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Daydream View 2017 Review

Google Still Need To Work More

Vr Ar date May 17, 2018 MAD Team

MSRP $ 99.00
MSRP $ 99.00


  • Have improved straps for holding the device at the head
  • Redesign helps in improving the comfort level
  • No more light leakage
  • Enhanced VR experience


  • Supports less number of smartphones
  • Expensive compared to the upgrades
  • Still not much VR content available



Google DayDream is the virtual reality-based gadget offered by the search giant for the tech geeks. The company offers an affordable virtual reality headset to the consumers that can give them a good experience with the help of their phone. However, the last model of Google DayDream had some issues and problems that Google fixed in the latest 2017 model. Google DayDream received a few tweaks in design in order to eliminate the previous flaws. With the changes, the company has also increased the price of DayDream. The new model comes at the cost of $99, so if you want to have a more stable virtual reality headset from  Google you need to pay more. Responding to the customer’s complaints about the last DayDream model Google has made needed design changes in the new model. However, the device still performs the same when it comes to Virtual Reality content.


Google DayDream 2017 scores in design

No more addition in VR contents


The previous model has a number of flaws when it comes to the design, it is big and produces more heat while operating. Moreover, the front flap containing the phone leaks some of the light due to a small gap between the flap closing. This certainly affects the VR experience while wearing the headset. Google made sure to adjust the design that doesn't have any opening in the front flaps for preventing any light from escaping the box. Along with the resolved leakage issue, the headset is more comfortable than its predecessor. There is a strap at the top the headset that is responsible for holding the entire unit and it does the work perfectly. The model is more comfortable while wearing due to the redesigned spaces for a better experience.

The front vent that holds the phone for displaying the virtual content seems to be pretty good and there is no leakage point for the lights to escape the space. Google also made few changes in the controller of the new DayDream model. The controller is sleeker than the previous one and has more refined buttons for the users to press them perfectly while operating the DayDream. Now, the controller won't be getting placed in front of the headset. Instead, the controller slips into the back strap of the headset and enhances the experience. 

The Verdict

The earlier model of the DayDream received a mixed reaction from the market as it supports very less number of mobile phones and had issues. However, there is no doubt that the new feature has upgrades and eliminates the flaws that interrupt the experiences. The upgraded model elevates the comfort level that automatically enhances the VR experience. But, the higher cost is still a concern as there is not much improvement in the VR content with respect to the price hike. 

Where to buy: MSRP $99.00

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