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Nest Secure Review

Nest Secure is an avant-garde smart device.

Google Device date May 17, 2018 Vikram Khajuria

MSRP $ 499.00
MSRP $ 499.00


  • Sturdy build
  • Elegant design
  • State of the art sensors
  • Easy to operate
  • Door chime feature
  • Smart assistant support


  • Quite expensive
  • Extra Cellular backup costs
  • Constrained sync with third party apps



Home Labs has created one of the outstanding DIY security frameworks. Home Secure is designed and overseen utilizing the Nest mobile application, which is accessible for the two iOS and Android gadgets. During testing, there were no issues whatsoever in running with the security framework. One of the best innovation includes the sensors which can easily detect the heat profile of people and animal. So, there are very few chances that your puppy will trigger the alarm.

Nest Secure home security system incorporates only three essential pieces, that includes a Nest Guard base unit and two Nest Detect sensors. You can additionally get two Nest Tags by paying a bit more cash. In order to spend so much of money, we expect the Nest to accomplish something entirely staggering. Although, the device is suitable for a house with only two doors.


Nest Secure make a great addition to your smart home

The siren is certainly loud enough to get an intruder’s attention.


If we talk about the additional innovation, Next Secure is stuffed with some stunning features. The framework is responsive, the Tag coxcombs make enabling and disabling the system quite easy and the capacity to briefly incapacitate the Detect sensors at one entryway or window is genuinely unconventional. A catch at the base of the device enables you to incidentally switch off the sensor for a calm opening of entryways and windows.

Nest Guard hub is round, charming and sleek device accompanied with plastics coating which won’t take much fingerprint smudges. The sensors of this device may look unique to some, as they are no conventional sensors. Nest labs have smartly joined motion sensors with proximity sensing and magnetic open/close switching. For making full use of it, you can hang the sensor on an entryway or window. The Nest Secure monitoring smartly triggers the siren which is highly audible with the device producing a sound of 85-decibel.

If you are taking your pet out, the sensors won’t sending the house into a furor of cautions. There are multiple ways to arm and disarm the system. It can be done through the app, simple insertion of code on the keypad, or through any of the Nest Tags. When the alarm is tripped, audio commands keep you updated throughout the process.

The bright spot here is connecting the Nest gadgets to the application is simple. It requires you to download the Nest application on your Android or iOS smartphone, make a login to your current account and select "Add product" from the settings menu. Beginning with the Guard hub, Output the QR code on every gadget.

For quite a while, inward spats of organization's founders did take a toll on the overall performance of the company. Though, Next continued its streak of turning out with new products. Other notable products of Nest includes Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect, and Dropcam.

In case of power cut, the battery backup of Nest Secure can keep going the device for almost 12 hours. To further enhance the power output, one can always rely on power generators. Once alarm gets triggered, the owner and the police will be notified through push alerts in no time.

The Verdict

The Nest Secure alarm system is a beautifully-designed security system that’s simple enough for the whole family to use. The top-quality hardware is packed with features Pathlight, Quiet Open and the sync compatibility with other Nest devices.Nest Secure looks a fantastic smart home security system that has ample room for future improvements.

Shelling out $500 for two sensors and a siren can be a pain for many. Though, the device fully justifies its premium price by offering one of a kind user experience.

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