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Nest Protect Review

An absolute smart smoke detector.

Google Device date May 17, 2018 MAD Team

MSRP $ 119.00
MSRP $ 119.00


  • Audio notifications
  • Reliable smoke detector
  • Sync to various smartphones


  • Lack enough updates
  • Quite expensive
  • Empty app history section



Regular tech and innovations have made it exhausting for our generation to pick any gadget. It has become quite an arduous to choose from a hell lot of smart devices available in the market. Here, I am up for the Nest Protect. The device is an excellent smoke and carbon-monoxide detector for your home. What adds to its value is its ability to directly sends notifications to your smartphone for any alert that it may sense.

The first smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector device by Nest Labs faced fair criticism for its unreliable ‘Wave’ feature to turn off the alarm. But the company took it as a challenge and soon released its upgraded version.


The addition of spoken alert feature is worth a shot

The device can be synced with other smart appliances at your home


Second-generation Protect’s new features like sensors for carbon monoxide, heat, humidity, and occupancy, have clearly added more teeth to its credibility. The current device is more slim and smarter than its older sibling. The company has added a new in-app "silence" button that lets the user turn off smoke alarms with just a swipe of the smartphone.

In terms of design, Nest Protect is square sleeker with rounded corners. There is a LED light at the center of the console which changes color according to the ongoing activity. Next Protect also houses a motion detector which comes into play if it senses any movement. This feature will aid you to find your way in case you crash-in late at your home.

There are different lights in the event of a fire. In the initial stage of fire when only smoke erupts, a yellow LED will light up and if the light turns red then you better jump out of your house. As per reports, Nest Labs is also working on audio alerts for its future devices. 

A siren alarm accompanies the LED lights in case of fire. The one thing that differs the Nest Protect from other fire alarm systems is its ability to provide spoken alerts. The alarm lets you know the kind of emergency and the place where it took place. And through its app, you can take a look at the last check the product made on itself and the listed issues, if any. Now, that’s what you call some cutting-edge technology.

The upgraded Nest Protect has been fitted with built-in sensors to detect electrochemical CO, heat, humidity, occupancy and ambient light. The device also got an update with a split-spectrum sensor that's come only in Protect 2.0. The new sensor is smart enough to detect slow- and fast-burning fires.

In order to keep running smoothly, the device tests itself by running self-checks and testing the low batteries, siren or any other concerns once a month. Apart from screening the status of the product through “Nest app,” the user can also keep an eye on other similar products like Nest Cam and the Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Protect 3rd generation rumors are also running ripe in the market. Nest labs are expected to launch the upgraded device sooner or later. Whenever it may come, we envision it to be smarter and packed with other high-end features.

The Verdict

Nest Protect is a perfect security appliance for securing your home from any kind of fire or smoke. The device is capable enough to detect smoke or carbon monoxide and on the top of it, it alerts the user by pushing direct notification on the smartphone. The user can also silence the alarm remotely. By linking the device to other smart products like Philips Hue and Google Hue has taken it a step ahead of other similar products.

To some, it may be a lot more expensive than other standard smoke detectors, but the additional features complimenting it can’t be ignored. It’s up to you, whether you wish to compromise on your savings or not.

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