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Top 10 Horoscope Apps in 2021

Technology can help track the planets, stars & other celestial objects for accurate & customizable personal horoscopes

Top Horoscope Apps

The world goes around each year and stars align to form interesting constellations and even more interestingly, the fate of mankind. The concept of astrology is ancient and is very popular even in today's day and age. 

Looking at the stars and date of birth to understand life doesn't mean that technology can't be looped in. We have made a list of Top 10 horoscope apps to get the most accurate daily horoscope and understand the mysteries of astrology. 

There are many applications that can tell you more about your day, help in improving your love life, finances and so much more. If you are new to astrology, you might want to try one of these good astrology apps to step into the world of stars and planets. 

Top 10 best horoscope apps of 2021

A handpicked list of applications based on features, usability, performance and overall user experience. 

1. AstroMatrix

A top rated horoscope app that includes a whole host of features. Horoscopes aren't decided just on the basis of your birthday but also on birth time and location. Astromatrix considers all these details when coming up with your horoscope. 

Check your horoscope for tomorrow and align yourself with the stars with Astromatrix's future horoscope. From interesting quotations to scheduled notifications, this app is a one stop shop for all astrology related things.

AstroMatrix - Best astrology app

Standout features of Astromatrix: 

  • It is a free to use astrology app
  • Daily, weekly and monthly horoscope tailored for you.
  • Also shows phases of the moon & famous birthdays
  • Also includes Tarot card readings

Download the iOS or Android version of the app

2. Co-Star Personalized Astrology

It is one of the most popular horoscope app in the market. Co-star personalized astrology is a completely free to use app with surprisingly no ads or in-app purchases. 

As the name suggests, this app completely personalizes your horoscope and digs much deeper into detailing. It even asks about the minute of birth! If you didn't know already, call your mother or find your birth certificate to find exact details of your birthday.

Not just that, it also uses the data produced by NASA to keep track of planetary movements.

Co-Star Personalized Astrology - Best astrology app

Standout Features of the app- 

  • Planet by planet compatibility. 
  • Has an interactive element too. You can also add friends on the application.
  • Real-time planet updates.

Download Co-Star personalized astrology app for Android or iOS

3. Daily Horoscope by Comitic

An easy to use and simple app for android & iOS. With a seamless UI and understandable elements, even a child can use this mobile app and get the most of it. 

This is a free to use app with advertisements. It also offers a daily horoscope and lets you look back at yesterday's horoscope as well. 

Daily Horoscope by Comitic - Best astrology app

Standout features of the app: 

  • You can also check the Druid horoscope with this app.
  • Lets you view the chinese horoscope.
  • Customized colors and font size
  • Easy to understand and use. 

Download one of the best astrology app for Android or iOS

4. Free Daily Horoscope

This too is a fairly simple astrology app. Also one of the best zodiac app exclusively for android devices. 

It utilizes information & horoscopes from Portal del tarot along with readings for each zodiac sign.

Free Daily horoscope app explores all aspects of astrology that you might be interested in including - love, money, work, family, friends, health and much more. 

Free Daily Horoscope - Best astrology app

Standout features of this best astro app for android:

  • An option to check Mayan horoscope. 
  • Also displays chinese horoscope. 
  • As the name suggests it is completely free to use. 
  • Offers personalized horoscopes based on your specific needs. 

Download Free Daily Horoscope app for Android

5. iHoroscope

One of the best daily horoscope app for Apple & android devices. iHoroscope gives special attention to user experience on the application. Apart from getting personalized astrology insights, you also get an option for horoscope chats. 

The use of light and happy colors makes this an fairly appealing and friendly app. 

iHoroscope - Best astrology app

Standout features of one of the top astrology apps:

  • You get an option to chat live with psychics. 
  • Customize notifications for horoscope updates
  • Get seasonal horoscope 
  • Love compatibility

Download for iOS or Android 

6. RedAppz horoscope apps

There are many horoscope applications that RedAppz (A developer) has launched on Google Playstore. It is worth mentioning because their specialization in this has resulted in top horoscope apps for all needs. 

One of their prominent applications is Astroguide, a daily horoscope, quotes, memes and much more. The user interface for all applications made by RedAppz seems to be almost the same but it is interactive and easy to use. 

RedAppz horoscope apps - Best astrology app

Standout features of horoscope apps by RedAppz: 

  • Specific app for each zodiac sign.
  • Numerology is also included in Astroguide and many of their applications.
  • Tarot reading & horoscope quotes.
  • Zodiac compatibility.  

Check out and Download apps by RedAppz on Android  OR Download the Astroguide app on Android Play Store.

7. Daily Horoscope and Astrology by Yodha

Another fairly simple horoscope application with customizable horoscope notifications. However, this is completely free to use without any ads to bug you. 

It also offers a very friendly user interface and to the point horoscope. It is one of the best astrology prediction app that is absolutely free and doesn't trouble you for paid plans or any in-app purchase.

Daily Horoscope and Astrology by Yodha - Best astrology app

Standout features of one of the best horoscope app: 

  • No ads, no bugs, no spam. Completely free to use.  
  • Motivating quotes for your life, love, personal growth, career, fortune and education. 
  • Simple use and to the point horoscope. 

Download one of the best astrology app for Android & iOS

8. Time Nomad

This application acts as an astrology teacher with all the answers. It is one of the good horoscope apps for people who want to learn to read the planets. Time Nomad is an iOS only app that gives detailed information about the real time location of planets, asteroids and other minor celestial bodies that can influence your horoscope.

It sends notifications about upcoming events that hold significance for your zodiac. 

Time Nomad - Best astrology app

Standout features of Time Nomad: 

  • It offers a dashboard with phases of moon, sun, lunar cycle, retrograde planets etc. 
  • A detailed overview of upcoming astrological events. 
  • Sidereal & tropical zodiac calculator. 
  • Numerical astrological reports and a view of the solar system.
  • Professional chart for understanding movements of planets. 

Download the most accurate horoscope app on iOS 

9. Susan Miller Astrology Zone

One of the best daily astrology app by popular astrologer Susan Miller. This application is quite famous and comes loaded with many features for both free and paid versions. 

Susan is a regular contributor to top magazines of the world including Grazia France, Vogue Germany, GQ and many more. She shares her insights on the alignment of planets and what that means for you with her detailed essays. Her active presence is one of the prominent reasons for this app to be one of the most popular astrology app across platforms.  

Susan Miller Astrology Zone - Best astrology app

Standout features of one of the best astrology app: 

  • Detailed insights into the world of astrology with Susan's essays. 
  • Access Compatibility reports 
  • The app also gives you an option to learn astrology. 
  • Detailed horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs. 
  • Look ahead into the next week with the premium plan and added access. 

Download one of the most accurate daily horoscope app on iOS  & Android

10. The Pattern

This app has made it to one of top 10 horoscope applications because of its unique approach & exciting features. 

It is one of the most accurate horoscope app but it uses patterns from the information you feed in, to determine likely paths in life. 

The Pattern is a personality app that aims at helping you to better understand yourself, people around you, the connections that you make and much more. 

The Pattern - Best astrology app

Standout Features of one of the best horoscope app:

  • It is a detailed personality app that tracks patterns
  • Offers insights to tackle challenging times, identify opportunities and navigate in life. 
  • Helps in navigating and recognizing friendship and romantic patterns. 
  • Also has a social feature that allows you to message your friends on the app. 

Download the app for iOS & Android

Pick the horoscope app that fits your expectations

These applications have received rave reviews from users and critics alike. When making a decision for picking the right horoscope app, understand your specific need and pick the one that connects with you the most. 

You too can get your app reviewed by us for expert insights. Make your horoscope app decision by understanding which of the following aspects do you care most about- Ease of use, Free or Paid, daily quotes, daily horoscope, Zodiac/chinese/Mayan horoscope, Tarot card support or any other personal preferences.

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