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Google Wifi Router Review

Blanket your wi-fi the smart way

Google Device date May 24, 2018 Neha Baluni

MSRP $ 299.00
MSRP $ 299.00


  • Excellent Aesthetics
  • Built Simply
  • Great Value for Money
  • Set-up Takes A Few Minutes


  • Single Open Ethernet Port
  • Limited Range
  • Few Advanced Configuration
  • Lower AC Rating



Google Wifi Router is a smart answer to all those who were eagerly looking for a trusted internet connection at their homes all this times. Google Wifi Router takes the pain of slow internet connection away from your lives allowing you to browse at a higher speed. The router lacks the web-based interface and the device can only be controlled through Google Wifi mobile application. The set-up requires internet connected iOS or Android device and a Google account. Once connected, the Google Wifi remains connected to Google all the time. It logs into your Google account, everytime you manage it.

By default, the system has been designed to collect the hardware, app and network-related information only and not the sensitive user data from any of their activities. However, settings can be managed from privacy section of the settings. 

The Device is Available As A Three-Pack Bundle For Now

An Innovative Approach To Home Wi-Fi


Under The Hood

Google Wifi presents an outstanding balance between ease-of-use, performance, and outstanding price tag. The constant device connection to Google account is a dealbreaker for some. It is not the case with all the mesh Wi-fi systems that use satellite devices to extend the wi-fi signals and require a connection to the vendor to work properly. The Eero needs it while Netgear Orbi doesn’t. Although most home routers don’t require it. Not most of the people are going to care about the same and that’s why Google Wi-fi is going to keep your connection safe enough against hacking. 

Google Wifi is cheaper than the two systems Eero and Orbi. The setup is easy and only requires additional Android or iOS phones to set up the environment. Moreover, the nature of wifi means that every time you extend the connection wirelessly, signal loss will occur. Unlike available mesh systems, Google has pushed the Wifi as a standalone router. Most of the Mesh systems work with just one wi-fi point but individual routers are either feature-less or lack fast connection. 

Google Wifi is one of the cheapest options to get the home wi-fi. In the box, users get two wi-fi nodes along with the power supplies including an additional Ethernet cable. The system takes over the weak internet connection to provide accessible wi-fi. Finishing in white matte plastic, the device has been impressively designed to offer exceptional wi-fi in and around the home. 

The Verdict

As it turns out Google has offered the best solution to the wi-fi connectivity with the set of three routers as the Google Wifi Router. The design is aesthetic, packed nicely with a white colored matte finishing that feels soothing. The connectivity part is par excellence and we give a thumbs up to the device. The only fact that may hinder its popularity is the price of the device. Set up the three devices at three different locations and enjoy the internet connectivity like never before. The device is beautiful and simple that makes connectivity a breeze. 

Where to buy: MSRP $299.00

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