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iPhone XR Review

The ultimate 'Budget' iPhone to buy

Mobile Phone date Oct 30, 2018 MAD Team

MSRP $ 749.00
MSRP $ 749.00


  • Gorgeous Design with Fun Colors
  • High Performing & Easy to use software
  • Strong Camera
  • Day-long battery life


  • Only one size variant
  • Screen Resolution could be better
  • People limitation in Portrait Mode



The Apple iPhone XR is the third iPhone that has been launched in the year 2018, joining the club right after iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. And there’s a particular reason why this smartphone is making huge rounds over the internet - The Price Tag. At a time when the prices of smartphones are reaching a new high with an average price of over a Grand i.e. $1000, Apple comes forward with a $750 iPhone to restore the users' faith.

The interesting part is that the iPhone XR is not that different from the iPhone XS models in terms of performance and features. Leaving the screen display aside, the similarities between these two iPhones include the same Gesture Controls, A12 Bionic Processors, iOS 12, main cameras with an inbuilt Smart HDR along with wireless charging capabilities.

Specifications of iPhone XR

  • Body: Aluminum frame, glass back, IP67-certified [6 colors]
  • Software: iOS 12
  • Display: 6.1-inch, 1792 x 828 (326 PPI), IPS LCD
  • Memory: 3 GB, 64/128/256 GB NVMe storage
  • Chipset: Apple 12 Bionic, quad-core Apple GPU, octa-core Neural Engine
  • Front camera: 7MP, 1080p60, EIS, display flash
  • Rear camera: 12MP, dual pixel PDAF, quad-LED flash, 4K60 video
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM, LTE-A, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery: 2942 mAh, USB-PD fast charge support
  • Misc: TrueDepth camera system with Face ID, stereo speakers

The above mentioned Apple iPhone XR specifications will provide an in-depth insight of the latest iPhone in the market. As discussed earlier, one of the main differences between iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR is the screen display. The XS model features a 5.8-inch ‘Super Retina’ OLED screen whereas the XR model has a 6.1-inch 'Liquid Retina' LCD display screen. And the cost that separates these two screens is $250 so keep on reading to know more about the details behind the Apple iPhone XR review.

iPhone XR Design 

Now that the display segment is out of the way, it's time we take a closer look at the subtle yet noticeable difference between XS and XR iPhones. There's only one rear camera on the iPhone XR and it misses the second telephoto lens as well. Instead of stainless steel, the XR's body is made up of aluminum, but there are six vibrant colors available to choose from. The shade variants are red, coral, yellow, blue, white and black.

Now, all new iPhones are hitting the market following design guidelines set by iPhone X which signifies that all three iPhones released this year have the same near edge-to-edge display screens. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is also missing from the new smartphones further making Face ID as a primary security option for unlocking the iPhone and gaining access to their information. Thus, making the notch design a new normal for the upcoming iPhones.

iPhone XR Camera

The camera of a smartphone can either 'make it or break it' and that's why the final decision of buying a new smartphone always comes down to the quality of the camera. The iPhone XR boosts a single-lens camera at the back, which takes great quality and clear photographs with vibrant colors. But due to the lack of a second lens, this iPhone will not be able to deliver those DSLR inspired portraits that iPhone XS models offer.

Apple uses the concepts of machine learning to create photos with portrait mode, this basically includes analyzing the images for recognizing the person in the image. Once the analysis is complete, the person in the photos is sharpened properly while the background is blurred accordingly. This can result in some sloppy portraits where the blurry line between the background and the person is not accurate.

On the other hand, the camera of iPhone XS consists of a second lens which allows the user to take phenomenal portraits with a much wider range of subjects including stationary objects etc. Here, these two lenses together provide a certain depth-of-field effect in photographs that's missing from the XR.

Key Differences: iPhone XR vs iPhone XS

Below are some of the key differences between Apple’s iPhone XR and iPhone XS:

  • XS is only available in three basic variants (black, gold & white) whereas, XR comes in 6 bright colors including yellow, blue and red.
  • As stated by Apple, the iPhone XR has the longest battery life among all the three newly launched iPhones which is what users are looking for in a smartphone. In comparison to 15 hours of video playback on XS Max, the user gets 16 hours on XR so you can easily expect the battery to last throughout the entire day.
  • The feature of 3D Touch is missing from iPhone XR but that's a feature it has not gained a ton of popularity since its inception. Hence, we can make a pass for XR lacking the 3D Touch.
  • When conducted speed tests based on a single computing core, it turns out that XR is as fast as the XS iPhone. In other reports, it was seen to be 45 percent faster than Samsung Galaxy S9 and 49 percent faster than Google's Pixel 3.  

So, these were the key differences between iPhone XS and iPhone XR. The physical dimensions also differ between these two iPhones as the XR is a little bit broader and bulkier in comparison to XS.

Final Verdict

Even though Apple's iPhone XR is a less expensive option in comparison to other newly released models, it delivers an impactful performance. Face ID, Wireless Charging, Fast Processor and attractive design are some of the key points why XR is a great iPhone to opt for in 2018.

The only thing that might act as a hurdle is the single rear camera that iPhone XR is offering, due to this there is a limitation of people in the portrait mode. Overall, we do agree that the Apple iPhone XR is the ultimate budget iPhone with all advanced features, that you can currently get your hands on.

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Where to buy: MSRP $749.00

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