House Fund launches AI Accelerator in collaboration with OpenAI, Microsoft, and Databricks

House Fund, which invests in startups with ties to UC Berkeley, has launched an AI accelerator program. Participating startups will get free access to tech from Microsoft, OpenAI, and Databricks.

House Fund launches AI Accelerator

House Fund, a Bay Area-based venture organization focused on investing in startups with ties to UC Berkeley, has launched their AI accelerator program. 

And the best part? Participating startups will have early access to tech from industry giants like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Databricks and mentorship from Google's Gradient Ventures. Founders interested in joining the program have until June 1 to apply, but early applicants have until April 13th. 

The program will run for two months, starting in July, and up to six companies will be accepted. Additionally, every startup that goes through the program will receive a $1 million investment on a $10 million post-money SAFE note. 

If you're a Berkeley-affiliated founder, including alumni, faculty, PhDs, postdocs, staff, students, dropouts, or other affiliates, then this program could be perfect for you! There is no demo day. Instead, founders will receive “directed, personal introductions” to VCs who best fit with their startups. 

This program could supercharge House Fund, which has grown from a $6 million to a $300 million venture organization since its launch in 2016. However, competition is fierce, with other accelerators such as OpenAI's Converge and Y Combinator's winter class. 

Nevertheless, this AI accelerator program is an excellent opportunity for AI startups, and we can't wait to see what exciting innovations come out of it!

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