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Oculus Go Review

The standalone VR headset is something that must try.

Vr Ar date May 23, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan

MSRP $ 199.00
MSRP $ 199.00


  • Best affordable standalone VR headset
  • Display quality is good
  • The design is amazing with the good comfort level


  • Heavy in the front
  • Light leakage at the bottom
  • Battery backup



The Virtual Reality has been changing the world since past few years and most of the tech giants are working on this future technology. The technology has been evolving since its origin and already have made its way to our smartphones. However, VR hasn't received the compatible medium or device yet to show its true potential. In last two years, there were many VR headsets have been launched by the companies to make consumers, experience the virtual world. There are basically two types of headset available in the market one that connects with computer or console and the other that uses the smartphones to deliver the content. But, Facebook has launched something that you can say is the closest to the VR experience for the consumers. We are talking about the Oculus Go that was launched announced last October and launched this month by the company.

Comes in two internal storage options of 32GB and 64GB

Uses the IPS LCD display with high resolution

What is Oculus Go?

In order to take the Virtual Reality to a whole new level and serve a hassle-free experience, Oculus VR has launched an another VR headset. The Oculus Go is the standalone VR head that doesn't require any console or smartphone to take the user into the virtual reality. The Oculus headset has given all the hardware support similar to the smartphones that help in streaming the VR content. The company has incorporated the processing unit within the headset that makes it a complete device for the Virtual Reality experience. Oculus VR is a company that deals with the virtual reality technology and Facebook has acquired it back in 2014.

Oculus Go Design

Once you get the Oculus Go out of the box you will see the similar VR headset but with a more heavy part at the front. The headset comes with the premium design and looks its sleeker at the edges compared to other available headsets. The straps are comfortable they feel smooth while touching. The straps also have the adjusting ring that let you comfortably wear the headset. While wearing the headset, straps go against your head and perfectly fit the Oculus headset on your face. The inner lining of the headset is cushioned with the soft fiber that makes it too comfortable while wearing. In addition, there is a minute air gap for the making sure that there is airflow through your face and makes it sweat free. It is very easy to wear the Oculus Go you just need to adjust the straps according to the size of your head and there you go. The front side with the and processor seems nicely curved to deliver the best virtual experience. However, there is one problem with Oculus Go that is the weight distribution. Due to the heavy processing unit, the most of the Oculus headset weight is concentrated at the front and all that is mounted on your cheekbones. After a while the weight makes your cheekbones to hurt a little. 

Oculus Go Hardware support

In order to make the Oculus Go free from the smartphone support, the company has incorporated the similar specs in it. This means the Oculus VR headset comprises a hardware component of a smartphone for working well. Oculus Go uses a 5.5-inch display with the 250 X 1440 pixel resolution for delivering the virtual content. In order to stream the content, Oculus Go depends on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor from 2016. As the device also needs the internal storage to store the apps and the content so it has been given two different variants including 32GB and 64GB depending on the users choice. The company said that Oculus Go has been specially designed to run the apps and stream the virtual content to the users. In addition, the lenses that were similar to the Gear VR has been replaced with fresnel lenses that deliver high-quality output similar to the Oculus Rift. 

Oculus Go Performance

Well, the affordable Oculus VR headset is really a door to the future gadgets that almost everyone can have. Once you wear the Oculus Go you will feel that you just about to enter the new world. The experiment is amazing considering the lower price, the LCD display works amazingly well. There was no point during the testing where I felt like there should be some improvement in the visuals. However, if you have used the VR headset before like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive you must be aware of the motion controllers. The controllers let you make the extra moments in the virtual reality. However, the feature is absent in the Oculus Go that means you can just see the 360-degree view by turning your neck but leaning down or moving forward doesn't take you closer to an object. Once the game or virtual show starts you will be immersed in it and keep going for a long time until the battery warns you. There is a speaker just against your ears, they don't go inside the ear that makes the outside sound to interrupt the experience sometimes. 

The battery of Oculus Go gets the low points here as with 3 hours of charging you will get only 2 hours of gaming or 2.5 years video experience. Moreover, if you get busy in downloading the VR apps then you will experience much less battery backup.  


Oculus Go Games and Apps

Oculus Go have a bunch of VR content for the users that will never let you get bored of the headset. At the time of the launch, there were over 1,000 apps for the Oculus VR headset including games, movies, videos and short VR experiences. Along with this, the company also promised that in the coming time there will be much more apps available for the headset.


Oculus Go stands out on our expectation and it does not disappoint from any perspective. The affordable Oculus VR headset delivers the quality VR experience with the comfortable design. However, the performance was not good as the headsets use the console or computer connectivity but still at $199 the VR device is not a bad deal. The performance of Oculus Go is quite amazing considering the price, Facebook did a good job by providing the affordable VR headset to the consumers aren't able to go for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.  

Where to buy: MSRP $199.00

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