Google Unveils Exciting New Features for Android and Wear OS at MWC 2023

Google has announced a slew of new features for Android, Chromebook and Wear OS that are designed to improve connectivity, productivity and accessibility.

Google unveiled a series of exciting new features.

Google just unveiled a series of exciting new features for Android, Chromebook, and Wear OS!

Say goodbye to Bluetooth pairing headaches with Fast Pair support on Chromebook, and hello to noise cancellation on Google Meet for Android.

Among the new features is Fast Pair support for Chromebook, which will allow users to connect Bluetooth headphones to their Chromebook with just a tap. This feature will be rolling out "soon." 

Additionally, Google Meet will soon offer noise cancellation on more Android mobile devices to filter out background sounds during meetings. For those who struggle with visual impairments, the new accessibility modes for Wear OS will offer mono-audio mode to limit disorientation caused by split-audio, and new color-correction and grayscale modes for watch displays. 

The new update will allow Chrome users to increase the size of the content on Chrome by up to 300%, including text, images, and videos while still preserving the page layout. The update is already available in Chrome Beta and will be rolling out soon to all users. 

Google Keep will also have a new single-note widget to help users manage their notes and to-do lists, which will display reminders, background colors, and images added to notes from the Keep app while syncing with the user's smartwatch. 

There's also a new feature that allows users to annotate PDFs in the Google Drive app for Android using a stylus or touch screen. Users can hide, undo, delete, or save a new copy of their annotated documents. Lastly, Emoji Kitchen will now have a new basketball team and spring options for users to play around with and then share with others. 

We're excited to see all of these new features in action and can't wait for their release. What feature are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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