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Deliveroo Opens Its First Brick-And-Mortar Restaurant In Hong Kong

Deliveroo, an online food delivery app breaks into the physical market.

Deliveroo Opens Its First Brick-And-Mortar Restaurant In Hong Kong

Moving out of its domain space, online food delivery app Deliveroo opens its first physical brick-and-mortar restaurant in Hong Kong.

Located at High Street, Sai Ying Pun, the store named as ‘Deliveroo Food Market,’ will serve as both a kitchen, as well as a storefront where customers will be able to choose from 15 different dining concepts.

Brian Lo, general manager of Deliveroo told CNBC,

London based food delivery app Deliveroo will host five popular restaurants offering a variety of dishes, like Shanghai noodles and Hawaiian fish. Conceptually, customers can walk in and order food from these restaurants or place the order for delivery.

Lo said that the partners in the Wan Chai District in Hong Kong generate high margins, between 10-15 percent and hopefully, the company’s food market concept will let restaurants increase delivery sections with better cost.

Pizza Express, on the other hand, will use part of its kitchen at Deliveroo to run a virtual brand Pasta Project.

Liam Collette, Managing Director of International at Pizza Express said,

Deliveroo will now consider opening markets at more locations across Kowloon and the New Territories, which has a strong demand for food delivery. Although the brand has not come up with a decision yet, Lo said,

According to a report from CNBC, Deliveroo will expand the concept globally if found successful.

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