Is Homework On Computer A Reliable Option?

The computers can assist us in a great deal of work

Doing Homework On Computer

Computer technologies radically changed the lives of students and pupils, affecting their studies, rest, and the way of their thinking. Buying a computer is a safe investment in education. In modern educational institutions, computers are gradually becoming an integral part of the educational process, playing an increasing role in the education of children.

Recently, scientists have concluded that the extensive use of computer technologies by students at home aggravates their performance. At the same time, having a large library at home has a beneficial effect on the academic success of students. These findings were made after a survey of 100 thousand 15-year-old children in 32 European countries.

“However, fortunately, everything is not so categorical,” - claims Shannon Mack the Pro-Papers expert.  She explains that, in fact, the question of the benefits or harms of using a computer in education was a done deal long ago. The use of computer technology definitely has a positive effect. The only question is correctness of their applications.

A student can easily do his/her homework by viewing digital encyclopedias, interactively learning about the world around him/her, present his/her ideas, use convenient applications to create exciting visual presentations, and conduct research. In this case, the computer can even act as a "tutor" that makes learning more interesting, faster and more efficient.

Also, today the largest networks of foreign language schools are investing huge amounts of money in computer classroom equipment and development of special Internet products that allow them to do their homework remotely. 

Advantages Of Computer e-Learning: 

  • The homework can be done anywhere and at any time: in a cafe, visiting grandmother, at school break - if only you have access to the Internet. You do not need to carry around bulky textbooks, which, as a rule, are published in A4 format and are not placed in every bag.
  • A single computer system allows you to check homework automatically, so not to waste precious lesson time on the analysis of other people's mistakes.
  • It is assumed that the use of electronics motivates students because children love smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets so much. 

Moreover, as a result of the introduction of modern technologies in education, many educational institutions are already asking their students to do their homework online. This is quite convenient because it does not require written activities, printouts and notebooks.

Huge literary databases of scientific literature easily become available on your computer. After the assignment on computer is completed, it is immediately sent to the teacher, which makes it possible to evaluate the work done quickly. 

Online Homework Options 

Following are some of the options for doing online homework: 

Online Homework Options

1. Doc/Docx standard document 

In such files, a teacher will send translation exercises, materials taken from manuals, other tasks in text form or as an image. With the help of the Microsoft Office software package or its analogs, you open the document.

You can do your homework in a resulting file - this is the fastest option. If it is convenient for you to work with printed materials, print out the received documents and do your homework in writing. After that, you can scan or take a photo of your ready-made work and send it to a teacher. 

2. Homework in Google Docs 

Documents located on the Google service, are convenient for the work of both a teacher and student. You can work on them from any device; moreover, homework files are not stored on your computer and will be available anywhere in the world.

A teacher will give you a link to the desired file. Navigate through it and perform the task, as in a regular doc format document. You need to do the work on the document in the online mode. In addition, you can leave comments for your teacher in a chat in the document.  

3. Links to online exercises 

There are so many diverse resources in the network for studying various school subjects that it would be a sin not to use them. Teachers may suggest you perform interesting grammar tests at home or solve a crossword puzzle to practice using the words you have learned. And who then will say that homework is boring?

A teacher will give you a link to the desired site. You need to go on it and perform tasks online. 

4. Video and audio exercises 

Perhaps the most exciting form of homework is watching a video or listening to audio. A teacher can give you a link to some useful material on the topic being studied. Such video and audio are designed to complement and deepen your knowledge. They will allow you to diversify the process of studying a subject. Watch a video or listen to the audio, write down and learn unfamiliar words.

The Other Side Of Education On Computers 

15-20 years ago, when computers were not in every home and certainly not in every school, children could be attracted and interested in new technologies. Now it is hardly possible to surprise anyone with this.

Work at the computer creates an excessive strain on the eyes, and also inevitably affects our psyche. When performing tasks on a computer, one very important element of active language activity is lost – writing skills. When we write responses in our workbook with our own hand and then re-read them, memorization takes place much deeper and more efficiently compared to working on a faceless text on the monitor. 


A computer is a handy thing for studying various subjects. Reasonable use of it for daily routine tasks, such as homework, can be an excellent addition to schoolwork, which will allow you to more deeply assimilate material in an exciting and convenient form for both a student and teacher. And it’s a remarkable e-learning platform.

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