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How To Download Latest Google Play Store Updates With APK in 4 Easy Steps!

With this step-by-step procedure, ensure that your Google Play Store App is up-to-date

How To Download Latest Google Play Store Updates With APK in 4 Easy Steps!

When it comes to getting Android phones and tablets, there are exceptional deals available for the users out there. Needless to say, that the experience of using those phones depends on the frequency and quality of updates rolled out to them over time. Most high-end mobile phones receive Google Play Store updates at the earliest whereas mid-end and low-end smartphones receive these updates according to their manufacturers. Availability of updates may also depend on the location of the user - some countries get updates before others.

Below is an image to provide you with a brief overview of the update history of the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

This doesn’t mean that you have to wait for your manufacturer to roll out an update in order to use the updated Google Play Store app. We have brought to you an easy way to skip the queue and get the latest Google Play Store APK on your smartphone!

So without wasting any more time, let’s start the step-by-step procedure to download Google Play Store updates i.e. installing the latest version of the Google Play Store app with the help of APKs.

Steps to Download Latest Google Play Store Updates  For Your Smartphone

Here is how you can update the Google Play Store app on your Android smartphones, in case you already haven’t:

Step 1 - Determine Your Play Store App’s Current Version

The first thing that you need to know is which Google Play Store version is currently running on your Android smartphone. Once you determine the current version of the Google Play Store app, you can proceed with the installation.

In case your phone’s Play Store version is out of date, make sure it updates to the latest version by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Start by opening the ‘Google Play Store’ on your mobile device.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Build Number’ at the bottom of the screen to find out your Play Store’s current version.   

Step 2 - Download Latest Google Play Store APK

Just like any other Android app, the Google Play Store application also comes in the format of APKs. So in order to download the APK for Google Play Store, there are few points that you need to keep in mind, which are as follows:

  • Only download the APKs from trusted and verified sources.
  • It is a suggested practice by many experts to opt for Google Play Store download links from Google’s official page only.  

If you see that Google Play Store is up-to-date, then feel free to download the latest version from the Google Play Store 13.0.22. Some of the most recent Play Store updates are Play Store 12.9.30, Play Store 12.9.12, Play Store 12.8.22, Play Store 12.7.23, and Play Store 12.6.13.

Step 3 - Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ To Install The Play Store App

Once you have finished downloading the latest Google Play Store APK, you will come across a window as shown in the image below:

Google Play Store

The ‘Unknown Sources’ setting in the Android devices can be seen as a default feature that comes disabled in the majority of Android smartphones. In case the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ is already enabled in your smartphone, you can skip to the next step.

In order to install the latest Google Play Store APK, the  Android users first need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ settings by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, go to the ‘Device Settings’ on your Android smartphone.
  • Then click on the option of ‘Security.’
  • After that, find the ‘Unknown Sources’ option and then check the box to enable it.  

Google Play Store

To enable the setting for ‘Unknown Sources’, select ‘Ok’ when the popup comes up (as shown in the image above). Now you can install any APK on your smartphone but at the risk of infecting your phone with malware.

Step 4 - Run Google Play Store APK Installer Via File Manager

At this point, we have completed the initial steps required for the downloading process of the Google Play Store app. Now it is time to move on to the main part of this app installation process. For this purpose, you can use your favorite file manager such as ES file manager, File Manager, MK explorer etc..

  • If you have downloaded the latest Play Store APK version successfully, then find the same and click on it.
  • Choose the ‘Package Installer’ option when the pop-up appears asking which app you want to use.
  • The next screen may or may not ask you to grant certain ‘Permissions’ as it depends on the version of your Android OS.
  • Click on the ‘Install’ button. As soon as the Play Store installation is finished, you will get a success message.  

Google Play Store

Step 5 - Disable ‘Unknown Sources’ Option

This may seem like an optional step to some people but let us assure you. it’s not. Disabling the ‘unknown sources’ option is as important as enabling it, especially to keep your device’s security intact.

So if the ‘Unknown Sources’ option is enabled without any particular purpose, then make sure to turn it off because it increases the risk of a malware attack on your smartphone. To keep your devices safe, you can also read an informative guide on how to improve your mobile app security.

Therefore, after the installation is complete, go through the following steps to disable unknown sources:

  • Start by going to your ‘Device Settings.’
  • Then you can either go to the ‘Security Setting,’ ‘Application Setting’ or ‘Privacy Setting,’ i.e. the option that is available on your Android smartphone.
  • Now, just uncheck the box to disable ‘Unknown Sources.’

Also, keep in mind that this process may vary from one device to another for Android smartphones.

Video Source: Tree Academy

And that’s all you need to do to get the latest Google Play Store and updates from the current Google Play Store version.

Troubleshooting Issues After Google Play Store Update Installation

While downloading, users may also come across a number of technical issues. In case you face any such issue, you can directly go on Google’s Official Page to resolve the concerns or follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, go to the ‘Settings’ tab in Apps
  • Then scroll down to the ‘Google Play Store’ option and tap on it, then select a ‘Clear Cache’ option.
  • Follow the same procedure for Google Play Services as well.  

These instructions should fix most of the issues you are likely to experience with the Google Play Store application. Else, you can go ahead and read the different fixes you can apply to your device when your Google Play Store app is not working.

Final Thoughts

In case you have gone through all the settings step-by-step, you are now well-versed with ways of updating and installing the Google Play Store application.

Although there are no hard and fast rules regarding this process there’s one thing that we need to mention. Always download the latest APKs for your smartphones from trusted and verified sources only. In addition to this, do not keep your ‘Unknown Sources’ option enabled to protect your phone from unknown viruses that may damage the Operating System of your device.

This article is mainly an offering for Android lovers, but we also care for non-Android-natives. So, in case you are looking for app stores that are great alternatives to Google Play Store, do pay a visit to one of our previous articles featuring some of the best Google Play Store alternatives. Also, if you are interested in reading more such interesting articles then make sure to click on that ‘Subscribe’ button to stay updated with all the latest updates.

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