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Nest Thermostat E Review

A smart Device that’s a lot cheaper

Google Device date May 24, 2018 Neha Baluni

MSRP $ 169.00
MSRP $ 169.00


  • Power Energy Saving Feature
  • Control Device From Anywhere
  • Super Smart Gadget
  • Inexpensive Application


  • Frosted Display Gets Hard To Read
  • Not Compatible With HVAC Systems
  • Low-resolution Screen
  • Lacks Remote Temperature Sensor



Nest Thermostat E is the latest addition to the thermostat series from the Nest and this time the company seems to have released a smart offering for the users. This affordable alternative to Nest Learning Thermostat is cheaper but a lot smarter than its counterparts. The device does pretty much everything and can be connected to smartphones to control the system. It’s an absolute offering for creating and maintaining a controlled temperature in and around the home. And, the additional perk, it responds to Alexa and the Google Home voice command in addition to interacting with other smart home devices. 

The wiring terminals with the system are the more expensive siblings and that means it’s quite tough for a perfect fit in homes having complex HVAC systems. The device also fails to deliver a clear bright display. 

Proven Energy Saving Device

Nest Thermostat E is the new smart


The Tech Specifications

The first thing that comes to the notice is the design of the product. The new Nest Thermostat E, however, is no different from the previous offerings but has a great aesthetics. The circular built has always remained the trademark of the Nest and the new device is no different in the design aspect. The device has a frosted setting, which makes displays hard to read. However, the perks include Nest’s signature element of embedding “Farsight” that is basically the device feature, which turns on the display as you enter a room. It offers information on current temperature, the time, and the current weather conditions. And, let me be honest with the review, the display is just fine and not pretty much OK with a Nest name tag with it. 

Despite these minor limitations, the device has been designed superbly. When it comes to installation, the task is as easy as setting up a regular device at your home. Thermostat E can be connected to the app so that you could have the remote control access to the device. It is quite easy to connect the device with the app. Once the device is installed and powered on, you could download the app, follow the onscreen guidelines and you are done. 

The device features a simple ring at the top that helps adjust the temperature. Tweaking the settings is also child’s play with the Nest Thermostat E. Pushing the ring in will help to head up to the menu to adjust the desired settings. 

The Verdict

Nest Thermostat E saves you a lot of money and offers you the assistance through a device that is smart enough to own. Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatibility is the additional perk for the users. When either heating or cooling your space, the device plays the smart role of handling the temperature as needed. The plastic body makes it lightweight either to carry or to install at your home. The frosted display is beautifully designed and placed right to suit the overall device aesthetics. The soft and subtle designed cannot be ignored, which adds the additional point to our review for this device. 

Where to buy: MSRP $169.00

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