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Best Gif Stickers Keyboard Apps For iOS And Android (Updated 2020)

Trending since 2014, Gifs get reinvented with these third party keyboard apps.

Keyboard Apps

Titled as the word of the year 2012, GIF is a widely used graphics image file that is now used on almost every platform and app. The reasons we seem to be obsessed with GIFs are many, and probably the most common one is that we can use a single GIF in place of hundreds of words.

Apart from being funny, engaging and helpful in explaining concepts, there is also a technical explanation for their widespread use. GIFs have minimal file size and are natively supported by almost all browsers. This is basically why GIFs have gained such popularity and are now used literally by everyone and everywhere.

Best Gif Stickers Keyboard Apps

With the rise of GIFs, third-party keyboards started providing support to GIF usage. There are lots of apps out there that let you use GIFs on any messaging and other apps installed on a mobile device.

Below I’ve put together a list of powerful keyboard apps for iOS and Android systems to provide support for GIFs and also to bring so much fun to your conversations. Let’s check them out.

1. GIF keyboard

GIF is an advanced third-party keyboard app available on Apple Store and Google Play Store, that lets you find or create the right GIF for any conversation right from your keyboard. The app features a vast GIF repository that’s divided into categories to help you quickly find and send GIFs.

GIF Keyboard

A great feature of GIF keyboard is that you can save any GIF you find on the web and later use it in your conversations. The app works with almost all messengers and social networks. You need to long tap on the GIF, and it will pull up the options to share or save it to your camera roll.

2. Sticker Market

Sticker Market is an excellent platform for stickers, GIFs, image templates and face emojis that you can also use as a keyboard on your smartphone. The keyboard app comes with a considerable collection of sticker sets, millions of trending GIFs and funny emojis that you can use on all top messaging apps and platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, and more.

All the GIFs and stickers are available right on your keyboard, and you don’t even need to switch back and forth between apps. The app has the most extensive collection of sticker sets.

Sticker Market

The keyboard supports ten languages and comes with dark and light keyboard themes. Also, there are smart word prediction and auto-correction features on the keyboard to let you type faster and without any spelling mistakes. 

3. Reboard

Reboard is another excellent keyboard app that makes it easy to send and share stuff from your mobile keyboard, plus it supports GIF and sticker search. It gives you access to the latest emojis, stickers, and GIFs that you can send right from the keyboard.


You can search and share videos from Youtube, document files from Dropbox and Google drive, share addresses from the web with friends and much more.

The keyboard provides autocorrect and word suggestions for 18 languages. Moreover, the app possesses a feature of removing text that lets you quickly type and delete words and numbers by swiping around with fingers. Reboard has 24 powerful apps built-in, that will help you do more tasks without leaving your keyboard.

4. PopKey

Popkey is a full app that comes with a GIF keyboard extension and lets you easily search, discover and send funny animated GIFs from your keyboard. It always has the latest and trending GIFs available, and you can use its GIF search functionality to find the exact GIFs that you want.


Moreover, you can also add your GIFs to the keyboard and start using them in your chats. It’s compatible with many popular messaging platforms, such as Google Hangouts, Apple messages, Facebook Messenger and more.

5. Joy

Joy is yet another great keyboard app with GIF support, that lets you discover many fun and animated GIFs to spice up your conversations. Here, you can find GIFs for any mood and conversation and be the first one to share them with friends on most of the apps or messaging platforms.


The app comes with powerful autocorrect and word prediction features that assure you that you're typing the right text in your conversation. Further, the app lets you choose from over 30 available font styles to make your chatting more effective and engaging. The app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

6. Fleksy

Fleksy is a fast, powerful and fully customizable keyboard app that comes with GIF support and many other awesome features. It gives you easy access to millions of GIFs and lets you navigate between apps right from your keyboard.

Fleksy supports over 800 emojis and 50 keyboard themes. You can easily copy/paste content, control the cursor, edit text, and add punctuation with the editor.


Also, the app features powerful autocorrect and word prediction features to contribute to a faster and better typing experience. Available for both iOS and Android.

7. Kika

Kika keyboard is a super keyboard app available for iOS and Android users to check out. It allows you to fully customize your phone keyboard with custom images on the background, thousands of keyboard themes, typing fonts and more.


The app contributes to faster and better typing and lets you send out cool GIFs and emojis to friends and family. Kika is distinguished by its super intelligent word prediction, auto-correct option, and better GIF and emoji suggestion features.

Final Thought:

Why you stuck to the same pattern when there is too much available to make your conversation happening! Try the best GIF stickers keyboard apps that are specially designed to make messaging a secure and exceptional experience for you. By downloading these apps, you'll find how you become to share your feelings not only through words but also via fun GIFs. 

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