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Writing is an integral part of any advertisement or marketing campaign. Without great writing, no company can convey its message effectively. This is the reason companies hire copywriters and content writers to create marketing copies, blog content, press releases, and much more.

Right now, the entire fight in the marketing industry is to deliver quality content in as less time as possible. It is not possible because every writer requires time for research and framing creative sentences. This is where the AI writing app can hyper-accelerate the process. An AI writing assistant can easily provide the due support that is required by any writer for blog content, digital ad copy, website copy, social media content, etc.

In this Copy.AI review, we will talk about the AI copywriting tool. This reviews of Copy.AI will cover different aspects of the tool such as what is it?, its background, different features, and much more.

Therefore without wasting further time, let’s start with Copy.AI reviews.

What is Copy.AI?

Copy.AI is one of the best AI copywriting tools that can be used for writing multi-faceted content. While using this free AI writing assistant, the user simply needs to ask the question and Copy AI will provide a response. Copy.AI allows the user to scale their vision and get responses in almost no time.

There is a long list of Copy.AI reviews that talk about the compelling features and capabilities of this best AI copywriter. The Copy.AI reviews that are currently circulating have nothing but positive to speak of. It's immaculate GPT-4 algorithms that base its well-structured and creative results make it a deserving contender in the list of best AI copywriter tools.

Background of Copy.AI

Copy.AI is the brainchild of two aspiring entrepreneurs Paul Yacoubian and Chris Lu. Both of them worked in ESO and had the opportunity to witness titans in silicon valley and how they run businesses. During this time in the service industry, they often witnessed that a lot of time went into creating effective marketing copies. Thus, the journey of Copy.AI started.

After the launch of GPT-3, both of these set out to create this exceptional tool that would reiterate the way marketing copies are done. In the year 2020, Paul Yacoubian revealed Copy.AI to the world via Twitter. It gave them enormous traction in terms of impressions and their first set of paying customers. After that, they raised $600K, quit their jobs, and decided to focus on Copy.AI full-time. Later on, in 2021, they raised $11 million and doubled their team to better Copy.AI to what it is today.

Today, Copy.AI has been used by over 8 million professionals and is well-recognized by companies like Microsoft, eBay, Ogilvy, etc. With its unique capabilities Copy.AI has been helping tonnes of companies save money on writing unique copies on a weekly basis. Copy.AI has become the choice of AI writing assistant and best AI copywriter for many marketers around the world.

Features of Copy.AI

The Copy.AI reviews are positive simply because of the great features its bring on to the table. The AI writing app is flooded with exceptional features that can make your process of writing copies faster. Adding to it, the Copy AI features will enable you to produce marketing copies using AI that resonate with your target audience.

Therefore, here are the Copy AI benefits or as we say Copy AI features for you to know about:

1. Real-Time Data

copy.ai review

This is one of the most talked about features in the reviews of Copy.AI. The problem with ChatGPT is that it has only been trained with data up to 2021. This makes the responses generated by the tool outdated whereas Copy.AI works on real-time data. This makes the responses generated by this tool factually correct. Adding to it, it makes the tool much more worthwhile to be used instead of some other tool.

2. In-line Doc Editor

copy ai reviews

The in-line doc editor is another Copy AI features that needs to be praised in the Copy.AI review. At the left where the user can see a similar layout as that of ChatGPT, in the right is where the magic truly happens. The editor mentioned at the right side offers capabilities to cut, copy, and paste. This allows the writer to turn the entire copy into long-form content and polish it before publishing it.

3. In-built Prompts

reviews of copy ai

Users often struggle with ChatGPT because it requires prompts to understand the intent. Another great thing that needs to be mentioned in the Copy.AI reviews is that Copy.AI features integrate in-built prompts. The user simply needs to select a query, and the AI writing app will automatically generate the desired response. 

4. Collaboration of Teams

copy.ai alternative

Another really great feature that adds stars to Copy.AI review. Copy.AI is not an individual solution but it can integrate teams as well. This helps them collaborate while coming up with marketing copies for their use cases. Copy.AI passes on information to the entire team to help them thrive the task. It makes the transfer of work within the team super easy.

5. It's Free

copy.ai pricing

Does Copy.AI have a premium subscription? Yes, it has. However, this is another great things to be mentioned in Copy.AI reviews is that it does offer a free plan. This is primarily for the people who wish to try Copy.AI out and understand its value. Copy.AI provides free access up to 2000 words per month. Adding to it, if the user is satisfied with the results then they can end up buying the premium version that starts at $49 per month.

Other Copy.AI benefits are…

  • Capability to scrape data from public websites
  • Creation of personalized copies from sales prospects
  • Summary of YouTube videos in the form of bullet points
  • Knowledge about the competitor activities on Linkedin

How does Copy.AI work?

Copy.AI is pretty easy in terms of using the tool effectively. However, for further simplicity, we have provided the steps to use this AI writing app below:

  • Reach Copy.AI by using the URL provided.
  • Now, click on get started.
  • Create a profile using by choosing one of the following methods i.e. by using Gmail, by using Facebook, or directly entering the email id.
  • Once done, you will be taken to the dashboard.

From here on, you simply need to put your query in and Copy.AI will show you the desired results.

Copy AI Pros and Cons





Pros Cons
High-quality content in a matter of minutes Limited customization provided
It can produce content on multiple content types such as social media, blogs, product descriptions, etc. Quality of content depends on the prompt and the AI model used.
Copy.AI is very easy to use Copy.AI does not always capture the context or tone
It is much more affordable in comparison to a professional copywriter Risk of technology glitches or errors.

Just like the review of every AI copywriting tools, we also need to focus on the Copy AI pros and cons. These are:




What are some Copy.AI Alternative?

Copy.AI is a powerful AI-powered tool. However, it does not mean that it doesn’t have equally overpowered Copy.AI alternative. Below are some of the toughest competition and most compelling Copy.AI alternatives:

  • Jasper.AI
  • Simplified
  • Writesonic
  • Rytr
  • Frase.io

Some other Copy.AI alternatives include names like Marmof, ChatGPT, Perpexity AI, YouChat, etc.

Is Copy AI Safe?

Copy.AI appears to be a safe tool to use for generating content. Additionally, as with any AI-powered tool, it is important to consider privacy and security concerns. As highlighted in the article "Generative AI: Privacy and tech perspectives" by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, companies utilizing generative AI technologies like Copy.AI should make continued investments in privacy and integrate "ethics, privacy, and security by design" methodologies.

Final Verdict

In this review of Copy.AI, we tried to focus on various aspects of this AI writing assistant. From Copy.AI pricing to Copy.AI features, the best AI copywriter tools offer everything under its umbrella. Its exceptional capability of providing copies in a jiffy to the in-line editor that allows users to make changes instantly makes it an incredible choice. In our Copy.AI review, we would highly recommend it to any user or company looking forward to using an AI writing assistant. Copy.AI will not save much time but will also provide value to the marketing copies.

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