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Acer Leap Ware Review

Acer Need To Work Harder On Wearables

Smart Watches date May 19, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan

MSRP $ 139.00


  • The design of Leap Ware is sleek and alluring
  • The band of the watch is comfortable
  • Offer number of fitness features including stress level and heart rate


  • The brightness level is limited
  • Display resolution is too low
  • Processing speed is very slow
  • Now Android wear OS



Acer launched its fitness watch last year claiming that it is one of the best wearable device available in the market. However, the company’s all promises went out of the window after people got their hand on the fitness watch. There is nothing like Acer have launched a wearable device for the first time but the fitness watch was its first step into the next generation tech market. Acer Leap Ware isn't a fully Android Wear-based fitness watch instead the company stitches the platform with some of Android and iOS supports. 


Gorilla Glass SR+ with  water resistance

Heart rate and stress level details


Leap Ware Design

Let's begin with the design of Leap Ware because that's the only thing that is capable of grabbing your attention. The circular plastic body of the watch is surrounded by a metal ring that gives its classy look. The watch is comfortable against the wrist and can be take off with a single go without any issue. The reflective touch screen of Leap Ware is protected by Gorilla Glass SR+ with satisfying touch experience. The band grip is quite comfortable as it is sweat-free so you can wear it for hours without any problem. Along with this at the right side of the watch, you will find two buttons containing quirky light in between them. 


As Acer claimed it to be best of all, we had high expectation of it but the watch disappointed us. Leap Ware has a very low-resolution display with a dull brightness that can’t be optimized further. This makes the watch to give a less visually impactful experience to the user, it more looks like a low light digital watch. Moreover, the low brightness display makes it hard for the user to easily interact with the watch in sunlight. 


Acer Leap Ware comprises a 42mm, 1.6 inches face touch screen at the center as a dialer. The wearable works on the MediaTek MT2523 chip, and MT2511 bio-sensing chip that enabled it to deliver the fitness watch functionality. The Transflective  LCD display of the watch comes with IPX7 water resistance feature. The 20 mm bands of the watch are replaceable and come in number colors. The one of the biggest mistake that the company did was not giving the watch a complete platform for Android wear. Rather Leap Ware runs on Acer’s self-made platform from the bits and pieces of Android and iOS. However, this makes the watch to be compatible with both iOS and Android. Acer Leap Ware is also capable of delivering the heart rate, stamina level, fatigue/stress level and details on the exposure to the ultraviolet rays. 


The design part of the watch is the only thing that makes me believe that it is really a fitness watch. First, the display is something that Acer needed to work harder for better user experience. While going outside, the limited brightness of the watch gives a hard time to use it under the sunlight. However, we could have overlooked this flaw if watch software was powerful enough. Acer own crafted platform makes the watch to work very slow, Leap Ware processes a lot slower than other fitness watches. The watch uses the Liquid Leap app in order to connect to your phone. The app sometimes struggles to connect and even if it gets connected there are some glitches in other options. You are allowed to play & control music, set push alerts and acquire fitness information once connected to the app. 

The only thing that I enjoyed while playing with Acer fitness band was the heath measuring metal plates. There are two plates at the side of the watches and touching it will give the stress level. The watch also shows the measurement of the blood level but the companies say it isn't that definitive. 

The bottom line for Acer Leap Ware review is that maybe it offers a number cool fitness and health features but its slow processing power puts a question on its performance. The watch is nothing more than fitness bands that are already available in the market. 

Where to buy: MSRP $139.00

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