Duolingo Launches New AI Tutoring Service with GPT-4 Features through Duolingo Max Subscription

With Duolingo Max, users can enjoy all the features that come with the existing Super subscription, including unlimited hearts and no ads.

Duolingo launches new AI tutoring service

Duolingo has just launched its new Duolingo Max subscription tier, which offers access to a pair of GPT-4 features. 

The first feature, "Explain My Answer," allows you to ask Duo, the chatbot named after the company's owl mascot, to explain why your answer to a question was right or wrong. This feature comes with the option to ask for additional clarification if you need more help. 

The second feature, "Roleplay," allows you to practice your language skills in a handful of scenarios, such as ordering food and drinks at a Parisian cafe. Duolingo says no two conversations will be exactly the same, even if you rehearse a situation more than once. You can earn experience points by completing these practice sessions. 

Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn believes that AI will eventually allow them to recreate the experience of a human tutor and scale it to everyone in the world. With the new Duolingo Max subscription, users can access these incredible new features for $30 per month or $168 annually. The service is currently available to English-speaking iOS users learning Spanish and French. 

While Duolingo has been collaborating closely with OpenAI to test and train this technology, they admit that GPT-4's language skills are far from perfect. The company has spent months working on Duolingo Max, and they will continue to do so until the mistakes are nearly nonexistent. If you encounter any incorrect AI responses, you can report them by long-pressing on a message. Additionally, you can evaluate an "Explain My Answer" session by offering a thumbs-up or down emoji after you're done. 

With Duolingo Max, users can enjoy all the features that come with the existing Super subscription, including unlimited hearts and no ads. So, why not take your language learning to the next level and try out Duolingo Max?

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