Video Surveillance: Everything You Should Know For Fe

Video Surveillance: Everything You Should Know For Feeling Safe At Home

Get to know the real reasons why you need Video Surveillance at your home

Video Surveillance: Everything You Should Know For Feeling Safe At Home

Feeling safe at home shouldn't be a concern, and unless you live all alone in the middle of nowhere (even if that's not ideal), you're going to need to find a solution to keep an eye on things when you're not home.

Video surveillance systems are a way of checking your home security. There are a variety of models, and it can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you don't know anything about video surveillance. 

Why Use Video Surveillance in Your Home? 

Some of you live in a safe neighborhood and are convinced that they don't need to mount video surveillance cameras. However, it's better to be safe than sorry. Burglaries aren't the only thing you should worry about when you're not home. Maybe a fire develops, or your dog gets sick all of a sudden.  

Video Surveillance

Wouldn't it be easier for you to check the home while you're away? Here are some great reasons for which you should install video surveillance in your home: 

1. You feel safe, and you sleep tight 

Let’s face it: we all fear of getting robbed. Even if it’s not a phobia, it’s only natural that we wake up in the middle of the night from the strange noises. Once you’re awake, you want to go back to sleep, but is it possible now that you don't know what caused that noise in the first place?

This is an excellent example for one to understand the utility of a video surveillance system. When you have one installed in your home, you get to see who's at the front/back door or any other entering points in your home.

A popular choice that you can use for video monitoring your home inside and outside is the Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren. The system is 100% wire-free, and it’s weather-resistant so that you may safely use it outside.

The cameras come with 2-Way Audio as they have a built-in mic and speaker, which ensures the push-to-talk ability. 

2. Keep the burglars at bay 

It has been proven that only installing the cameras is going to make the burglars avoid your property. If your video surveillance is visible, the chances are that the burglars aren't going to attempt a burglary anymore. 

Video Surveillance

You can give it a go with some dummy cameras. They don't function, but only have beeping red lights creating the appearance of real video surveillance cameras. Just when you take a closer look and if you know a thing or two about video surveillance you're going to be able to tell that they're fake.

Dummy cameras aren't indeed a solution. Instead, you need to install the real deal. The Smonet 4CH 720P HD NVR Wireless Security CCTV Surveillance Systems (WIFI NVR Kits)-Four 1.0MP Wireless WIFI Indoor Outdoor IP Cameras is an option as such.

The 4channel HD wireless security camera system is an excellent choice for a home, and the cameras are big enough to get noticed. The network is wireless, so its installation is a breeze and requires no video cables. You only need to plug in and play.

You also need to connect the NVR and cameras with the power supply that comes with the system.

Thanks to the system, you can view the live video from anywhere right from your phone/pad. The system sustains Sync-playback, video detection, and video backup. As soon as it detects something unusual, you’re going to receive email alerts from the system. 

3. Make sure your loved ones are okay 

No matter their age, kids are unpredictable and you want to keep an eye on them. If you go into the kitchen and your kid is upstairs playing in his room, you still want to check on him from time to time.

An affordable and easy to use choice for any parent is the Wireless IP Camera 1080P, Nanny Cam,360 Degree Smart WIFI Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom with Cloud Service. The 1080H camera that offers HD video streams is beautiful and bright.

The 2-way audio function is helpful, and you can see the whole room thanks to the one-touch pan/tilt controls/digital zoom. Panoramic touch navigation is going to create a panoramic picture of the room, giving you the possibility to view live video from the angle you want.

The camera provides 24/7 days recording the moment you place the SD card inside the card slot. You get to use the app. The camera features an anti-noise filter microphone and built-in speaker so that you can all talk with each other. You don’t only get to see, but also to hear what everyone else is saying. 

4. It’s great to know your pets are fine 

If you're a pet owner, you need to check on your furry pets any now and then while you're away. Video surveillance is excellent, but the market gives you nowadays devices that are specially created for taking good care of your pets while you're away from home.

Specially created for our dogs, the Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs is one fantastic device that helps us go through the day without missing too much our beloved friend (and the other way around too).

The Furbo Dog camera is a full HD camera with night vision that offers live stream video to check your pet. It has a wide-angle view and provides clear images of your dog night and day.

The camera is well thought out, so it includes a 2-way chat and barking alert It can push notifications to the smartphone when it identifies barking. Once you find out something is bothering your doggo, you can use the app and talk to him a bit.

The device also performs a Toss treat function which all dogs are going to enjoy. It's effortless to use, and as long as you have a stable internet connection and Wi-Fi signal, you shouldn't worry about its efficiency.

As for the cat owners out there, don’t panic. Video surveillance devices such as the Petzi Treat Cam, Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser are going to help you stay in touch with your cat (as long as he cares to). Your pet also gets to see your face (isn't this something that all cats love?), and he receives the treats he likes.

The device has one-way audio so your cat can hear your beloved voice. You can use the Petzi Treat Cam with the designated iOS and Android app.

Thanks to the app you can also share the content on social media. On top of everything else, the device identifies the level for the treats in real time so you may order it automatically when it’s running low. 

5. Always stay alert 

Sometimes you feel better when you know who's at the front door. You no longer have to go to the window to see who's at the door; a video surveillance system is going to give you that information. 

6. You can present the video footage as evidence in court 

It’s not unusual for burglars to enter a home and leave no clues behind whatsoever. When you have a video surveillance system installed in your home, you're going to have the evidence against the burglars.

Law enforcement agencies are going to use the footage from your order and catch the burglars. 

What’s The Best Option For Indoor Video Surveillance Of Your Home? 

The very first thing you need to know when installing a video surveillance system is to understand how many areas you need to cover with the cameras. Do you want the camera to monitor a specific section of your home? 

Video Surveillance

Do you want to check the live video feed throughout the day or not? If so, the IP cameras are a good option as they allow remote access over the internet.

The more you know about what your video surveillance system has to do, the easier it is going to be for you to make the final call.

Most cameras nowadays provide excellent resolution for the image and come with features that increase their efficiency. The more you're willing to pay, the more you should expect in terms of quality and features. 

1. Battery-operated cameras 

If your home isn't huge and you don't need to install many cameras, you should go with the battery-operated cameras. They may run as independent units. They're straightforward to install, and you don't need to run any wires.

They're not going to change their home in any way (some models may come with a mounting base, but that's not mandatory). The battery-operated cameras are highly flexible, so you can move them wherever you need or change their place as often as you need.

As they can work independently, they are a less expensive choice for video surveillance in your home. Most of them are Wi-Fi cameras which require a good and stable internet connection for proper transmission.

The list of functions is impressive: automatic recording of motion, motion detection alerts, and audio recording or two-way communication.

The popularity of the YI Dome Camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Home Security System speaks for itself, and the camera impresses with its features, functions and affordable price. It's a 720p HD camera that offers 112 degrees wide-angle.

The angle is combined with 345 degrees horizontal and 115 degrees vertical rotation range, resulting in a full 360degrees coverage.

The camera has compelling night vision as it comes with eight built-in 940nm infrared LED beads that cover up to 10ft in complete darkness without any light pollution (no LED glare).

The camera has a sensitive microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter that ensures a clear 2-way Audio experience. It also includes Intercom mode, hands-free mode and sends you real-time Activity Alerts.

The camera is straightforward to use and to customize according to your specific needs. It works with both iOS and Android. It sustains YI Cloud and comes with good compression, safely storing your data

2. Wired surveillance cameras 

Even if the wired surveillance cameras provide the highest stability, they're not the vast models that you have in mind.

Power and video feed use wires, which explain their durability and reliability. Some of the wired surveillance cameras come with Power Over Ethernet (PoE), so they get both power and feed video through the same wire.

The installation is a bit tricky, especially if you know nothing about cabling or surveillance systems. As the video goes through the wire, the file size and the quality are higher.

The wired surveillance systems include several cameras and need hard drives for compiling and storing the footage from the feeds.

Ready to monitor your home inside and outside, the A-ZONE Security Camera System 4 Channel 1080P DVR 4 x 960P HD Waterproof Night Vision Indoor/Outdoor Home CCTV Video Wired Surveillance Kits.

The system comes with a 2TB hard drive, and its installation is a breeze. It includes customizable advanced motion detection, and the detection area may be set right from the DVR. You can access the system from your tablet, or smartphone, via the internet. 

3. Hybrid Cameras 

The Wi-Fi cameras that operate via AC power cable are hybrid cameras. Unlike the battery-operated cameras, you don’t need to change the batteries. You can install them wherever you need, but they do need to be close to an outlet. 

Video Surveillance

They send the video feed over the Wi-Fi network, so their efficiency depends on the quality of the connection. Many hybrid systems use a local hard drive to store the footage. The cameras come with motion detection push notifications and recording, real-time two-way communication or audio recording.

The Arlo Q Plus – Wired, 1080p HD Security Camera | Night Vision, PoE/AC Adapter Powered, Indoor only comes for an attractive price, but that’s not the only good thing that it puts on the table. The camera has a 1080p HD resolution and provides a live stream sharp when you access it from your tablet/smartphone or computer.

It has excellent night vision ability and features a wide-angle 130-degrees lens. You can connect it with Wi-FI, Ethernet or PoE. It ensures two-way audio communication thanks to the built-in mic and speaker. You can customize the alerts according to your specific needs and keep an eye on your home from your smartphone. 

Final Thoughts 

Installing a video surveillance system in your home is an excellent idea for keeping your loved ones and your property safe at all times. Having a peace of mind is impressive, especially since you're not paying that much! Make your home a smart one with modern gadgets and enjoy relaxing sleep.

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