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LG VR 360 Review

A sleek VR headset by LG.

Vr Ar date May 17, 2018 Vikram Khajuria

MSRP $ 199.00


  • Sleek design
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Dull display
  • A bit uncomfortable
  • Expensive



There is been virtual reality explosion over the last couple of years. The heavyweights include HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Google Daydream View, and a few more. The tech and innovation have led this industry to altogether a new level. Especially, this year has witnessed an amazing variety of VR headsets to choose from. The VR headsets are not just confined to PC consoles but now mobile VR is also making some huge strides.

The basic requirement of any Virtual Reality headset is its weight and comfortability, the fact LG knows well. LG VR 360 being light weight makes it easy to wear, but for longer use, it may become a little irritating. The one area where LG VR 360 takes a lead is the weight, as it rounds up at just 117g which define its slimline profile. 

A portable VR for on-the-go usage

LG VR 360 remains to be a mid-range Virtual Reality headset

LG has rightly tried to tap into this market with its VR 360. Though, LG has infused some dewy design on its VR to make it look cooler. The VR was developed to be used exclusively with LG G5. The hardware can be connected to the phone by a wire that connects to the USB Type-C port. Even after being so slim, the VR doesn’t sit comfortably on your face.

The slimline design of LG VR is something missing from other high-end VR hardware.  In case, you are going to experience VR for the very first time then the LG VR 360 may amuse you. But if you have already tasted VR on gadgets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift then the chances are quite high that you may get over with LG VR headset in no time.

After getting engaged with this device, it won’t take much time that you start pointing out bugs and issues accompanying it. To add more miseries to the user, LG has left out Netflix service on its device. This leaves you with videos already breathing on your smartphone.

The display resolution stands to be quite low at 920 x 720 when compared to other VR headsets. To start making it function, the user has to download a couple of applications on his phone. Once you are done installing apps like LG Friends Manager, 360 VR Manager, and vrChannel, you are good to go. On plugging the cable, the screen will light up once you wear the device. LG VR 360 is smart enough to distinguish when you are wearing the headset and when it’s lying ideal, thanks to the smart built-in sensor. One plus point of this device is you can charge the VR headset from the phone, but not while using the headset. 

To control the VR from the device itself, LG has positioned “OK” and “Back” buttons on the top right side of the visor. These keys will let you replace the functioning of your smartphone’s touchscreen. Just below these buttons, you can find a USB Type-C cable that connects to your smartphone. On the inside of the headset, there is two lens cover that can be adjusted by moving a focusing as per your own convenience.

LG has made room for 3.5mm jack at the bottom left of the visor that lets the user add headphones for some quality sound. Sadly, LG doesn’t offer headphone with its VR 360. The Virtual Reality doesn't let you wear the glasses while using the headset, which can be a point of dispute for many.

The Verdict

For the beginners, LG VR 360 is a perfect start. The headset is slim and light, that incorporates plastic in its making. Neither the device is too stunning and nor it’s too cheap. It simply sits in the middle of both. The headset can turn out to be a nuisance during long use. Other than this, the VR is also flimsy and buggy. 

If you are determined to buy this device or a big fan of LG, I will advise you to do it at your own discretion.

Where to buy: MSRP $199.00

$99.00 Amazon https://www.amazon.com/ Buy Now

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