10+ Best Money Making Apps in 2021

Make the most out of your leisure time by downloading money-making apps that help cushion your wallets.
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June 25, 2021
Every one of us spends a lot of time on our smartphones. Even a recent study conducted by Britain’s Nottingham Trent University stated that the average young generation is investing around 5 hours a day on their mobile devices. Smartphones have become permanent fixtures that can be found in everyone’s hands and pockets all the time. And whenever they get free time, they start checking their device for chat notifications, social media posts, and emails.

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It has also been noticed that most of the individuals switch to gaming and stick to the endless levels within the games which ultimately wastes their time and gives nothing in return. What if they could get the opportunity to earn a fair and respectable amount by just putting a little effort in their free time? Well! Now, it’s possible with many quick money making apps that can help you make extra money.

You must be wondering, do such apps exist? To make your doubts clear, we are featuring a few top money making apps that are profitable and help put money in your bank.

Best Money Making Apps to Be Used in 2021

Here are some of the top money making apps that can help you in earning more in one way or another, the most famous method being cashback.



Rakuten, earlier known as Ebates, is one of the best reward apps that doesn't work on the points system and instead pays cash directly to its users. With huge rebates of up to 40% in cash back (that's right, nearly half of your purchase cost) it's easy to see why the company maintains such a high customer rating. The app works on the best app monetization techniques to get immense market recognition. The app boasts an enormous retailer network, with over 2,500 stores to choose from, including some big names like Macy's, Kohl's, and Walmart. Using the app or website, you'll find specific links that will automatically redirect you to special offers. Once you make a qualifying purchase, you'll receive your cashback.

Rakuten has become one of the most popular and the best paying apps to earn money and that’s because of its big payouts and an extensive list of retailers. If you join today, you'll get a $10 bonus, and this mobile app even offers referral bonuses if you sign up with friends or family.

Rakuten is one of the oldest money making apps, first starting as a simple website, but when it turned into a mobile app, it’s gaining users’ trust as a reliable cashback platform.

Additional Factors of Rakuten, one of the best money making apps

  • Provide a smart shop and save money offers
  • The app is integrated with cashback stores including Walmart, eBay, Sephora, Amazon, StubHub, Lyft, and many more
  • Provides timely notifications regarding the latest shopping deals, coupons, and promo codes
Download Rakuten



We can’t proceed without considering Ibotta, one of the broadly preferred and the best paying apps for earning money. It’s the best finance app that offers different brilliant ways to generate exciting cashback. Right from scanning receipts of your purchases, buying qualifying items from your favorite retailers' loyalty cards to making in-app purchases, the app offers so many ways to save extra money.

The app deposits your cash into your Ibotta account within 48 hours just after qualifying action and you can transfer your cash into your PayPal account or even turn it into gift cards. Once you reach $20 as a reward you can make the transfer and start converting some of your money.

Don’t consider it like other best paying apps for Android phones because this is the only platform that gives real cash just by buying the things you use every day.

Additional Factors of Ibotta, one of the best money making apps

  • Let’s you find money-saving offers
  • Helps redeem offer option
  • Encourage you to shop from your favorite retailers, bars, and restaurants
Download Ibotta



Among the best apps to make money that are existing today, Impact is indeed a gem you can install on your smartphones. The best online money earning app allows you to invest in NASDAQ listed companies and if you are from the US, it does not even charge commissions. However, the fact that makes Impact one of the best money-making apps is, each investment has an ultimate impact on the society on the planet, and you can review the impact you will make before you invest the money. Along with the history of your investments and the impacts that you have created, this one of the best reward apps allows you to make portfolios.

There are some other impressive features as well; referral bonuses for a maximum of 5 referrals with $30 for you and the person installing the app from your referral. This referral bonus is given up to a total of $150. Once you cross the threshold, you do not remain eligible for the bonus anymore.

Additional features of Impact, one of the best money making apps

  • Signing up provides you $10k virtual cash 
  • Review the ultimate impact of each investment you make
  • Buying stocks in small fractions is not an issue
  • Allows investments in stocks, ETFs, and Mutual funds
Download Impact



ShopKick is another one of the best apps to make money for Android users where they shop-and-earn through the offered rewards for buying items in-store or online. With this app, you’ll earn kicks for qualifying actions, that enable you to make online purchases, check certain retailers, visit certain online merchants, and much more.

These "kicks" or “actions” then transfer into retailer gift cards that are sent directly to your phone in digital forms. Each qualifying action is redeemable for a specific number of kicks, and some are worth more than others.

ShopKick is on the verge of beating all the other best apps to make money. It’s credible and lets users link their favorite store cards and generate income by making purchases in-store with your loyalty account. The site has lots of connected retailer brands, from SONY, Starbucks to even famous grocery item stores.

This best money making app for Android maintains a high standard of excellence, with great customer reviews and excellent customer service staff to answer all of your questions and ensure that your shopping experience is as profitable as possible.

Additional Factors of ShopKick, one of the best money making apps

  • The app maintains a high standard of excellence
  • Possesses great customer reviews for its points to redeem facilities
  • Out of the box customer service
  • Provides the ultimate shopping experience with exciting cashback offers
Download ShopKick

Google Opinion Rewards


Google Opinion Rewards is the next big and one of the best apps to make money. The app is created by the Google survey team and works to collect directly usable data from the users. After becoming a member, the app will start from 1 survey per week which contains questions like which logo is the best. You can earn up to INR 32 per survey, simply by stating your opinion. The app works too fast and gives you a handsome reward every time you fill and submit a survey.

It’s one of the easy and best apps to make money as you only need a few minutes to fill a survey. Further, the app also offers various referral bonuses to facilitate users with plenty of opportunities to save extra money.

Additional Factors of Google Opinion Rewards, one of the best money making apps

  • Highly recommended for rewards
  • Fill surveys and earn money
  • Instant cash transfer
Download Google Opinion Rewards



We will extend our list of the best money making apps with the iPoll app which is well-known for helping individuals make money by generating polls. The app is less tech-savvy and asks users for personal information during installation.

Users who usually indulge in creating a variety of audience polls can use this app as their ideal tool they can accomplish their survey mission. The app also alerts users with upcoming and new surveys they can plan to generate polls for.

The best thing is that it’s very easy to earn cash from this quick money-making application as you need to first complete your surveys and then visit iPoll.com to encash the earned winning points. Though, you wouldn’t be earning hard cash instead the reward cashback would be in the form of airline miles, gift cards, and others that you can conveniently use to different outlets and shopping stores.

Additional Factors of iPoll, one of the best money making apps

  • Provide survey opportunities based on your profile and location
  • Photo, video, and audio capability to generate effective polls with interactive reporting
  • Well-organized reward catalog to help you earn your redeemed points
Download iPoll



Today, advertisements are everywhere, even on your smartphones. Slidejoy is considered one of the most broadly used top money earning apps that pay users for prime real estate activities.

This is one of the top-paying apps where you can earn money even with the locked smartphone’s screen. And just after signing up, you’ll start viewing ads on your phone’s screen. If you like the ad you can swipe left to get more info and swipe right to go back to your home screen. Further, the app provides a swipe-up option that you can use to see more ads. 

For every swipe, users will get “Carets” that will be credited to their accounts the next day.

Additional Factors of Slidejoy, one of the best money making apps

  • Earn 1,000 “Carats” to make $1
  • The app deals through a Paypal account or rewards you with a variety of retailers’ gift cards
  • You can become heroes by donating your earned points or cash backs
Download Slidejoy



Foap is being valued as one of the most trusted Android and iPhone top money earning apps. The app is specifically designed to encourage photographers who can make money by selling their photos clicked by smartphone.

It’s a crowdsourcing platform for both professional and practicing photographers where the photographers get exposure from famous brands and advertising agencies who are always in search of the best images to create amazing ads.

Foap’s registry has accounted for more than 2.5 million photographers, including all. If you’re interested, just register with a valid account, upload your high-quality pictures followed by clear tags. Once the upload is successful, your photos or album will be rated by the Foap’s registered community to make it ready for sale.

Additional Factors of Foap, one of the best money making apps

  • For each sale, users can earn $5 which can exceed up to $10 as per photo quality
  • Foap distributes your photos to brands like Getty images to help you earn even better through your work
  • Get genuine feedback for your uploaded photos
Download Foap



Swagbucks has also secured its place on a list of free money making apps. You can start making money with this reliable app just after you sign-up as the app provides a fixed amount of $10 as a sign-up bonus.

Renowned as one of the best apps that make you money, Swagbucks permits users to pad their wallets by acquiring points through online shopping, surveys, and also by playing games. Along with this, the top money earning apps can even let users save money by watching videos or advertisements. 

Additional Factors of Swagbucks, one of the best money making apps

  • Users consider it a capable market research app which
  • You can redeem earned points or gift cards from Paypal
  • One can earn handsome money during their office breaks and even while waiting in the queue for an appointment
Download Swagbucks



Sweatcoin is from the new breed of top money earning apps that focus on rewarding the user on achieving the goals they have set. In this case, Sweatcoin tracks the steps of the users and according to the goals, the user is rewarded in the form of “sweatcoins”.

These “sweatcoins” can be used at the marketplace for buying lots of amazing products related to health, fitness, and day to day lives. This app is an amazing tool to keep motivated for a healthier life and win cool rewards in the process.

Additional Factors of Sweatcoin, one of the best money making apps

  • Users consider it a capable market research app which
  • You can redeem earned points or gift cards from Paypal
  • One can earn handsome money during their office breaks and even while waiting in the queue for an appointment
Download Sweatcoin



If you’re looking for the best apps to make money fast, Acorns is an absolute option you can go with. It’s a finance app that makes investing easy for seasoned investors. The app gives users a wide variety of options like clean energy, tech, and retail that they can choose to invest in.

All users need to set up your app to pull a few bucks a week or more from your main account to grow your investment value. This best money-making app allows users to start with a minimum of $1 to check whether they are going on the right track or not. Later, if they succeed, they can expand their investment limits and the rest can be left to Acorns.

Additional Factors of Acorns, one of the best apps to make money

  • Provides stock-back feature
  • Bank-level security
  • Starts investing from $1 per month
  • Best for those who are interested in automatic investing and saving
Download Acorns

Money making apps have changed the way people deal with their shopping, dining, investment, and different needs. They are now free and can earn exciting cashback and rewards simply by purchasing the favorite items from their favorite stores, without much effort required.

The process of using these top money making apps is quite simple and everyone should experience this at least once. We assure you that there’s nothing wrong with trying these top money making apps that pay you real money. But make sure that you prefer these apps after going through the feedback users have posted on prominent app review websites.

This is our take on some of the top money making apps that can help you in getting a significant amount of the cashback on each of your activities. If you are an app owner who wants to get your app reviewed or a techy looking for more updates on such interesting topics straight from the mobile app industry, get in touch with MobileAppDaily and get access to the trending updates on Android and iOS mobile applications.

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