Google Code Jam 2019: Register For Online Programming Competition

Gennady Korotkevich has won the Google Code Jam competition from 2014 to 2018.

Google Code Jam 2019: Register For Online Programming Competition

Google Code Jam is the longest running global coding competition. Whether you are an experienced contestant or a rookie in the coding competition space, you should not forget Google Code Jam 2019.

What Is Google Code Jam?

Google Code Jam is an internationally acclaimed programming competition held and administered by Google Inc. It began in 2003 as a means of finding the top engineering talent for potential employment at the tech giant.

It consists of a set of algorithms which must be completed within the given time. Participants can use any programming language and development environment to obtain their solutions. Google Code Jam was used to deploy on Topcoder’s platform from 20013 to 2007. In 2008, the company decided to build its own dedicated infrastructure for the contest.

How Does Google Code Jam Work?

  • Firstly, create a coding competition profile in case you don’t have one. Then register as soon as possible and the contest opens up and sign up!
  • Once the Round begins, a link on the homepage will send you the dashboard for that round.
  • Upon reaching the Round Overview page, the problems will appear. They will be mentioned in approximate order of difficulty, so it is advised to start with the first one.
  • Read carefully the description of the problems.
  • Write the best solution which you can provide and which you think can pass at least Test Set 1. 

Google Code Jam Work

  • Then it will run your solutions to the sample cases that meet the limits for Test Set.
  • If it passes those, it will run the code against Test Set 1, and on the next test set if that passes, and so on.
  • For Visible Test Sets, you will learn during the Round whether your code is passed. For Hidden Test Sets, you will only find out at the end of the Round. You can submit as many times as you like, with minor penalties.
  • Solve as many tests set for as many problems as you can before the Round ends. The more test sets you solve, the higher your score.
  • Try to solve as many test sets as you can before the end of the countdown. The tests set you will solve, the higher the score you will get.  

What Is The Prize Of Google Code Jam?

The top 1,500 from each sub-round move on to compete for a spot in the top 1,000 contestants of Code Jam Online Round 2. These top 1,000 contestants advance to the online Round 3 and earn a limited edition Code Jam t-shirt.

Google Code Jam

The top 25 contestants from Code Jam Online Round 3 will go to the onsite World Finals, which happens in a different Google office each year. There, they’ll compete for the championship title and a cash prize of $15,000. Woah!

Past Winners Of Google Code Jam

These are the past year's winners of the acclaimed Google coding competition.

From 2014 to 2018: Gennady Korotkevich

He has been winning the Google Code Jam since 2014. He has secured the top place among thousands of participants. He is a Belarusian-based sports programmer who has a major international competition trophy to his name. At the age of 11,  he even qualified for the 2006 International Olympiad in Informatics.

In 2013:  Ivan Metelsky

He represented the Republic of Belarus. He won among 21,273 contestants.

In 2012: Jakub Pachocki

He represented Poland. He won among 20,613 contestants.

How To Apply For Google Code Jam 2019

The Qualification Round is going to start on April 5. To apply for a Google coding competition, go to this link.

It's suggested that you should warm up with the previous year's problems to enhance your chances of advancing to Round 1. Stay tuned and we will update this page on a regular basis.

Good luck to the programmers!

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