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How To Set Up A Perfect Home Entertainment System On A Budget

With this quick guide, set up your own pocket-friendly Home Entertainment System.

How To Set Up A Perfect Home Entertainment System On A Budget

Just two decades ago, life was much simpler. But now, as the technological revolution bit our lives, almost everyone is striving to upgrade their lifestyles, and why not? It has made our lives more stressful, fast-paced and competitive in workplaces than it is only just that it helps get the much-needed relaxation and distresses us when we retire to our homes.

We cannot thank technology enough for those smart cleaning robots and automated laundry and dishwashing systems that make home management easier for us. All that’s one would want after a hectic day would be a smart home theatre setup while you jump into your couch and watch your favorite movie or play your favorite game with your pals over a network.

A while back, smart home entertainment systems became all the range when Apple and Samsung came up with their smart television ranges. But not everyone is privileged enough to be able to buy those incredibly expensive, super sophisticated smart home entertainment systems. So don’t worry, we will guide you about the best way to set up a home entertainment system.

With that being said, the credit goes to the constantly evolving tech tool where today's smaller, less pricey tech components can be joined together to set up your own customized home entertainment system setup, so you can control the specifications like the antenna locater tool etc.

Components Required For Home Entertainment Setup

All you need to know is what components you will need and how to buy a good product without overspending. Here's a quick guide to setting up your own while answering your questions on how to set up a home entertainment system on a budget:

Perfect Home Entertainment System

1. A Television Set

It's not rocket science that you do need a television set for audiovisual output. The question is, with so many different brands and variants available in the market, what is the right type of television set that you should buy for your home entertainment system setup? There are a few basic factors that you should consider to determine the type of TV you need to buy.

The first priority should be your budget, of course. You need to decide what is the total amount of budget that you are willing to spend on your entire home theatre setup. Once you have that amount, be prepared to spend around 50% to 60% of your entire budget on your television alone. This is because most of all other components will cost much less and will mainly be used as ancillary accessories.

The quality of your television set will determine your overall experience which is why you need to focus more on this particular component. There are many different variants available in the market ranging from basic LCDs to Smart Television sets. Since you are already in the process of assembling your own smart entertainment system, you do not need to spend money on a smart TV.

An LCD television, on the other hand, will be too basic for the right experience. Your best bet would be to invest in a good quality HD LED Television that supports USB and HDMI connectivity. There are a few high-end options such as Samsung and LG and a few lower priced good quality options such as TCL. You can choose one according to your budget. Focus on the color, sharpness, sound and picture quality and connectivity options that the television supports.

Another factor that you need to consider is the size of your screen. There is no one-size-fits-all rule that applies on television sets and it is important that you know the right size that will work for your space. The size of your screen will depend on the overall size of the space where it will be placed and the distance from which you will be viewing your television. If you are following the best way to set up a home entertainment system, it is important that your screen is neither too big nor too small for your room and allows you to enjoy the view comfortably without straining your eye.

2. HDMI Cable

Once you have picked up your television set, the second most important product that will determine the quality of your home theatre setup is going to be the HDMI cable. It is this cable that will connect all other components such as your video players, gaming consoles, chrome casters etc.

What makes the HDMI component an important component is the fact that it is meant to facilitate the data transfer between the two components. The age of analog data is almost gone and almost all data today is digital. Television sets, video players and discs are based on digital data, which is why all new generation television sets support HDMI connectivity. HDMI cables are backward compatible cables that facilitate digital data transfer.

Your HDMI cable should be selected based on the speed of data transfer that you require and the length over which your connection has to be made. Typically, a Standard HDMI cable works for most basic television and video players, however, considering the new generations of HD televisions and gaming consoles, it is highly recommended that you get a good quality High-Speed HDMI Cable from a good HDMI cable manufacturer.

This will facilitate a smooth and quick data transfer between devices without any signal loss and hence will give you a good quality audio-video output. If you intend to connect devices at a length of over 300 meters, consider investing in a fiber optic cable. Once you are done with this step of this how to set up a home entertainment system guide, then move on to the next component i.e. Chrome Caster.

3. Chrome Caster

The primary characteristic that distinguishes a Smart TV from a regular TV is the ability to run applications the way you run them on your tablets and mobile phones. Although your regular television set itself is not able to run applications, however, connecting it to this magical device will link your television with your mobile phone or laptop. This means that you can virtually run applications, watch videos and movies and literally do anything that you do on your tablet using your television set. Chrome Caster is a very reasonably priced gadget that connects to the HDMI or USB ports of your television set and requires a wi-fi in order to facilitate data transfer.  

Final Thoughts

Once you have the aforementioned gadgets and products, your home entertainment system setup is all set and good to go. With your system set up, you also have the option to connect it with as many devices as you want. So go ahead and connect some good quality speakers or sound systems, gaming consoles and even video players with your system to have a personalized 360-degree experience.

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