Google’s Foldable Phone Maybe A Reality Soon

Google’s Foldable Phone Maybe A Reality Soon

Google’s patent for the foldable screen was leaked by Patently Mobile.

Google’s Foldable Phone Maybe A Reality Soon

At the time when the foldable phone is fast taking over as the trend in the mobile industry, Google made it a point to stay in the fray. According to reports, Google has filed a patent application for the foldable display technology.

The patent which has been leaked in the media also seems similar to what we witnessed on the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. Google’s patent for the foldable phone was first revealed by Patently Mobile which exhibits panels that are used to construct OLED panel and can be bent repeatedly.

Google’s patent

In the above image, along with a half bent display, a single inward fold perspective view of a computing device can be seen. And in another image, a flexible display device is folded on both sides. It hints at a foldable device by Google which can be folded both sides.

foldable device by Google

It’s a known fact that Google doesn’t manufacture its own hardware, but it does produce its own smartphones and if we talk about Google’s foldable phone, the tech giant may be kicking off its efforts in the hardware manufacturing by trying its hand in the foldable display domain.

Currently, Google reportedly gets its Pixel 3 device manufactured by Foxconn and Pixel 2 smartphones were backed by HTC and LG.

Even Apple gets its displays from Samsung, but we are still not clear about the display the Cupertino based company will be putting on Apple’s first foldable phone.

When it's getting evident from each passing day that foldable displays will be holding the future technology, it will be a wise decision from Google to produce foldable screens itself; rather than involving any third-party.

Apart from Samsung, which has recently launched its foldable phone, ZTE is also reportedly working on a foldable smartphone design since the last quarter of the previous year.

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