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Oculus Rift Review

Oculus Rift, the Facebook VR product is all set to take over the market.

Vr Ar date Aug 23, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan

MSRP $ 499.00


  • Wide variety of games
  • Smooth performance
  • Easy setup
  • Controllers work great


  • Still needs improvements
  • Little bit heavy at front



Virtual Reality is nothing new now, and we already have a number of options to enjoy this technology without any problem. Where Apple put AR on the front foot with iOS 11, other tech giants are working hard to streamline their VR products. Facebook, the social media giant is among those that have a perfect VR device named Oculus Rift. The company launched the VR headset back in 2016, and it has been through a long road of improvement that helped it in evolving in something better. Compared to the launch time, now Oculus Rift has more compatible games and other content on its table to serve the users. It won't be wrong saying that Oculus Rift is among very few VR headset that made their way to the users successfully. However, the company had to improve many things down the way. Facebook introduced the motion controller compatible with the Oculus Rift named Oculus Touch.

The best PC VR headset with optimum performance

The Facebook headset is getting better with time

However, the company had to cut down the price of the VR headset in order to make it more popular. The reason behind making the headset cheaper could be the small community of the people interested in VR experience right now. The VR market is growing as not all the users think it's wise to invest in some pretty cool looking gadget for visual experience. On the bright side, Oculus Rift is cheaper than its rival HTC Vive that is more popular and successful in terms of market figures. But, the Facebook VR headset is catching up with improvements in the lesser price range.

Oculus Rift Design

Talking about Oculus Rift looks, I really want to appreciate Google for improving the gadget so much in a very short period of time. The first iteration of the headset was hefty, uncomfortable and the hardware support wasn't flawless. Now, the final version is much much better than that, and you will feel no weight while holding it. When you hold the headset for the first time in your hand, it will feel like just a shallow box. The front part of the box contains all the hardware having the straps at the back. However, the aesthetics of Oculus Rift aren't impressive but, if compromising with look makes the gadget better we wouldn't mind in case of VR headset. In order to place the headset on your hand there a back strap and over the head strap. Both the straps are cushioned and sweat free you will be comfortable even wearing for a long time. You may feel the headset heavy at the front, but you won't notice it until you indulge in playing for hours for hours. The head straps are comfortable and adjustable that can be set for any head. The headset feels good on the head, but you need to make the strap little loose so the air would pass through your cheekbones. Although, this opens a little space at the bottom and could see your hands.

For sound experience there a pair of ear pads sitting on both side of the headset. The ear pads are attached via a rotational hinge that can be moved to set them on your ear or put them aside in order to get back in the real world. The earbuds work great you won't hear anything from the outside work if the volume is high enough. However, Oculus Rift also allows you to connect your own earphone instead of using the given earbuds if you want.

Oculus Rift PC requirement

In order to examine the Facebook VR headset first, you must be known about its minimum PC requirements. If you have already experienced the VR headsets, then you must understand that you need a powerful gaming PC to run these gadgets. Initially, Oculus Rift required a PC with a wired connection with enough power supply to display 1080 X 720-pixel resolution on both the lenses. Besides, the PC should have Intel Core i5 4590 or equivalent, NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon 290 video card and 8G of RAM. These are the minimum requirements to enjoy Oculus Rift with your PC. Most of the PC gamers already own this specification so it wouldn't be a problem for them. However, an average PC user may need to upgrade a little bit for Virtual Reality enjoyment.

Now, the PC requirement of Oculus Rift has dropped by Facebook, and it requires only Intel i3-6100 and Nvidia GTX 960 as the minimum specification to run.

Oculus Rift Performance

Once you attach the HDMI port tour GPU and the USB 3.0 cable to your PC and finally the Xbox one controller, you are ready to play. Oculus Rift comes with seven free apps along with two touch sensors for a more desirable experience. The headset uses your PC’s GPU unit to produce alluring gameplay. The setting up process will take almost 10 minutes, and you will be ready to enter into the virtual world. As soon as the game starts you feel the sudden shift to a new world. However, initially when you will see the virtual world and know that you are in a headset it's kind of feel weird while, a few minutes later you will be fully indulged in it. The gaming experience is awesome, and there is no lag in the gameplay and the controller's movement. Compared to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift is pretty impressive concerning graphics and gaming experience

Oculus Rift Price

The powerful PC compatible headset was costly when launched initially compared to its performance and hardware support. However, recently the company has made it cheaper to deliver it to a large number of users successfully. Currently, Oculus Rift costs $399 which cheaper than HTC Vive having a price tag of $499.

The Verdict

Oculus Rift is undoubtedly has made its way to the top VR headset available right now. Google has done an impressive work on the headset and improved it from all aspects. Moreover, the headset can connect with PC and offers an unrivaled experience that both Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR misses. Besides the company has reduced the price which makes Oculus Rift a better option than HTC Vive and other PC connectable VR headsets.

Where to buy: MSRP $499.00

$399.00 Amazon https://www.amazon.com/ Buy Now

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