10+ Best Healthcare Apps for Doctor Consultation Anytime, Anywhere in 2023

From finding doctors to identifying pills, these top medical apps are best for patients to access healthcare facilities 24*7.
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September 23, 2022
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Healthcare has become one of the biggest concerns today, especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Naturally, people have been looking for ways to keep a check on their health and take up the matter into their own hands. Smartphones and app technology are playing a crucial role in this paradigm.

With many technocrats working tirelessly to bring solutions that could help healthcare professionals during the pandemic, the same approach has been carried forward to create AI-powered healthcare solutions that can help users directly without third-party intervention.

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In this article, we are discussing a few best healthcare apps developed by top-notch healthcare app development companies that you can use without a second thought for doctor consultation.

Top healthcare mobile apps

Below mentioned are the healthcare apps for you to always keep a close check on your health from anywhere and at any time.

BetterHelp - The best telemedicine app


BetterHelp is a convenient way to get professional help from licensed therapists and counselors online. Patients enjoy individualized private care through video chat and messaging. There are over 20,000+ trained, experienced, and accredited counselors covering a wide range of areas - from depression and anxiety to family and couples therapy. The app also has group webinar offerings fostering community and support for patients. 

Features of this one of the best telemedicine apps

  • Get professional and affordable counseling online
  • Message your counselor 24*7
  • Get access to group webinars
  • Schedule live sessions with your counselor
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Teladoc – The top healthcare app


While most healthcare mobile apps on this list bring you the best of physicians at your doorstep, it's hard to find specialists catering to the exact ailment you’re suffering from. Teladoc – 24/7 solves this issue by connecting its users with the right certified doctor or surgeon including a neurologist or a radiologist.

The fee charged by doctors varies as they set their rates. It usually takes 24 hours or less to set up an appointment, and then get the consultation on the online platform via video call.

Teladoc – 24/7 also serves as an alternative for users to seek a second opinion. If your health plan does not provide all the telehealth benefits you need, and you’re sick of draining your health savings account, Teladoc – 24/7 is your go-to healthcare app.

Features of one of the best telemedicine apps

  • Get consultation for a wide range of health issues
  • Request a consultation and get a call within 24 hours
  • Talk to a doctor
  • Get prescriptions
  • Create and update your medical history
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Calcium - The top medical app


One of the top names in the healthcare industry, Calcium is a health guide that you can install either on Android or iOS devices for free. The healthcare app is designed to offer all necessary features such as supporting smart devices, prescription, medication management and alerts, supporting usability by professionals and patients, etc. The app is a thoughtfully designed product by experts that makes healthcare accessibility and management super convenient for its users. 

With smart devices, monitoring and analyzing patient data remotely is very easy with Calcium. Also, you can get in-depth insights into the medical progress of the patient, including data such as temperature and blood pressure. To gather data, the Calcium app uses other technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and secures healthcare data in a safe cloud environment to protect it from any harm, corruption, or hacking. So, in short, this healthcare app is trustable even though it has not been long since it entered the market.

Features of one of the best online medical apps

  • Entirely free to install and use
  • Supports smart devices for remote monitoring and data collection
  • Provides smart healthcare insights
  • Uses cloud servers to save the patient data
  • Super convenient to manage and share patient profiles
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Epocrates - The best medical app for patients


While the healthcare marketplace offers a plethora of healthcare benefits, Epocrates is the go-to healthcare app for patients struggling with chronic disorders who need to consult a physician regularly.

The credibility of this mobile healthcare app is in the user’s feedback and high rating on the Google Play Store and App Store. It is a comprehensive application created while keeping in mind all the problems a patient faces while undergoing medical treatment.

Features of the best medical app for patients

  • Get medical reference
  • Identify unlabeled pills
  • Check drug-with-drug interaction
  • 600+ calculator tools
  • Insurance coverage which many best insurance mobile apps teach you to have
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PEPID - The top medical app for doctors


If there’s anyone who can understand the mysterious handwriting of a doctor, it's the pharmacist. Nearly everyone gets a doctor’s medical prescription for medicines via pharmacists. What if this medical genie went digital?

We are talking about an app that lets patients easily communicate with their pharmacists regarding different medication articles, make refills, and process prescriptions all through the mobile application.

PEPID serves all of these functions in one mobile app. They aim to make medical information more accessible by helping pharmacists go digital. While the app does entail cloud storage and digital solutions for pharmacies, PEPID also builds mobile apps for pharmacies.

These custom applications can help pharmacists communicate with their customers while making the prescription fill process more convenient for everyone.

Features of the top medical app for doctors

  • Streamlined workflow and functionality
  • Search tools and auto-correct
  • Creates notes and saves history
  • Persistent login
  • Medical calculators
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UpToDate - The best healthcare mobile app


If your wife or a loved one is pregnant, this might be the best gift you can give them. UpToDate trumps all pregnancy mobile apps booming in the healthcare marketplace, with features such as week-by-week pregnancy trackers, diet managers, and even belly selfie functions.

This of the best online medical applications for patients assimilates the best functionalities of almost all pregnancy mobile apps out there while adding powerful location-based technology and the first-ever 3D fetus animation videos. The mobile app has an elegant user interface based on a simple navigation wheel.

Other features include informational videos, expert advice forums, personal photo albums, baby gear shopping, and a weekly pregnancy tracker. Although free, TotallyPregnant is riddled with links to online stores and in-app purchases of classes like Lamaze and yoga for pregnancy.

Features of one of the best healthcare mobile apps

  • Persistent login
  • Easy search and auto-completion
  • Maintain history and bookmarks
  • Medical calculator optimized for mobiles
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Talkspace - The top telehealth app


Talkspace is a convenient, affordable, and effective way to work toward improving your mental health. The app allows you to match with licensed therapists and send messages and have video calls at your convenience. The app is subscription-based and available for users 13 and above. Using the subscription services, you can send unlimited text, video messages, or pictures to your therapist. So although you may be able to communicate 24*7, you may not always receive replies on time. 

Features of this top telehealth app

  • Find therapist and book appointments any time
  • Send text, videos, and pictures to your therapist
  • Schedule live sessions
  • Easy to download and use
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MyFitnessPal - The best telehealth platform


MyFitnessPal is another best healthcare app for Android and iOS users. It’s an all-in-one tracker for activity, mindfulness, food logging, sleep, fertility, etc. You can set activity or weight goals, create meal plans, and sync the app with most fitness tracking devices and watches.

If you pay to upgrade, you’ll get premium features like more detailed reporting, including food macros that you can download or email to your healthcare provider. This one of the best online medical applications also features a robust online community for weight loss support and advice.

Features of this one of the best telehealth apps

  • Achieve your weight and health goals
  • Track your water intake
  • Manage your weight by tracking over time
  • Get 150+ healthy recipes from registered dieticians
  • Analyze nutrition and calories in detail
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Medici - The best healthcare app for patients


After witnessing the impact of mobile apps like Airbnb, Uber, and Amazon in people’s lives. Phillips, the founder, and CEO of Medici decided to do the same in healthcare. His company took it upon itself to make healthcare more accessible for everyone and created two mobile applications, one for patients and one for providers. Medici allows users to with doctors in the Medici network for a fraction of the time and cost of going into a hospital.

Once patients or mobile app users connect with their doctor, they can explain their illness, its symptoms and send pictures. The doctor will order a prescription directly to the patient’s pharmacy or confirm if the patient needs to visit him/her for an exam.

Medici helps its users cut out unnecessary and expensive trips to the doctor’s office and make doctors accessible in a HIPPA-compliant online space.

Features of one of the best mobile apps for healthcare

  • Consultation for a wide range of medical issues
  • Clear pricing with no hidden charges or fees
  • Detailed summary for insurance purposes
  • The fastest way to contact a doctor, supporting audio and video calls
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Doctor On Demand - The top mobile app for healthcare


If you’re short of time or money and require board-certified physicians for a video consultation, Doctor On Demand is your go-to healthcare mobile app. It offers doctors that can treat non-emergency medical issues such as cold and flu symptoms, urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, allergies, sports injuries, back pain, heartburn, as well as many pediatric issues.

The app allows you to access doctors that write you a prescription, even travel-related, and answer all your medical questions. The services offered also include a psychologist and a lactation consultation. Video visits with doctors for medical issues cost a flat rate of $40 per session. Psychologist video visit costs $50 for a 25-minute session and $95 for a 50-minute session.

UpSpring Lactation Consultation costs $40 for a 25-minute session and $70 for a 50-minute session. In case you’re questioning the credibility of these doctors, Doctor On Demand includes more than 1,400 state-licensed physicians in the U.S. You can expect to receive a few messages per week, and you can leave the service at any time. All of the user’s information remained anonymous and did we mention it's free?

Features of top mobile app for healthcare

  • Contact a doctor 24*7
  • Schedule a visit at your convenience
  • Supports insurance coverage
  • No monthly fee
  • Check doctor’s fee before the visit
  • Family support included
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Welltory - The top healthcare monitor app


Welltory is designed by genius developers who pair IoT sensors and app algorithms to ensure you have a live monitor for your health. The app was founded in 2016 by Pavel Pravdin and Jane Smorodnikova. With this healthcare app, you can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, BPMs, and more. Moreover, the app supports over 120 IoT healthcare gadgets like Fitbit.

Features of top mobile app for healthcare

  • Free to use
  • Supports 120+ IoT gadgets
  • Set workout goals to receive reminders
  • Uses AI to generate reports
  • Track energy, productivity, and more
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Sweat - One of the top healthcare apps


Sweat is one of the best medical apps designed for women by women. Workout sessions are led by female fitness experts that are considered some of the best in the industry. Led by Kayla Itsines, the High-Intensity Zero Equipment sessions feature high-intensity circuit training that's suitable for all levels and a great option for beginners looking to make a fitness transformation. 

The post-pregnancy program is another standout feature of this app. The content is effective and user-friendly. You also get to preview each workout before getting started. You also get access to more than 3500 at-home workouts. 

Features of this top healthcare app

  • Programs for beginners to advanced
  • More than 3500 at-home workouts
  • One of the world’s largest women's fitness communities
  • Discover new workout every month
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While 75% of U.S adults own a smartphone, and 89% of total mobile media time spent is on apps, one would expect users to avail the best of mobile healthcare today’s digital age has to offer. Yet, they don’t because they are missing out on these amazing Healthcare mobile apps that bring effective healthcare to a single tap of a mobile app. These healthcare mobile devices and apps have provided many benefits that can not only help in keeping the health status quo in check but also enable users to take control of their healthcare services.

While these best medical apps undoubtedly offer a great deal of medical expertise, they aren’t a perfect alternative to in-house medical care. So if you’re suffering from a severe ailment, a hospital visit is most recommended. But for keeping a cautious eye on your health and making the most of the resources at your disposal, we highly download these apps. Especially if you are suffering from chronic illness or experiencing pregnancy, these top medical apps will help you in keeping your day-to-day life normal and share your burden.

We hope you find these healthcare apps useful and can efficiently answer what does the app stand for in healthcare? For more details and to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily.

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