Google Upgrades Drive, Added Integrations With DocuSign, K2 and Nintex

Google Drive has added new features to speed up business workflows.

Google Upgrades Drive, Added Integrations With DocuSign, K2 and Nintex

Recently, Google released a number of integration tools with its cloud storage service Google Drive. The new features will enable users to find data and take particular actions without leaving the platform.

Google product manager Erika Trautman explained in a blog post,

Google Drive Integration With DocuSign

In DocuSign, the new integration allows the user to sign documents directly without leaving Google Drive. In addition to this, it can also trigger actions like handling post-agreement actions such as bolling, payments and account activation.

Google Drive Integration With K2

K2 is a process automation service based on machine learning to make workflows convenient for users such as a loan application request.

It is quite different and focuses on the enterprise’s machine learning tools. It will enable users to prepare models on workflow via Google machine learning tools. For instance, it will also conclude whether a loan should be passed or denied, with all of the information about those requests related to the approval process will be kept in a Google Sheet.

It will also provide support to more pedestrian use cases with the ability to make multiple documents on Google Drive more trackable.

Google Drive Integrations With Nintex

Nintex is focused on automation, process management, and optimization platform. Nintex integration is planned to provide a specialised approach and a focus on contract management lifecycles for Human Resources, sales and legal cases.

This will make it a little more interesting to manage contracts and add more automation to it. These new integrations are not so uncommon but together, all these workflow tools will definitely act as a savior for you.

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