Google Makes it Easier to Plan and Organize Your Trips

After simplifying trip planning on the smartphone, Google has brought the same set of tools on the web.

Google Trips

In a new announcement, Google has significantly updated its travel planning tools on the web. The tech giant first came up with a Google travel planning tool for mobile last year, and now, the company is planning to capture the web market as well.

The new move from Google brings all Google travel services under one umbrella and will better blend it with ITA. Google-ITA is dedicated software for the travel industry which offers a feature like a cost per mile filter, geo search, interactive calendar, real-time filters, and color-coded time bars.

The features that will accompany the new travel planning update from Google are:

  • One place for all the trip details
  • Keep track of research and planning
  • Continue planning on-the-go

Google Travel Planning

Richard Holden, Vice President, Product Management, Google Travel, said in a blog post,

To make use of the travel planning tools on the web, the user needs to go to, and after that, it will show up all the information about the previous trips taken by the user. With it, you will also be able to do searches for flight, hotels, and packages.

After inputting the existing bookings and information about the destination, Google Trips app will redirect the data to Google Search and Maps, and from there, will manage the emails and receipts from the Gmail inbox to churn out a timeline for the trip.

Google made it a point to bring the Google trip planner to the web because most of the people keep switching between their smartphone and laptops, and this way, Google will be able to keep track of every activity of the user, and while planning for a travel, it will pop up with airline’s or hotel’s reservations.

The update in the Google Travel site seems to be a positive move in the direction of helping the user to plan their trips and will offer similar features which come packed with travels apps.

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