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Wii U Review

All you need to know about the old-age gaming console

Gaming Device date May 25, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan

MSRP $ 156.00
MSRP $ 156.00


  • Cheaper comparison to Xbox One and PlayStation
  • Well designed and strong hardware support
  • Touch screen within the controller adds a unique gaming experience


  • Battery power needs improvement
  • A very less number of third party games available
  • Less storage capacity



Wii U is the home video game console launched by Nintendo back in 2012 as an updated model of Wii console. The gaming tool launched by Nintendo didn't receive much appreciation and attention as per the company’s expectation. Nintendo was able to sell only  11 million units to date and is nothing in order to compete with the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. Even the makers itself have a clear idea of the Wii U future and it's putting all of its efforts in the Nintendo Switch. The popular third-party game creators including Ubisoft, EA, and Activision has already abandoned the Nintendo's older console and it is left with some old traditional games from the loyal third party developers. However, the journey of Wii U can also be seen as a successful pursuit of challenging the giants. In spite of its drawbacks, it managed to come this far and on the journey served some unique gaming experiences to the consumers. In case you are not aware of Nintendo  Wii U specifications and features let us take you through the console’s detail information. 

Nintendo Wii U may be dead soon

The gaming console has old hardware compatibility for new age games


The hardware of the Nintendo Wii U was quite satisfactory for the gamers considering the time of the launch. The console is compact and it can be easily put on the table or anywhere without causing any discomforts to the owner. The processor of the console is built on a tri-core PowerPC CPU from IBM along with a GPU. The processing unit was built on the AMD’s R700 architecture which is almost seven years old now. All this is supported by only 1GB of RAM for the console to operate efficiently. When turning on Wii U it makes a noise made by the fan running in the processor. 

Due to its limited hardware compatibility, the console always struggled to support new games while competing with Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For connectivity, the console was given 2 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, an AV Multi Out port, one port at back for sensor bar, an SD memory card slot and 2 more USB 2.0 port under the flap at front. Nin Nintendo Wii U offers the 8GB of storage which is way too less for the contemporary games. Even the premium model offers only 32 GB of the storage this is one of the major cause of getting beaten by Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The controller of Nintendo Wii U with a 6.2-inch resistive touchscreen was the USP of Wii that Nintendo thought to use for making the console a hit. This gave the user a feel of holding normal size tablet in their hand while playing the game. The battery power was also a major concern while playing the Nintendo Wii U, it serves up to 2-4 hours at full charging. 

Nintendo’s 2012 launched gaming console has served its time and done well against the sudden technology evolution. After getting beaten by other big gaming devices Wii U still has a legacy to leave. 

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