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Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3 stands out to be another excellent gadget from the shelf of Apple

Smart Watches date Oct 26, 2018 Vikram Khajuria

MSRP $ 329.00
MSRP $ 329.00


  • Brilliant display
  • Upgraded watchOS 4
  • Exceptional performance


  • LTE toll on battery
  • No LTE roaming
  • Dubious Siri response



If it's Apple’s product, people’s expectation always sky-high because of the aura the company has created with their seamless technological innovations in the past many years. Apple Watch Series 3 is the third such addition to the smartwatch series. The new smartwatch has been neatly tweaked for better experience and performance.  

Apple has made some serious moves in the performance departments and has come up with S3 dual-core processor for better management. The processor upgrade has helped to boost the smartwatch performance by almost 70 percent. There has been a refinement in the connectivity part also, as a new W2 wireless chip has significantly up the Wifi and Bluetooth proficiency.

Though one can’t make much difference from the outer appearance of the new smartwatch. Even in the Series 3 smartwatch, Apple has stuck to its age-old design.

Apple Watch Series 3 is a whip-smart companion for almost everyone

The addition of altimeter will assist the user to garner elevation data while on the move or workout sessions.

The display is same as it was in the Series 2 smartwatches. The ‘Ion-X strengthened glass’ promises to be a rugged guard for the smartwatch’s screen. The brightest spot in Apple Watch Series 3 is the LTE connectivity. This added feature will lessen your dependability on your smartphone than ever before. From getting notifications to tracking your daily activity, the watch can do it all.

To add some more cherries, Apple has phased out the hiccup of juggling between multiple phone numbers with its latest smartwatch. Now, the Series 3 user can share the same cell number on both smartwatch and iPhone. However, the feature should do good to the US and UK audiences.

With Series 3 smartwatch, stay less swayed by your smartphone

Apple has rightly recalled the water-resistance feature in the Series 3 smartwatch, as it will let the user throw the water dilemma to the wind. And at any given day, people will rate a water resistant feature higher than the one lacking it.

Unlike other LTE enabled smartwatches, even after cramming the LTE antenna on the back side of the device, the overall thickness of the Series 3 watch hardly got impacted. To make the LTE feature a reality, Apple has squeezed an eSIM into its smartwatch, which will assist the user to connect with their smartphone. To further configure the watch, the user needs to install “Watch app” on iPhone. Just in case if you choose to pick the LTE-enabled model, you can differentiate your Apple Watch Series 3, as this particular model comes with vibrant color range and a red hot on the screen to denote your seamless connection.

The battery packs 18-hour punch for both the cellular and non-cellular options which makes you charge the Series 3 smartwatch every day. Overall, the battery performance is directly proportional to the use of GPS and LTE features.

For many people, Series 3 smartwatch may not seem to be a perfect fix for a smartwatch, but with the right equilibrium of convenience and fitness tracking, Series 3 definitely makes a mark for itself.

The Verdict

Apple Watch Series 3 will deliver you a wholesome experience as a smartwatch user. Although, there is no glaring change in the Apple Watch’s design and even display is the same as that of the last model with the OLED display. The LTE option is surely an add up to the feature-loaded smartwatch, but one can opt for either of the models. The watchOS 4 update certainly brings some joy for fitness freaks as enhances the overall experience for the smartwatch owner.

Alas, Apple Watch 3 price remains to be a topic of contention like Apple’s other products, but still, it is one of the best smartwatch options present in the market right now.

Where to buy: MSRP $329.00

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