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Best Halloween Apps for iPhone and Android That You Need to Download [2021]

Make Halloween more enjoyable with these apps with exciting photo edits and Halloween costumes ideas.

Best Halloween Apps

Halloween is just around the corner and you must be ready with your costumes, candy, scary masks, and decorations. And of course, you have to be at your best because you have a day where you can scare the hell out of others.

But aren't you forgetting something important?

The spooky mobile apps to add fuel to your Halloween night.

Every one of us has mobile phones and having Halloween phone apps can really give many ideas that can actually make this Halloween memorable for you.

Best Halloween Apps for Free

We have come up with a list of the topmost spooky iOS and Android Halloween party apps that can add the missing spark to your party.

1. Halloween City

Halloween City is one of the free Halloween game apps that has to be on your device. The game app consists of a Halloween city that you create and manage by yourself. The user can further decorate and customize the city with ghostly beings, including vampires, witches, monsters, and zombies.

You can also crossbreed to create a new monster. The best part of the game is that you can even take a picture of your Halloween city to share over social media platforms.

Download this scary Halloween app for - iOS and Android

2. Vampify - Turn into a Vampire

The vampires are the most attractive creature when it comes to Halloween night, and everyone wants to see how they will be like a vampire. And with the Vampify app, you can easily convert that idea into a reality.

This Halloween photo editor app provides a 3D model of the user as a vampire that is snarling and biting with the drip of blood. You can even share your vampire-look on social media this Halloween to know how people will react to see you in a Vampire avatar.

Download this Halloween photo app for - iOS

3. Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker

If you want to scare your friends with evidence of paranormal activity, the Ghost lens app is the perfect tool. You can add any ghost-like creature in your image with the app and show people as it has been caught accidentally.

This Halloween makeup photo editor allows the user even to clone his own ghost & convert it into a  video or photo. Then there is an option of adding scary background music to your masterpiece.

The Halloween editing app offers options like selfie FX camera, PS effect features, adjustable layouts, video and image filters.

Download this Halloween makeup app for - iOS 

4. Make A Zombie

Make A Zombie app lets you create your zombie using your zombie styling sense. You can create a zombie with different combinations available from clothes to the body parts. The Halloween face app has an option where the user can add blood effects to the zombie and customize their plagued body parts just the way you want.

The app is also compatible with the AirPrint so you can print your cool-looking Zombie and stick it at the entrance. You can also stick the zombie to your bathrooms or any other place in the house to give younger brother or sister a scary moment.

Download this Halloween face changer app for - iOS

5. The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Turn yourself into a real zombie in your smartphone just like the one in the famous series Walking Dead. Exclusively for the TV series lover, ‘The Walking Dead’ app turns your selfie into a zombified creature.

You can also add an image from the gallery to give it a zombie look, and you can edit the image with available zombie making tools. The Halloween camera app also allows to directly share the edited image directly share on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Available for - iOS and Android

6. Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween wallpaper app is a real feast for Halloween. This app can add a Gothic cemetery, haunted house, accompanied by witches, bats, and ghosts into one place. It not only offers you static Halloween images, but you can also have Halloween live wallpaper with lots of settings and dynamic effects.

Key settings and effects of the app include various types of the night sky, photo-realistic clouds, dark leaf fall, animated fireflies, flickering lights, and more. So make sure you have the scariest Halloween party this year.

Download this Halloween wallpaper app for - Android

7. Zombies, Run!

If adventure excites you, Zombies, Run is the Halloween app that you need to download right now. It’s an ultra-immersive running game where every run becomes a mission. The player has to save himself from the flood of zombies and the game’s immersive audio drama pushes the adrenaline to the fullest.

During the run, the player can even collect supplies, which helps in growing the base back home. The more the supplies, the stronger will be the base.

Download this Halloween Game App for - iOS and Android

Halloween Should Be Scary

All the Halloween mobile apps mentioned in this article are an excellent option that you can try to make your Halloween scarier. Right from free Halloween wallpaper apps to apps for Halloween costumes, we have covered it all.

If you also have a Halloween app that can well compliment this list, get your app reviewed by us and we will feature the app right here. Remember, Halloween apps are the new spine-tingling.

MAD Recommendation: Our Favorite Halloween Apps

What are the Top Halloween apps for Android?

  • Halloween City
  • Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker
  • Halloween Wallpaper

What are the Top Halloween apps for iOS?

  • Halloween City
  • Vampify - Turn into a Vampire
  • Make A Zombie

General FAQ

  • Different types of Halloween app
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