Google faces penalties again for destroying evidence in antitrust lawsuits

Google has been sanctioned again by a US court for deleting evidence in antitrust lawsuits. This is not the first time that Google has been penalized for obstructing justice.

Google faces penalties again for destroying

Google has been sanctioned again by a US court for taking too long to comply with a ruling, this time in a case involving deleted evidence in antitrust lawsuits. 

According to the court's decision, Google must pay sanctions for failing to preserve chat records that could have been relevant to the cases. This is not the first time that Google has been penalized for obstructing justice or violating antitrust laws, as the tech giant faces multiple investigations and lawsuits worldwide. 

Meanwhile, in India, Google has received some relief in an antitrust case related to the pre-installation of its apps on Android devices. The Competition Commission of India's order to allow third-party app stores on Android has been set aside by a tribunal, citing a lack of evidence and procedural errors. 

However, the case is far from over, as Google still faces scrutiny over its dominance in the Indian app market and alleged abuse of its power. In Brazil, both Google and Meta have defended a new law that exempts internet companies from liability for user-generated content. 

The law, which was approved by the Brazilian Congress and signed by the president, has been criticized by human rights groups and media organizations for undermining freedom of expression and accountability. While Google and Meta say they support the principle of free speech, they also argue that they cannot be held responsible for what millions of users post online. 

In the US, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has filed a motion to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit that accuses the company of monopolizing online advertising. The lawsuit, brought by a coalition of state attorneys general, alleges that Google has used its market power to stifle competition and harm consumers. 

Alphabet denies the allegations and argues that the lawsuit lacks merit and evidence. The case outcome could have far-reaching implications for the future of digital advertising and antitrust enforcement.

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