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Google Home Mini Review

Sounds great, Quite Capable Alexa Competitor

Google Device date May 25, 2018 MAD Team

MSRP $ 49.00
MSRP $ 49.00


  • Works Smartly with Google Cast
  • IoT Friendly
  • Chromecast Compatibility
  • Stylish Looking Speaker


  • Average Sound Quality
  • No Aux or Bluetooth Output
  • Lacks Top-Notch Control
  • Fewer Smart Home Tricks



Google is so good in providing the search results that it has almost become a synonym for the SEARCH. It is almost a decade now and more than a trillion searches as per Google’s own estimation. But then arrive Alexa, the very smart virtual speaker in Amazon Echo. People began browsing the internet just by asking for it through Alexa. Amazon then launched the Echo dot with an affordable price and to remain in the battle Google debuted with Google Home Mini. Google released the product at a time when Amazon was already leading the market shares. 

Google Home Mini is a smart device that comes at an affordable price. The device comes equipped with Google assistance that remains there at your service 24*7. Users can turn on the tunes, dim the room lights, the command to start a television show with nothing but just your voice. 

Mini Sound Massive Functionality

Affordable Way To Have Your Own Google Everywhere


A Take On The Set-up

To wake Google Home Mini, You either say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” and then you give the device a command. With your Google device, the power of the internet is just an utterance away from you. By default, the assistance has a female voice but you can also converse with a “He”, as that’s an option now. Although a few settings are required for the same.

The Home Mini lacks the physical buttons but it only adds to the aesthetics of the model. There are touch controls that help pause (tap on the top) or resume music playback. Tap and hold to activate the assistant. Volume adjustments can be done by tapping the sides (either left or right) of the system. For me, volume adjustments are not satisfactory as they are not responsive enough on a finger touch. And, it’s quite obviously not to activate the volume accidentally when you are up for other adjustments. That said, you will always prefer to command the device with your voice only. 

Google has kept the things very simple with MIni’s design. The looks are very much like Google has turned a home upside down then smashed it to the size of an orb. The fabric texture on the top is matte plastic and the device as a whole resembles much like a donut or a macaron. The palm-size device fabric seems it is there just for the looks but the stuff is pretty conductive. Whenever you navigate through the device with the voice or a touch it illuminates four tiny LEDs on the top to show the command registration. 

The lower half of the device features a mini USB port that provides the power as the device is battery-free. The microphone switch on the device helps to turn off active listening making the device tapping-specific to interact with it. Towards the bottom sits a rubber mat to enable the device to standstill wherever you put it. The Home Mini is available in a range of colors including grey, black, and orange to mention a few. 

The Verdict

Google Home Mini seems perfect as a home assistant listens carefully to your commands (just a few) and provides a prompt response. If you are looking for a cheap speaker, Google Home Mini is your companion. Besides being oh-so-smart, the device has just been installed with the call functionality (free in the US) and is able to play the music through some popular music-streaming websites that give a bunch of extra points to the device.

Where to buy: MSRP $49.00

$49.00 Google Buy Now
$49.00 Walmart Buy Now
$49.00 Walmart Buy Now

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