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HTC Vive Tracker Review

The Future Of VR Can’t Be That Complex

Vr Ar date May 17, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan

MSRP $ 99.00
MSRP $ 99.00


  • Vive Tracker Let you connect more physically with the VR environment
  • You can try some cool tricks and moves while playing
  • Have scope for future accessories with more creative ideas


  • Gearing is complex and messy
  • Does Not support more games
  • Expensive and cant compete with the Vive Controller



The Virtual Reality has become a new field of competition for the tech giants where they trying to drive more creative experiences every day. The Oculus and Google Daydream have given a real taste of VR to tech enthusiasts looking for something outstanding. However, HTC has taken the slightly different approach with its HTC Vive, the virtual reality headset.  In order to stream more human interaction in the virtual reality, the company has also launched HTC Vive Tracker. The Vive Tracker kit consisting of unfamiliar accessories will put you in another world where you feel and live the virtual reality. The tracking bundle contains different motion tracking accessory that can be attached to any real object. The Vive tracker works with the HTC Vive headset in order to give a full VR environment to the controller for playing games like soccer, Ping-Pong, shooting and few more. 


Play virtual soccer in your drawing room

The limited number of games are available


The Vive Tracker will cost you $100 and HTC also offers a few accessory bundles for the game. One bundle is Hyper blaster gun for the Duck Season along with the Vive tracker that comes at the price of $149. The other bundle has Racket sports set (includes the ping pong paddle) with Vive tracker for the tennis game that also costs $149. This is not the only offering from the company, HTC also offers a pair of Rubinoff Track Straps at $24.99. The gamers can sue the straps to attach the Vive trackers to their arms and legs for tracking their whole body movements in the virtual reality. In addition, you also be needing a gaming PC to enjoy the HTC’s virtual reality. In comparison to currently available wireless trackers, HTC Vive tracker puts the more real object in the virtual reality. The weird looking accessories and Vive tracker will get you excited while playing ping pong in VR. However, shooting the bird with the Vive tracker is pretty more convincing for being in the virtual reality.

There is one problem with the tracker is that it won't give you any feel while hitting the ball in tennis or Ping Pong. Although you can feel the game and will like it the moment you hit the ball it's like no impact there, you're just blowing the air, so it just feels weird. Similarly, happens with the soccer after you put on the Vive trackers on your shoes and arms using the straps. You can blow some cool kicks aiming the goal post. However, there is no force or impact you will feel while kicking the ball as there is no haptic feedback.

Is it worth a try?

The HTC Vive Tracker is kind of a cool accessory to have of flaunting your moves in the drawing room while playing. But some of the games like tennis or ping pong you can play with the HTC Vive controller that you already own. In addition, the tracking kit constraints the VR to a certain gear and plastic use, personally I don't like that. If you have few extra dollars to explore the HTC’s new VR toys then you can buy it for sure. 

Where to buy: MSRP $99.00

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