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Lenovo Z5 Review

The phone is nothing like the one that Lenovo has promised.

Mobile Phone date Sep 05, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan


  • Bigger display
  • Powerful camera
  • Robust hardware support
  • Affordable


  • No bezel-less display
  • Design is not satisfactory



The smartphones are changing faster than ever, with every new launch each manufacturer wants to offer something unique. This competitive notion is taking the user’s expectation higher with time. In recent years, the landscape of the smartphone industry has changed drastically. Lenovo, the Hong Kong-based smartphone maker is still struggling to make its influence in the market. However, the company has launched some successful smartphones like Lenovo S5 that really helped the company in coming back at the game. Considering the latest bezel-less display trend, Lenovo has also announced a new phone with a bezel-free display. The company announced Lenovo Z5 earlier this year and teased us with its end to end infinity display. The Lenovo Z5 finally launched by the company in June and it left many of us disappointed. Most of the people argue that the phone is nothing like that the company promised and showed in pre-launch images.

Comes with a narrow notch for a bigger screen

Most affordable yet powerful smartphone of 2018

Lenovo introduced Z5 in order to compete with its all-time rival Xiaomi and Vivo in the Asian market. The company currently has only 0.4% of the market in China, and it desperately wants to change it. The Z5 is a direct competition of Vivo Nex.

We have also tried our hands on Lenovo’s new futuristic smartphone to known more about it. Here is the in-depth Lenovo Z5 review so, you can know whether the phone is precisely like anything  Lenovo promised or not.

Lenovo Z5 Design & Appearance

Lenovo Z5 comes in very decent and attractive packaging that is a very small box containing the Lenovo Z5 and all the accessories. I don't know about anyone, but when I pulled out the Lenovo Z5 from the box the first thing came to my mind is the iPhone X. Apple has a significant influence in the smartphone world, but iPhone X took it to another level. Luo Yonghao, CEO of Hammer Technology has recently said that almost every Chinese manufacturer is going after iPhone X. His statement has some weight whether it's Xiaomi, OnePlus or Vivo almost everyone is making full-screen smartphones now, and the Lenovo is no exception. The Lenovo Z5 is a big full-screen smartphone that comes with alluring design. The Z5 is built with glass on both back and front, the chassis of the Lenovo Z5 lies on an aluminum frame.

While holding the Lenovo Z5 in your hand, you will see 6.2-inch screen having DCI-P3 wide color gamut with a notch at the top. Talking about the notch, it is the much narrow than the other option in this price range. Bringing your eyes to the down of the Lenovo Z5 you will see a very tiny chin that measures only 7.69mm, which is even shorter than one on Xiaomi Mi 8. The notch at the top homes the camera and other sensors of the phone. On flipping the Lenovo Z5 , you will see a 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla glass. The back is made up of a full glass and giving them a bit matte texture with smooth finishing. There is a dual camera at the top left corner positioned vertically which again reminds me of iPhone X. On the long back, you will see the fingerprint sensor at the center and Lenovo symbol down the way. Just like any conventional design the volume button is at the left side of the Lenovo Z5, and on the right, you will find the SIM tray with the power button.

Overall the Lenovo Z5 looks great, it is stylish, well finished, and design is attractive with a delicate touch. But, here is the thing the phone doesn't look the exact bezel-free that company has promised and teased with futuristic design. Maybe we have expected much more, but things don't end here Lenovo Z5 looks an exact copy of iPhone X except the small bezel still hanging out there.


Lenovo Z5 vs vivo v9

PhoneDisplayAspect RatioRAMStorageProcessorCameraPrice
Lenovo Z56.2’’19:96GB64/128GBSnapdragon 63616+8MP/8MPRs.17000
Vivo V96.3’’19:94GB64GBSnapdragon 62616+5/24MPRs.18000

Now, coming to the specification of the, I would like to say that in this category Lenovo has done a pretty good job. Why I have created the above table and compared it to the Vivo V9, I will tell you later. The Lenovo Z5 comes with a 6.2 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen screen having the aspect ratio of 18.5:9 which is too impressive considering the price range. The screen to body ratio of the Lenovo Z5 is 83.6% which is good. The LCD display looks great, and it comes with the perfect brightness and contrast combination. The Lenovo Z5 runs on a Qualcomm SDM636 Snapdragon 636 chipset which is coupled with an Octa-core 1.8 GHz Kryo 260 processor. The processing unit of the phone is backed up by 6GB RAM and 64/128GB internal storage. The performance of the Lenovo Z5 was pleasant, 6GB RAM tied with Snapdragon 636 turn out to be a perfect combination for Lenovo. There was no lag or technical issue while using the heavy apps and even switching between the apps was smooth.

Geekbench test

In the below mentioned Geekbench test of the Snapdragon 636, you clearly see that the power of Lenovo Z5. The test results show that the SND736 chipset scores almost 53% more that SND630 and the multi-core test scores of SND636 are almost 15% more than the SND630.

Geekbench Test

Now, back to the table, the reason of company the Lenovo Z5 with Vivo 9 is the same price range. However, The Lenovo Z5 seems to be the better deal than Vivo V9, despite the fact that V9 comes with 19:9 aspect ratio and 0.1 larger screens. But in the less price, you will be getting the better processor with more RAM power, besides the display of Lenovo Z5 looks fine. The only thing That is left is the camera department. Lenovo Z5 comes with a dual rear camera having 16+8 MP which again better than Vivo 9. Besides the front camera is composed of an 8MP powerful lens and takes high-quality selfies.

The Verdict

It is evident that the phone is not the one that the company has been teasing the users since its announcement. Clearly, the Lenovo’s marketing team has to keep their work in check for avoiding these kinds of situations. However, the Lenovo Z5 is a great phone that comes with all the contemporary features and powerful hardware support. Finding a phone with notch design, robust specification, big display and excellent performance in this price range is very hard. So, Lenovo Z5 is an excellent deal for the budget-friendly smartphone users.

Where to buy: MSRP $251.00

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