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Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Apps To Keep You Fittest in 2021

Looking to Best Health and Fitness apps for your smartphone? We've put together a list of the best health apps of 2021. Come on, get healthy!

Top Healthy Lifestyle Apps

Working out, eating fruits and vegetables, and finding time to meditate is something really hard to find in this hustling-bustling working schedules. By the time, when it is extremely tough to balance your personal and professional life, it’s essential to take out a few minutes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If we can order delicious food, takeaways, and book taxis at a tap of your smartphones, why not meditation sessions too? There are hundreds of apps that can boost your fitness, ease your mental health, or manage your snacking habits. With the increase in demand for fitness apps, healthcare app development companies are emphasizing developing smart smartphone apps to keep your mind, body, and soul in balance.

We have sorted some of the best healthy lifestyle apps for busy-bee like you that will help you manage your sleep cycle, ease stress, tracking your period, and get you some fitness motivation to keep you fit and healthy all day long. 

Let’s take a healthy step in the direction of fitness. 

Top 10 Healthy LifeStyle Apps To Stay Fit in 2021

Here are the best fitness apps to balance your body, mind, and soul. Let’s start the countdown. 

1. HealthTap 

HealthTap is one of the best healthcare apps that gives you 24/7 access to top U.S. board-certified doctors with or without insurance. This healthcare app gives you high-quality, and affordable healthcare by virtually connecting you to the 100,000 doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists.

It helps you manage everything, from diagnosis to virtual doctor visits, treatment plans without hassle. Healthtap is the smartest medical app that doesn’t charge you to ask general health questions. 

HealthTap - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of HealthTap App 

  • Ask questions and get personalized health tips from top doctors.
  • An artificial intelligence-powered symptom checker understands your symptoms.
  • Consult over text, phone, and chat with top US doctors online with 24/7 access.
  • HIPAA-compliant technology.
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab test results.

Availability: This Healthy Living App is available over Android and iOS

2.  Headspace - Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is one of the best healthy lifestyle apps that help you stay happy, live a stress-free life, and let you sleep soundly. From guided meditations to focussed music, this is one of the best apps to improve your life with inspiring stories and mind-boosting workout sessions. Simply, download this best health tips app for anxiety management, personal growth, and mind-body health well-being. Just sit back, breathe, calm your thoughts and live a distraction-free life.

Headspace - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of Headspace App 

  • Hundreds of guided meditations and inspiring stories on subjects like focus, exercise, and sleep.
  • Move Mode with mindful at-home workouts sessions and Audio-guided cardio exercises.
  • Get a sound sleep with sleep casts, sleep music, and wind downs.
  • The Wake Up to start your day mindfully.
  • Bring your friends to meditate with you.
  •  “Mindful Moments” to keep you present throughout the day.

Availability: This is one of the best healthy lifestyle apps is available over Android and iOS

3. Elevate - Brain Training

Elevate app is an award-winning brain-training application that helps you boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. This is one of the best healthy living apps to sharpen your focus, improve your speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. Get a personalized training program to improve communication and analytical abilities.

Elevate - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of Elevate App 

  • 35+ brain games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension.
  • Comprehensive performance tracking.
  • Personalized daily workouts that cover the skills you need most.
  • Workout calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated.
  • One of the apps for a healthy lifestyle.

Availability: This is one of the best healthy lifestyle apps, available over Android and iOS

4. Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

The Step Counter is a trending pedometer app that contains a built-in sensor to count your steps. This is one of the cool healthy lifestyle apps that lets you trace your burned calories, walking distance and time, etc. with their insights. If you’re searching for an app to lose weight and step tracker? Here is the best lose weight app - step tracker you can ever have.

Step Counter - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of Step Counter App 

  • A built-in sensor to count your steps.
  • Best Pedometer app.
  • The best walking app, with a step counter & walking tracker.
  • Sync your data to Samsung Health & Google fit smoothly.

Availability: This is one of the best apps for a healthy lifestyle, available over Android and iOS

5. Fabulous - Daily Motivation & Habit Tracker

The fabulous app is one of the best healthy living apps that will drive you to enhance your fitness & attain your weight loss goals, reboot your sleep cycle, and create mindfulness to overcome your anxiety. If you’re struggling with your fitness and don’t know how to lose weight or Need the motivation to build a strong morning routine? 

The fabulous app fits best with integrated health sessions, help you build your resolve, believe in your inner strength, and maximizes your energy levels with smart-targeted health advice from 1:1 life coaches.

Fabulous - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of Fabulous App 

  • Smart-targeted health advice for healthful sustenance of life.
  • Science-based habit tracker focused on wellness and mindfulness.
  • A library of meditations and exercise routines.
  • One of the best apps to make your life better.

Availability: This healthy living application is available over Android and iOS

6.  Health Pal - Fitness, Weight loss coach, Pedometer

Health Pal is among the most useful apps for a healthy lifestyle that helps you to stay fit and healthy. It has all the features that record and control your everyday routines like walking, daily water intake, calorie consumption, etc. to achieve and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

With features like water and diet reminders, Health Pal gives you real-time status and Health reports of your everyday actions. It houses info on your diet, your fitness, and many other health resources in one place. Not only this, this fitness app is fully equipped with a pedometer, Home workout plans, weight loss tracker, food search, and exercise tracker for your daily fitness and good health.

Health Pal - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of Health Pal App 

  • Automatically records your walking step counts, distance, and calories with a real-time pedometer.
  • Notifies you to have water and meals on time with Water & Diet Reminders.
  • Home Exercises - Fitness Plans, Voice Assistance.
  • Weight loss Tracker.
  • BMI, Energy Expenditure, Blood Volume, and alcohol calculator.

Availability: One of the best healthy living apps available over Android

7. Remente: Self Improvement, Mental Health, Selfcare

Remente is a health and fitness app that acts as your life coach and gives you a bunch of self-help tools to earn lifestyle enhancement and habits for individual growth, mental strength, and wellbeing. This is one of the best healthy lifestyle apps to avoid anxiety, stress, and depression and lets you focus on what really matters.

Remente - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of Remente App 

  • Daily sessions for self-care & wellbeing.
  • Goal setting guide to creating and achieve fitness goals. 
  • A smart and dynamic to-do list to plan your day.
  • Integrate with Google Fit.
  • Among the best apps to improve your life.

Availability: This healthy living application is available over Android and iOS

8. Period Tracker - Period Calendar Ovulation Tracker

Period tracker is one of the best monthly-cycle tracking apps that helps you keep track of your menstrual cycles with Period Calendar. It is one of the renowned apps for a better life that can manage your periods, cycles, ovulation, and the chance of conception automatically.

Period Tracker - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of Period Tracker App 

  • The Best App To Get In Shape, Lose Weight, And Stay Healthy.
  • Pill Reminder & Period Reminder 
  • Uses Google Account Data Backup. 
  • Period & Fertility Tracker App For Modern Women.

Availability: This healthy living application is available over Android and iOS

9. Huawei Health

Huawei Health is the best health tips app that offers you professional sports guidance for your favorite sport. This app houses walking, running, cycling mode, record running track, heart rate, trajectory, with speed and other sports data on your smartphone. One of the best apps for healthy living that optimizes your health by providing detailed insights on workouts, sleeping patterns, heart rate and gives you a stress-free life.

Huawei Health - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of Huawei Health App 

  • Monitor your health and your physical activity with one of the best apps for healthy living.
  • Record your steps, calories, exercise distance, and exercise time every day.
  • Make payments, listen to cool music, and pick a watch face design.
  • Dark mode for a better user experience.
  • One of the best apps for a better life that is clutter less.

Availability: This app for healthy living is available over Android and iOS

10.  HealthifyMe - Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Dietitians, Trainers

HealthifyMe is one of those superb apps to make your life better with weight loss, diet planning, and personal training. Achieve your fitness goals with features like a hand wash tracker, sleep tracker, workout tracker, weight loss tracker & calorie tracker within your fingertips. This is an all-in-all training app that includes no-equipment home workout videos for men & women offering full-body workouts.

HealthifyMe - best healthy living apps

Notable Features of HealthifyMe App 

  • Build immunity and lose weight with a personal diet plan.
  • Count calories and eat well with your food and calorie calculator.
  • See your weight loss, health data, fat loss progress & daily calories in one app.
  • Find health advice, tips recipes, and motivation everyday.

Availability: This is the best healthy lifestyle app is available over Android and iOS


From diet to sleep to exercise, here are the top 10 health and fitness apps that will keep you going and achieve your fitness goals with attaining peace of mind. What you need to do is download your favorite app, free up your mental space, switch to a healthier and more active life.

If you want to add your app to this list, get your app reviewed with MobileAppDaily. Till then, stay healthy, stay fit. 

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