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Simon Optix Review

Lights, Music And Old Memories

Vr Ar date May 17, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan

MSRP $ 25.00
MSRP $ 25.00


  • Better design and easy operate
  • Motion sensor for hand gestures
  • Enhanced lights and speakers
  • Rainbow roll feature
  • The first device with multiplayer connectivity


  • Based on a single game
  • The light flashes are too sharp



Hasbro, the US-based popular toy and board game manufacturers knows.
how to use people’s old memories for business purpose. I am talking about the Simon, yes the 80’s game that was created to test the player’s reflexes and memory power. The toy maker launched the Simon AIR in 2016 which was a motion-controlled tabloid version of Simon. But, now Hasbro has taken it to another level with the launch of upgraded model Simon Optix. It seems like the company didn't want the game to rest in peace. Today I have picked this weird evolution of the old age game for review for conveying people how they can live the old times using AR technology.

Relive the old memories of Simon game

Multiplayer gaming feature available

What is Simon?

The Simon is an electronic game launched in 1978, the game particularly tests your memory. While playing the Simon you will be hearing series of tones with flickering lights and you need to repeat the same series. If you succeed the game gets more complex for next level and in case of you fail the game is over. The game uses a certain computer program to make the series of light and music. After the launch, Simon has become very much popular and everyone got hooked on it.

Simon Optix Design 

Anyone looking at Simon Optix for the first time will definitely be going to think that it is some kind of VR headset( i did the same). The device is similar to normal VR headset but it works totally different. The headset fits the users head via its padded back grip and there is glass visor in fro which is transparent. On Both sides of the headset, there are circularly designed speakers with Simon symbols on the outside and one side also comprises the controller to start the game. The Simon Optix makes me remember the Robocop look from its earlier edition. 

How it works

Once the game starts after you press the power button the different color LEDs will start blinking through the transparent visor. The microphones on both the side deliver the familiar music with the synchronized color. Just like the original game the headset comprises four lights that penetrate different vision points in your eyes, The green right hit the left, red is for right and blue and yellow directly goes in the front part of the eyes. In order to follow the sequence of the color and music, you need wave your hand the motion sensor tracks your gestures. In addition, the Simon Optix also throws a roll of the rainbow that scrolls through the visor in front of your eyes and you need to swipe your hand to match the sequence. Hasbro also added the multiplayer connectivity feature to Simon Optix, so people can play together while matching their patterns. The headset uses infrared to connects the different payers so it requires them to stand nearby for proper connectivity. 

The Verdict

Facing the light flashes directly in front of eyes and the Simon music will definitely bring up the old memories if you have ever played the game. While playing it you feel like you got trapped in a rave and moving your hand just to make annoying dancing move. As company launched it for $25 and aimed to just keep the Simon alive it's not that bad but you will get bored after few attempts. Comparing the previous model Simon Optix is the little bit sleeker and well designed along with the multiplayer capability. So, if you still got a thing for Simon and want to relive those moments, then you can do that by spending $25. 

Where to buy: MSRP $25.00

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