Need of a Mac Cleaning Software

Most Mac users transfer their junk to iCloud, whose free space is no more than 5GB. Paying Apple for the extra space every time you run out of storage space doesn’t make sense. This is where the need of a Mac cleaning tool comes in.

A cleaning tool like CleanMyMac X:

  • Removes loads of application language data, which is generally of no use.
  • Removes cache files regularly, clearing a lot of space.
  • Removes System Log files that run the moment you boot up the system.
  • Clears iPhotos cache files, temp data, photos, backup data, photos, videos, and thumbnails, clearing out several GBs.
  • Deles iTunes’ media data and temp files.
  • Clears development tools’ user and application data.
  • Deleted support files, caches, frameworks, and other temp files that are of no use.
  • Removes old and useless mail attachments in Mail App.

Not only is it important to clean your Mac to speed it up, but if you’re planning to sell it, it’s only ethical to showcase to the potential buyer how fast the computer runs.

Meanwhile, you can also check out how to go with screen recording on Mac.

With a Mac cleaning software, all this can be achieved without manual labor of visiting individual directories and getting things sorted. CleanMyMac X is the best cleaning software for Mac. How do we know this? Because our team shortlisted five of the best Mac cleaning tools. It took us one month to use each tool extensively and understand each of its features. And that’s when we saw how the other tools were unmatched to CleanMyMac X. With this tool, you really don’t have to waste time learning how to clean up a Mac manually!

What Is CleanMyMac X?

An all-in-one cleaning software for all MacOS devices, CleanMyMac was developed by MacPaw. It cleans around one million Macs worldwide daily. CleanMyMac has completed its transformation into a comprehensive cleanup, optimization, and management tool. It is called X because it is 10 times better! 

CleanMyMac X

Oleksandr Kosovan, the CEO of MacPaw says,

Key Features of CleanMyMac X

When we started using CleanMyMax X, we saw its versatility, the design, and the way it performs so fast! It is available for all Macs (starting from macOS 10.10 versions) and can effectively replace several expert tools as it brings all their features under one umbrella, yet being extremely easy to use.

CleanMyMac X Key Features

  • Smart Scan

It offers a single scan to understand the condition of your Mac and remove malware and junk in one click.

Smart Scan

  • CleanMyMac Assistant

It gives you useful advice when you perform certain actions that might harm the computer. This is just incredible. We came across this feature when we started downloading software, which was actually a malicious copy of the original. This, to us, was the most incredible feature! Moreover, CleanMyMac X also reminds you about regular cleanups, lest you forget.

  • Malware Removal

It removes malicious files after checking the system for vulnerable areas.

Malware Removal

You can also learn how malware affects your computer’s performance here.

  • Optimization

It helps manage login terms, launch agents, manage hung and resource-consuming apps to increase system responsiveness. 


  • Updater

It sends updates of the latest versions of installed apps in one place.

  • Real-time monitors

With CleanMyMac X, you can view and manage storage, Dropbox space, memory, the internet speed.

  • Reinvented Menu

This is a handy companion app that keeps you aware of system readings, shows resource-consuming applications, and provides useful instant features. It even can show you free space and battery state of your iOS devices.

  • Time Machine Snapshot Thinning

This is a new task in Maintenance that allows you to shrink the size of your Time Machine backups without removing or damaging them.

  • Lightning speed

CleanMyMac has never been this fast! Its Smart Scan is 3X faster than its previous version.

  • Space Lens

This is a recently added module, which is a lovely cosmic module that quickly builds a detailed map of your storage and reveals all the largest space wasters.

When we ran our Mac on Smart Scan, we saw the kind of junk we had accumulated over the years. And then, once we allowed CleanMyMac X to clean the system, our Mac started working like we just bought it from the store! It’s almost like it digs deep into the dirt and erases everything that might be slowing the computer’s speed.

Is CleanMyMac X Safe To Use?

Absolutely! CleanMyMac X is notarized by Apple as software that doesn’t contain any malicious components. Not unlike its previous versions, CleanMyMac X is 100% safe to use on a Mac. It does not tamper with Mac’s core settings and helps achieve a complete Mac cleanup. It does not ever remove system files and prompts if you try to remove them manually.

CleanMyMac X Design

When you open the screen, there’s this beautiful welcome screen that comes on, unlike those ugly-looking really techy feely cleaning tool screens that usually end up giving you a headache. The design is so clean that you can just trust the cleaning action the tool would perform later.

CleanMyMac X offers a distinguished user interface (UI) with a lot of rounded corners, brightly-colored icons, faux transparent backgrounds, and a soothing ombre effect. Even though it takes care of really heavy tasks of a Mac cleanup, its UI makes you feel like you’re working on something so simple that even a five-year-old can understand.

Upon installing CleanMyMac X, you can run a Smart Scan to see where your PC is lagging behind. You will see areas with issues and also the ones that need improvement. 

Apart from this, CleanMyMac X has a list of sections:

  • Cleanup
  • Protection
  • Applications
  • Speed
  • Files

These are available on the sidebar. These are good to use when you want to run certain tasks and don’t want a complete Mac cleanup. Moreover, the CleanMyMac Assistant, accessible from the top-right corner of the window, helps you find everything within the software. 

All in all, the design is top-notch for a Mac cleaning tool.

CleanMyMac X Functions

CleanMyMac X comes packed with a number of functions. Each function has its own use and it is so well segregated that you will never have to use a manual to understand how to do what.

Here’s how to cleanup your Mac!

  • Cleanup

To get rid of the unwanted stuff, you run a Mac cleanup. This intoxicates your system by offering you to choose from five options:

System Junk Scan - It takes care of the junk files like user cache files, log files, and old updates. This way your system can be saved from crashing.

System Junk Scan

Photo Junk Scan - It optimizes the photo library and removes local iCloud cache files, without tampering important photographs.

Photo Junk Scan

Mail Attachments - It removes unused and unimportant mail attachments and optimized the whole data storage section.

Mail Attachments

iTunes Junk - It removes all junk files associated with iTunes, such as device backups, old updates, copies of iOS apps, etc. This way, all broken downloaded files are also deleted. 

iTunes Junk

This is just amazing. Your iTunes is the hub of junk. It stores a lot of ancient junk and feels that it might be of some use to us users. CleanMyMac X digs deep into iTunes and removes each particle of junk.

Trash Bins - It cleans all bins in different drivers with a single click.

Trash Bins

  • Protection

Like every other system, even a Mac needs protection. Some of the protection functions offered by CleanMyMac X are:

Malware Removal - It finds possible threats, like viruses, adware, spyware, etc., using trusted malware databases to identify possible threats.

Privacy - It removes browsing traces, such as the browsing history and autofill data. It also deletes chat data on Skype and Messages.


Other than this, there are other ways to secure privacy to prevent cyber attacks.

  • Application Management

This has two sections:

Uninstaller - This helps identify useless applications and uninstall them. It also allows filtering the list of apps according to categories like Store, Vendor, and Usage nature.  


Updater - It lists the available app updates. You can hit the update button to update the app from here itself.


We’re not that big a fan of the Updater, but the uninstaller is surely very useful.

  • File Management

This, again, has two sections:

Large and Old Files - It finds large and old files on the system and displays them based on directory, size, and access date.

Large and Old Files

Shredder - This helps you remove sensitive files without hesitating. This is majorly useful to cleanup Mac hard drive.


  • Speed

Optimization - It quits all apps that are taking up a lot of resources, such as hung apps. This, in turn, helps you control how your Mac processes when it’s booted.

Maintenance - It helps improve the performance of drives, eliminate app errors, and improve search performance. The options available are Cleaning RAM, Flush DNS Cache, and Reindex Spotlight.


All in all, CleanMyMac X is the go-to tool for all kinds of Mac cleanup, even cleanup of the Mac hard drive.

MobileAppDaily’s Favorite Module

While CleanMyMac X’s modules are really user-friendly and easy to use, what stole our hearts was the most recent module: Space Lens! 

Space Lens is an all-new CleanMyMac X module that builds a detailed, neat, and beautiful map of your storage. How? It shows you a bubble (that doesn’t burst), representing the space the app is occupying. 

Space Lens can analyze both Mac’s internal and external drives. So a Mac hard disk clean up is no more a hefty, time-consuming task.

How Does Space Lens Work?

You will be asked to choose a volume of the hard disk and click Scan. This will build a storage map, featuring a list of top-level folders and files with bubble-like incarnations. Obviously, the bigger the bubble, the more is the space it occupies. While these bubbles are only shown for heavy items, you can find lighter ones in the list following those.

Upon hovering over a bubble, it gets highlighted. You cannot remove system files to ensure the safety of your Mac. This is why CleanMyMac X is smart. It has disabled some essential items so that they cannot be removed.

Space Lens

To dive deeper into space and check what’s in, you can either:

  • Look through the list and use double-clicks or arrows (>), or
  • Click the bubble that draws your attention.

To go back, click outside the bubbles in the lens or use the arrows (< >) above the list of found items.

Note: While looking through the root directory of the drive, you may notice the Purgeable Space item. This is the space occupied by temporary system files that are removed automatically in case of the need. You can get rid of them safely whenever you want in the Maintenance module. 

Once you’re sure you’ve found the baddie, select it for removal:

  • Select the corresponding checkbox in the list, or
  • Control-click the bubble and choose Select for Removal.

You can check the list of all selected items by clicking Review Selected in the lower-right corner. 

When you’re ready to make your Mac spacier, click Remove, review all trashed items, and make sure your choice is correct. After you click Remove again, all selected wasters disappear from your Mac.

Isn’t it amazing? This is a must-use feature! We loved playing around with Space Lens. It’s just beautiful!

Availability and Pricing 

CleanMyMac X runs on macOS 10.10 and macOS Mojave. It takes up 145MB. A free trial version is available to download.

Otherwise, MacPaw charges $39.95 a year for a subscription to CleanMyMac X and$89.95 for a one time purchase. It can be purchased from the official web store

Final Thoughts

CleanMyMac X is a must-have software for all those who struggle with a clogged Mac and desperately need a Mac cleanup every now and then to restore the lost space. This way, you never have to wonder how to cleanup your Mac manually. Here are the highlights of this review:

CleanMyMac X helps your Mac:

  • Reclaims tons of free space taken by junk
  • Makes Mac more responsive, speeds up boot time
  • Sorts and removes unused apps, hidden extensions
  • Eliminates malware, trojan viruses, cryptocurrency miners
  • Monitors Mac’s health, memory usage, connected iOS devices
  • Helps you disable hung apps and heavy memory consumers
  • Cleans up Mac hard drive.

CleanMyMac X is unique because it:

  • Has an outstanding design and user-friendliness
  • Can search for Large & Old files across all folders
  • Gives personalized Mac cleanup tips
  • Has dedicated tools for macOS speedup
  • Offers regular supply of new features 

Get it today and see how your Mac becomes good as new! And if you liked this article, you wouldn’t want to miss out on learning about the best apps for your Mac!

For more such insights on the tech world, stay tuned with MobileAppDaily.

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