How Crypto Payment Services Impacts Financial Sector?

How Mobile Crypto Payment Services Impacts Financial Sector?

In the recent times, cryptocurrency is more embraced in the financial sector than ever.

How Mobile Crypto Payment Services Impacts Financial Sector?

The internet is a truly wondrous creation. With the power of information, the sum of humanity’s discoveries from over two millennia can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection and a computer or smart device.

Now with smart devices and mobile networks being readily available, we are more connected than ever before. Banking and financial services that were previously not available to people living in less developed countries have become widespread.

As can be seen, people living in countries with historically unstable governments such as Zimbabwe and Venezuela have been turning to mobile payment apps as a solution to their financial woes. Furthermore, now, with the widespread use of cryptocurrency worldwide, it appears that mobile crypto banking may be the way forward. Here’s why we think mobile banking apps and cryptocurrency payment gateways are essential.

Crypto Mobile Banking Apps Bring Financial Services to the People

Cryptocurrencies can well be integrated into banking apps, and sending and receiving payments becomes exceptionally easy. The mobile cryptocurrency app allows transactions to be completed instantly with just a tap. But for that, you need to have a mobile device, and sadly, for many Africans, access to mobile devices is often limited. 

Also, the rural location of many villages, coupled with the lack of infrastructure, means that banks and financial services remain a mirage for many.

On the other hand, mobile phones are nearly universally available all across the continent. Ironically, a recent study has shown that in some parts, mobile phones are more easily accessible than electricity.

With the accessibility of mobile phones, there comes the availability of banking apps. And this combination of factors sets the stage for a potential cryptocurrency revolution in nations such as Africa with limited access to financial services.

Cryptocurrency is the Perfect Answer to Unstable Currencies

In case you didn’t know, fiat currency or paper money is legal tender issued by a country's government. Fiat currency possesses an intrinsic value as guaranteed by that nation’s government. It is because of this intrinsic value; that people can exchange goods and conduct business transactions.

However, when said government becomes unstable, the value of the currency issued by them loses value. This is because consumers and other stakeholders have no confidence in the value of the said currency. Then hyperinflation becomes rampant as currency issued by the nation’s respective governments no longer holds any value. As a result, members of the populace are faced with holding essentially worthless paper, and this is where cryptocurrencies come into play.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual digital asset that is not regulated by any third-party organization and doesn’t get affected by external factors like inflation, deflation, and recession

Coupled with the availability of mobile devices, the existing infrastructure becomes exceptionally conducive to the adaptation of mobile cryptocurrency transfer services.

Cryptos Can Be a Great Source for Making and Receiving Payments

If you’re living in a state with a troubled economy, the chances are good that you’ll continuously be on the lookout for better opportunities. As we’ve seen from how fortunes were made overnight by traders, the crypto market without a doubt can provide ample opportunities for one to turn a profit.

Cryptocurrency trading apps such as eToro have long been used by traders and investors looking to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, given the high penetration of mobile phone usage, it may just be a matter of time before we start seeing cryptos being bought and sold by traders.

Alongside this, the freelance market has been one of the quickest to embrace crypto payments. The universal nature of cryptocurrencies coupled with easy access to mobile payment solutions has made it easy for one to sell services and goods online in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Unlike fiat currencies that have a variety of restrictions and fees, paying with cryptocurrency is instantaneous and often, do not require any additional payment. Hence, making them extremely popular with freelancers working in foreign countries.

Mobile Crypto Payment and Beyond

Mobile payment is a facet of unified commerce that connects commerce models among different channels of the same marketplace. It’s a holistic approach where desktop, mobile, and in-store marketplaces communicate smartly.

With the invention of cryptocurrencies, an array of opportunities for entrepreneurs and common people have opened up. The mobile devices are becoming increasingly advanced and we should not be surprised to see that bitcoin payment gateways and cryptocurrency payment processors will become the new norm.

The integration of mobile wallets and cryptocurrencies are marketplace imperatives for every business that allows the users to augment the POS while keeping the minimal cost.

Presently, no one is certain what mobile crypto payment gateway services will look like in the next ten or fifteen years, but getting a hold of new trends and implementing them intelligently will surely help in defining the line of the payment services.

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