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LG V30 Review

Smart offerings in a budgeted phone

Mobile Phone date May 23, 2018 Neha Baluni


  • Great camera
  • Speedy processor
  • Large OLED screen
  • Impressive battery life


  • Still runs on Android 7
  • Screen is not impressive
  • LG software doesn’t seem promising
  • Front facing camera lacks quality



In case you are searching for a durable device, LG V30 can suit perfectly to your requirements. The device includes gobs of quality features, including the performance, great camera, long battery life and a headphone jack in addition. With all these innovative offerings LG has hopped into a domain that was until recently dominated by Samsung. As compared to Samsung’s offering, the smartphone from LG is very much impressive but at the very first look only.

The smartphone is very much luxurious and hefty with its built. Let’s have a closer view of the specifications of the details in a detailed review here.

An impressive alternative to Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The LG’s new flagship phone has a robust built, impressive features, and an amazing a quad-DAC (digital-to-analog audio converter).

LG V30 is all about subtlety

Starting right from the screen, the smartphone showcases a mix of glass and Aluminium. The display falls into the “tall screen” category that is extended a bit more from the top to the bottom. The smooth glass back shine adds more to the beautiful built of the smartphone in a prominent manner. The gorgeous OLED display is a worthy addition that no one could miss while reviewing the phone. The 6-inch, 2,880x1,440-pixel screen beautifully captures the attention of the onlooker that added a few extra points to the LG V30 smartphone.

The camera specification in comparison to Samsung is a bit inferior as taking pictures with the phone in the daylight becomes a bit complicated as LG V30 doesn’t feature the best OLED. At low brightness, the screen display fluctuates and becomes almost black that makes it difficult for the viewer to browse through any of the websites on the smartphone.

OLED back is something to look at

The rear-mounted power button is a smart offering from the multinational.

The phone is wide and thus the grip becomes hard to hold. The bottom is glass and metal surface that makes it easy for the phone to slip from hands. Coming to the camera, the LG V30 provides an amazing offering that takes good pictures. The camera quality is overall a good offering from the company this time.

The V-series phones from LG have exceptional battery life that needs mentioning in the review. LG V30 includes a non-removable 3,300 mAh battery which can withstand an entire day. Until now, LG has been using removable battery setup that the electronics giant has changed with this new offering. The battery backup is good and that adds more point to the gadget review.

The verdict

Although LG took some time, the offerings with the LG V30 wipes out all the negatives. The pricing is right, the features are impressive but with some of the complexities. The camera is good although it needs some improvements. A complete overall UI would be great to see with this smartphone. The designing is quite convincing but the camera and the performance issues snatch the extra points from the LG V30.

Where to buy: MSRP $629.99

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