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Nintendo Switch Review

Incredible and must-have gaming console on the offer from Nintendo

Gaming Device date May 25, 2018 Vikram Khajuria

MSRP $ 299.00
MSRP $ 299.00


  • Hybrid game console
  • Support multiple configurations
  • Portable gaming console
  • Ingenious hardware


  • Virtual console missing
  • Small screen size
  • Mediocre battery life
  • When playing on TV, can’t charge controllers



After the launch of Nintendo Switch in March 2017, there is no looking back. The Japanese video game giant’s runaway success is an open testimony to what a deserving portable gaming device can achieve. Nintendo has previously sold more than 14 million units of the gaming console and another 20 million on the go in the upcoming months.

Well before launching “Switch,” Nintendo tried its hand on “Wii U”, the company’s substantial failure in 2012 while trying to sell a console. Well, with Switch, the company has turned the table for sure.

The switch is an all-in-one gaming device

Multiplayer option is just spot-on


What’s “Nintendo Switch” all about?

The Nintendo Switch is a 6.2-inch tablet that can be docked and played on your TV or can be carried on the go. Zippy is the operating system that keeps the gadget going. The multiplayer gaming screen can be balanced by a kickstand attached to the back. And If you are waking the device from sleep, it won’t take much time and you can resume your game in quite a few seconds. By bringing “Hulu app” into play, you can also stream TV content on your compact console.

Nonetheless, playing on the console is completely flawless until you are struck by direct sunlight. The screen may disappoint you in the outdoors, as the screen’s brightness seems to miss the perfect illumination mark. The versatility and accessibility of the Switch make it a perfect portable machine. Without giving it a second thought, Switch games are best in its class that offers unique gaming experiences. Though, small screen may hamper all the enjoyment for many of us. 

If you have a couple of friends around, you can very well engage 4 of them at Nintendo Switch. The device allows local multiplayer gaming and connection up to eight tablets for catering a sizeable lot of people. The buck doesn’t stop here, as the Switch also allows you to connect with your Facebook and Twitter account for quick sharing.

For more enthralling experience, the user can record short clips of gameplay through a dedicated capture button. The option of expanding the device flash storage is complemented through MicroSD storage that lets the user customize downloadable games.

The one thing that appears to be majorly missing from the Nintendo Switch is the wireless audio. While the feature is standard in other portable gaming sets, the Switch doesn’t offer you much on this. However, one of the features that differ fantastic hybrid console from its competitors is its excellent game library.

Final Verdict

After observing for almost a year, I must say, the performance of this gaming console is out of the question. The games like "Super Mario Odyssey"  and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" has taken portable gaming to some another level. So, expecting price change would be unfair, until the company decides to up the price graph. The missing features like Virtual Console and small screen size do dent the credibility of this device. But, Nintendo has optimally balanced the things out with other ingredients. To match the legacy of some other portable devices, we can expect some intruding changes in Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

If you are thinking of picking up a portable device for making your travel less boring then Nintendo Switch should be surely on your list of options.

Where to buy: MSRP $299.00

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