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HP ZBook 15 Review

HP ZBook 15 is fully featured pack machine for a tech enthusiast.

Laptops date May 23, 2018 Vikram Khajuria

MSRP $ 1800.00
MSRP $ 1800.00


  • Performance at par with other high-end workstations
  • Striking HP DreamColor display
  • Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
  • Ample ports


  • Tawdry battery performance
  • Buldy build



HP ZBook 15 is a mobile workstation that packs a lot of power, DreamColor 4K display, and Nvidia Quadro graphics in it. Though, the machine is not of thin dimensions as other portables but can be customized as per the user’s convenience. The machine is positioned above the other entry-level offering by HP and simply stands out on the basis of its performance.

The DreamColor is HP's own particular line of displays intended for the individuals who work with color-critical applications. HP created DreamColor in participation with driving visual impacts and animation studios, for example, DreamWorks. The company even got an Academy Award in 2015 for creating it. DreamColor lets you see from almost any angle.


DreamColor display ideally fits into HP ZBook 15

Commanding performance remains one of the focus of this machine


With an addition to dual 512GB SSDs for storage, HP’s entry-level workhorse comes powered by Intel Core i5-7300HQ processor that delivers seamless performance. This machine should surely clock for engineers and financial analysts who require such machine which can swiftly maneuver through demanding applications. Handling of high-end games and graphical presentations remains unchallenging for this machine because of Nvidia Quadro M2200 graphics and 4GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory. ZBook 15 can take anything.

The weight of 5.1 pounds makes HP ZBook 15 one of the heaviest in its class. If you wish to go for something lighter than UltraBook series is always on. Apart from the rugged aluminum case, the weight of this machine is combined chunk of the battery pack, storage devices, and graphics card slot. Being tough have its own perks. The machine is well tested to withstand anything from shock, vibration, and accidental crashes.

One of the best parts of this machine is its port selection which is more than satisfactory. It ranges from HDMI and VGA outputs, three USB 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, SD card slot and one Gigabit Ethernet port. This is something to boast about. Thunderbolt 3 is definitely for those who work with large amounts of data. It was developed to support the fastest single-port data transfers possible and the most video bandwidth available on a single cable. Basically, the idea is one port that virtually does it all.

HP ZBook 15 illuminated keyboard is utterly smooth and accurate. The keys are well parted and typing looks quite unconstrained. On top of all, it stands to be spill-safe.

The speakers are placed on the front side of the framework that draws out a really great sound. The overall sound experience appeared pretty delightful, but don’t expect 3D surround sound quality.

The battery performance remains one of the factors to be concerned. The 90Wh battery just lasts for more than four hours, which surely is not enough for anyone. Its nearest competitors are able to squeeze almost more than double what ZBook 15 battery produces. Another major missing from this machine is the lack of HP's Fast Charge technology. The company could have compensated for the lack of battery performance by adding this feature, but unfortunately, it didn’t.

The Verdict

To be frank, HP ZBook 15 is a bulky workstation and the lack of battery punch makes it worse. But if we look at the robust performance, enormous storage, and graphics than things can get a little-cooled down. Additionally, HP has also included DreamColor display for exhibiting realistic experience for the user. Moreover, the workstation also offers sturdy build, three screen choices, sufficient ports and sterling connectivity options. 

In the end, it is the user who has to decide on what features he needs to compromise. It simply depends upon the nature of work one intends to take out from ZBook 15. HP ZBook 15 price is well placed in the budgeted segment that will offer more freedom to the user for weighing it against its rivals. Well, if talk about unbeatable performance then this machine is a real beast.

Where to buy: MSRP $1800.00

$1329.00 HP https://store.hp.com/ Buy Now
$1449.00 Amazon https://www.amazon.com/ Buy Now

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