Google’s Texting App Experimenting With Snapchat-Like Features [For Android]

Google is making texting fun by including Snapchat-style Filters!

Google’s Texting App Experimenting With Snapchat-Like Features


  • Google might release a new update for its Android texting app.
  • Currently, five augmented reality effects are being tested for the Android messages app.
  • This upgrade will give tough competition to Google’s iMessages.
  • No official statement has been released by the company yet.

Move over Google's iMessage, as there might be some tough competition from Google's texting app for the Android platform. The tech giant recently began testing some Snapchat-style augmented reality effects on Google's Android Messages texting application. 

As reported by people at XDA Developers, there are currently five unreleased augmented reality effects in the Android messages app that are under the testing procedure. If you are interested in checking out those Snapchat-like AR filters then refer to the video we have included below. 

The above video consists of a firework effect, Angel with a Halo effect, Airplane animation effect, Confetti effect and lastly, the balloons effect. At this very moment, nothing can be stated for sure as no official announcement on the Augmented reality effects of the Android messages app has been made on Google's side. 

If we talk about the latest trend, it seems like AR effects are the new IT feature that texting apps nowadays need to have so it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that the trendsetter organization Google is also trying its hands on the same trend. 

Looking at the video and other information, one thing can be said for sure i.e. the messaging app augmented reality filters seem way too polished for the testing phase, making us believe that an Android messages app update is near. 

From basic animation effects like confetti and balloons to three-dimensional ones like Angel with a Halo, the rendering of the filter along with the head movement tracking is impressive. You can get into more details at XDA Developers

We can easily say that such new augmented reality features will not only make Android Messages more appealing but also increase its rank as an amazing alternative texting app. As this feature is in testing mode right now, users won’t be able to access it but don’t worry we will keep you updated with the details.

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