iTunes Customers Filed Class-Action Lawsuit Against Apple

Three iTunes Customers Filed A Lawsuit Against Apple Accusing It Of Sharing Personal Data

What happens on your iPhone does not necessarily stay on your iPhone

Three iTunes Customers Filed A Lawsuit Against Apple Accusing It Of Sharing Personal Data

Customers' trust in Silicon-Valley based tech companies is hitting a new low. Apple, which has a reputation for putting the privacy of its customers first, was first alleged by three iTunes users, Leigh Wheaton, Trevor Paul, and Jill Paul.

A new class action lawsuit against Apple has put its private reputation at risk, and it claimed to be differentiated from companies leaking user data like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Why Has the Second Party Accused Apple?

The case is Wheaton vs Apple Inc., 19-cv-02883,  U.S. District Court, Northern District of California.

Leigh Wheaton, Trevor Paul, and Jill Paul accused Apple of unlawfully collecting their iTunes listening data and selling them to third parties without taking their consent. The data includes full names, home addresses, and listening preferences, including titles and genres of music tracks. 

The plaintiffs accused that a third party of buying a list of iTunes users based on varied different demographic requirements.

What is the Second Party Seeking As a Compensation from Apple? 

More than 100 plaintiffs are seeking an over $5 million in total damages. They are looking for a compensation of $250 for every Rhode Island iTunes customer whose information was revealed and $5,000 for each user in Michigan, according to the state's respective privacy laws.

The 51-page lawsuit against the Apple that picked up the shortcomings in the company’s privacy policy was filed on May 24 in California’s Northern Federal District stated: “None of the information pertaining to the music you purchase on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.”

The statement above mocked Apple’s ad slogan showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2019,  “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.”



The new lawsuit also mentioned that Apple has given the listening data of the users through its MediaPlayer Framework APIs without any consent. It relates to a problem raised by David Benson, an iOS developer, in 2016 that pointed out third-party app developers are getting access to titles of all songs bought by a user on iTunes.

If we take a look at the iTunes Store & Privacy page, you will see that Apple’s privacy policy mentioned that the company uses iTunes listening data to run customized targeted ads on the App Store. However, there is no mention of sharing the listening habits of third-party developers. Some words from its privacy policy read,

Apple has yet to comment on the issue. It would be interesting to see how this lawsuit will turn out. 

Is it right to say that no firm takes the privacy of users seriously? 

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