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Google Home Max

Better, bigger and a smarter home speaker

Google Device date May 25, 2018 Neha Baluni

MSRP $ 399.00
MSRP $ 399.00


  • Impressive Sound
  • Works Great With Google Cast Product
  • Bluetooth Activation
  • Google Assistant in a plus-size Speaker


  • Heavyweight 12 pounds (5.3 kgs)
  • Massive Footprint
  • Available only in the US
  • Outsized Price Tag



Google has a difficult job: it requires to steal your attention. And the giant seems pretty confident in the task with its new Google Home Max. The high-end Google Max is a version up of the Mini Home assistant. This time Google has come out with a massive smart-to-use speaker at a price that is already outsized. Google has kept its minimal aesthetics very much alive with this gadget also.  

Google Home Max is a smart offering to those who are not concerned with the price tag and purely looking for quality speakers. The device is basically the same as Google Home or Google Mini. the device is called max for a reason. With a plus size physical appearance and a great sound quality, it automatically steals your attention.

Google Home Max Is Smart Enough To Own

Dressed Formally Built For Partying


The Listening Test

Google Home Max is pretty much a partying device with exceptional sound quality, an impressive appearance along with Google’s ecosystem. The device offers an option to manually cut down Max’s bass. Google says Home Max’s audio performance improves gradually. The speakers use its microphones in order to evaluate the surroundings it is playing in and automatically tunes itself to the environment offering a sound that compliments the aura. 

There is an additional foot power cable with a two-prong plug at the end. It helps speakers to place easily. The device can either be placed horizontally or vertically by moving the magnetic pad to any of the sides to make it speaker’s bottom. Two of the speaker’s microphones lies on the left side that you would not like to become the bottom of the device. The device volume slider is touch-sensitive. The play/pause buttons are touch sensitive too. 

Voice command is the best feature in all the Google Home Assistants and home speakers as well and this smart device is no different. That states, you can either give the voice command or accomplish the task with a touch on the device. The speaker wakes up with the “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” command even if it is playing the music loudly. 

There is a dual band in the device to connect the system to your Wifi. Google has worked really hard to make the music streaming sound really good with its device. Additionally, the music can be played from a variety of music streaming systems. The Google Home Max is same as Sonos Play 5 and dwarfs the mini variant. The device supports Bluetooth and Google’s Chromecast is already built in. Meanwhile, Google’s built-in voice assistance makes it outstanding. 

The Verdict

As far as functionalities are concerned, the device is no different from Google Home but with a better sound quality. The device helps to control the lights, play music from Spotify, aids in talking to the speaker and much more to it. As a whole, the device is absolutely a SMART offering from the Google with a massive size and robust sound quality. 

Where to buy: MSRP $399.00

$399.00 Google Buy Now
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