Google introduces a "Perspectives" carousel to provide a diverse range of voices on search results

Google has just announced a new "Perspectives" feature that will help you see different viewpoints and voices about a particular topic.

Google introduces a

This feature will help you see different viewpoints and voices about a particular topic, including insights from journalists, experts, and other relevant sources. This new feature will appear under the "Top Stories" box and will be a handy way to get a comprehensive understanding of a topic. 

The company has already shared a GIF of how the box looks for the perspectives on this year's Oscars, which looks pretty impressive. The Perspectives box includes tweets from celebrities and articles from experts, providing a range of opinions and viewpoints. However, the big question is whether Google can moderate it effectively. 

With the sheer amount of controversial opinions and inaccurate statements that we are already subject to every day on social media platforms like Twitter, it's not difficult to imagine how this new feature could surface similar content. Google has stated that it is committed to bringing authoritative and trustworthy information to its users and has designed its system to surface high-quality and reliable information. Besides the Perspectives feature, Google is also adding a few other updates to search. 

The "About this result" box, which shows up when you click on the three dots next to a link, will now have an "About this author" section. The "About this result" box will also be expanded to all languages where Search is available in the coming days. Overall, this new feature is a step forward in making information more accessible and comprehensive. 

We can't wait to see how Google will execute this and how useful it will be for its users. Keep an eye out for the Perspectives carousel, which will be available soon in English in the US on desktop and mobile.

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