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HP ZBook x2 Review

HP ZBook x2 offers a quad-center processor, plentiful RAM, a separate GPU, and a 4K screen

Laptops date May 23, 2018 Vikram Khajuria

MSRP $ 2500.00


  • 32GB of RAM
  • Comfy keyboard
  • Great stylus


  • A bit bulky
  • Limited battery pack
  • Quite expensive



With its capable segments and vigorous list of capabilities, the HP ZBook x2 has targeted people who are considering deserting a desktop or laptop as a primary inventive tool. On the off chance that you fall into that classification, HP makes it simple to consider making that jump, with its detachable Windows tablet.

In a typical sense, the HP ZBook x2 isn't a PC at all. It's a specific instrument intended to fill in as a total answer for advanced craftsmen, photographers, and different creatives. It's enormous, however, intended to give simple access to alternate ways. It additionally has an expert grade stylus and a matte 4K screen that is smooth as silk.

HP’s Zbook x2 is an interesting combination of a versatile workstation and a separable tablet. Though, this combination itself isn't new. Microsoft has already implemented this design in its Surface Pro and the Surface Book. Other than that, Dell Latitude 5285 2-in-1 allows draws same lines.

The 4K display stands out amongst the most striking in terms of display.

HP ZBook x2 is a powerful machine for on-the-go professionals

ZBook is well accompanied by an Intel Core i7-8650U CPU, 32GB of RAM, a 512GB PCIe SSD and a Nvidia Quadro M620 GPU with 2GB of VRAM. With those sorts of specs, ordinary tasks look more like a cake walk. On the graphics front, ZBook fares on an average basis.

Then again, it's cumbersome weight and mediocre performance contrasted to its rivals makes the user think. It all makes this tablet an expensive and an average device. Overall, the unit will deliver an accurate color and smooth sketching with workstation credibility. ZBook x2 two variants includes DreamColor and another one without it. The one that sports DreamColor is tailor-made to suit Adobe RGB and can demonstrate 1 billion distinct hues. 

The machine is mechanical in a way that looks effective. The 14-inch 4K touch display is an expansive, metal octagon. The back holds a Z logo and an entire pack of vents for cooling. The haul out kickstand can be pulled out to a level up to 165 degrees. 

The front side is significantly intriguing. There's a thick bezel around the display, which is crafted for some purpose. There are the webcam and infrared cameras at the top for signing in with Windows Hello, and the sides hold easy shortcut buttons for easy access. The greater part of the programmable Quick Keys is on the sides of the tablet, with an earphone jack and a lock slot on the left.

In ZBook, if you remove the keyboard, regardless you get a similar level of performance. It does, in any case, make it cranky when utilized as a tablet. It is among the handful of devices with matte touchscreens. And if we strike stylus on the screen, it works effortlessly. The stylus of ZBook is simply amazing. It's the length of a genuine pen and has an agreeable weight. 

The placement of speakers looks a little awkward, as it is placed on the top of the back of the tablet. So, when some music file is played, the sound streams towards the back of your tablet, rather than on the front.
The battery can be counted in drawbacks. In case, you need to travel, the charger can’t be missed at any cost. The battery churns outperformance for almost four hours, which is way less than other workstation averages of 6 hours and 5 minutes.

The Verdict

HP ZBook x2 is a specific device that offers a high-res screen and an incredible performance. But you need to toggle it all with average battery life. The machine is apt for expert artists or editors who want everything on their plate. And ZBook exactly does the same. The tablet is obviously costly for a regular office guy. But, the device will get you a splendid show and solid performance for less cash if compared to iPad. 

Those who want professional-grade inking and Adobe integration in an all-in-one device need look no further than the ZBook x2. Just be prepared to fork out a hefty amount of dough for all the bells and whistles. Lastly, its performance equals against full workstations. In any case, it never got hot, which is also a vital outcome of this machine. HP Zbook x2 price can be another hindrance for the user

Where to buy: MSRP $2500.00

$2429.00 HP https://store.hp.com/ Buy Now

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