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Apple iPad 9.7 (2018) Review

It is the same iPad 2017 with Apple Pencil and a new chip.

Mobile Phone date Jun 14, 2018 MAD Team

MSRP $ 329.00
MSRP $ 329.00


  • Apple Pencil support
  • More powerful and fast
  • Affordable price


  • No design improvement
  • Apple Pencil costs $99 extra



Apple iPad 2018 was launched by the company in March 2018 that comes with a 9.7-inch display. The tablet is the upgraded version of iPad 2017 comprising a better chipset and support for the Apple pencil. Yes, Apple has made these two changes to the iPad to provide a powerful tablet at an affordable price. Still, the price of iPad 2018 is slightly  higher than the other tablets available in the market, but in ‘Appleverse’ it is the most affordable one. The new chipset makes the tablet fast and more reliable regarding performance. The addition of Apple Pencil provides a new way for interacting with the tablet and explore many new iOS apps. The device is a good option for the students as a ‘classroom tablet’ but it is more suitable for using around the house or while on a commute. Let’s have detailed discussion on the Apple iPad 2018 to see how it is better than its predecessor.


  • Similar design to iPad 2017

  • Well finished and delicate touch

There is nothing new in the design of iPad 2018 is just like the other iPads from the company. You will get a 9.7-inch display with the metal back made up of aluminum and perfectly machined buttons. The front side sport the display, that contains the home button at the bottom with Touch ID integration. You will also see a large bezel at the front that won't hinder your experience instead it provides enough space to place your fingers while using the tablet. iPad 2018 weighs only 478gm that is fair enough for the tablet of this size, and it is only 7.5mm thick, which makes the its slim and comfortable to fit in hands. At the top of the screen, you will find a selfie camera that is quite good comparing to the previous model. At the bottom of the tablet, you will see two speakers divided by a small space in between them.

On overall, you can say that Apple iPad 2018 is similar to the iPad 2017 in terms of design, but comes with more detailed finishing.


  • 9.7 inch IPS LED display

  • 536 X 2038 pixel resolution

The 9.7-inch screen of iPad 2018 comes with an IPS LED display having the 1536 X 2038 pixel resolution. The screen of the tablet is bright offering 264 ppi that is enough to give full color rage experience. However, there is no HDR support for the display which can be understood by considering the phone's price.The  display is fine and enough for you to enjoy different apps and videos without any issue. The reflectance of the screen is up to the mark, as you will be able to see everything on the screen even if there is a strong backlight behind you.


  • A10 Fusion chipset

  • 2GB RAM and 32/128 GB of internal storage

  • Quad Core processor

  • Apple Pencil support

The iPad upgrade comes with a surprise that no one has expected, the new chipset form Apple. The tech giant has replaced the older chipset with A10 Fusion that is currently powering the iPhone 7. The new chipset of the tablet is coupled with Quad-core 2.34 GHz 2x Hurricane + 2x Zephyr processor. The tablet comes with a 2GB RAM and 32/128 GB of internal storage. The new chip of the tablet makes its faster than iPad 2017, and you can feel that while operating it. There is no delay or lag while opening the apps, playing videos or switching between the different apps. The A10 Fusion possesses the power similar to A10X used by iPad Pro, so this means you are getting much power at a cheaper price. However, the heavy apps sometimes slows down the tablet speed a bit, but you don't have to wait too long for the process to get completed.

Now coming to the iPad 2017 camera, the tablet has an impressive 8MP rear camera. However, in reality, no one uses the tablet's camera a lot, so there isn't much competition in this category of specification. The 8MP rear camera from Apple works well for the tablet and it comes with different modes supported by the A10 Fusion chipset. But if you zoom the camera for taking images, it may disappoint you with the quality. The camera also offers features like Panorama, time lapse and high-resolution videos. Besides, iPad Pro also supports the Apple Pencil which brings access to many new features of the tablet. Though pencil is tough to use, but you will enjoy it while interacting with the compatible apps. However, don't forget that you need to pay $99 additionally for getting the Pencil with your new iPad.  


The iPad 2018 battery comes with a non-removable Li-Ion battery (32.4Wh) which lasts for 2-4 days. The battery of tablets has never been a concern for the users as these devices are’t used too much by the users like smartphones. Moreover, the iPad 2018 battery is comparatively better than the last model that lasts longer even on the continuous usage.


We expected the tablet to come with a cheaper price comparing to iPad 2017, but the chip replacement has changed the things. Apple kept the cost of the tablet same but upgraded the chipset, that is a fair deal form the company. The iPad 2018 price starts at  $329 (£319, AU$469) and it is available with 10% for the students. While the other variant with 32GB internal storage and cellular connectivity will cost you $459 (£449, AU$669).


Apple iPad 2018 is quite hard to give an honest opinion as there is merely any change in the tablet. Apple had only upgraded the chipset and added Pencil support to the tablet without cutting down the cost. This makes it is difficult to choose the iPad against other options available in the market  So, if you don't bother about the Pencil and doesn't require much power you can stick to the older iPad for some more time.

Where to buy: MSRP $329.00

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