Top 10 File Manager Apps For Android That You Should Download Right Away

We have compiled a list of top 10 file manager apps to make file organization easy for you.
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June 11, 2021
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Management of numerous files requires proper planning and effective mechanism. Today, smartphones come with a pre-installed file manager that performs many tasks such as copy, paste, delete, hide and rename, to name a few. However, there are a couple of advanced tasks like change extension, security, and file transfer, which cannot be managed by the default file manager. It is said that the default file management system is good, but there are plenty of file manager apps designed to let you organize your files as per your requirement. Such apps are developed with the motive to provide you a perfect solution for managing files.

Our Top Picks

In this article, we are going to discuss the popular file manager apps in detail that would make your file managing tasks easier and simpler. These apps have been shortlisted according to their features, ratings, and reliability.

File manager apps to download in 2021

The following are the file manager apps for Android that come packed with innumerable features. Let’s take a look below:

Amaze File Manager - The best file manager for Android


This app tops our list of ‘best file manager apps to download in 2021.’ Why? Because it comes with innumerable amazing features like it is open source and has a built-in app manager to open, backup, or directly uninstall apps. It also features SMB file sharing along with basic features like cut, copy, delete, compress, extract, etc.

Features of Amaze File Manager, the best android file manager

  • Work on multiple tabs at the same time
  • Get multiple themes with cool icons
  • In-built Database Reader, Zip/Rar Reader, Apk Reader, Text Reader
  • Quickly access history, access bookmarks, or search for any file
  • Open source, light, and smooth
  • Root explorer for advanced usersT
Download this best file manager for Android

Astro File Manager - The best android file manager


Astro File Manager is yet another excellent file manager app. Launched in 2009, this best file manager for Android is currently being used by 150M+ users worldwide. It comes with many interesting features such as SD Card support, cloud storage support, file compression, and archive extraction support. It also features a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and simple folder management. On top of that, this app is completely FREE to use. 

Features of Astro File Manager, the best android file manager

  • Easily move, copy and share files on internal storage, SD card, and cloud space 
  • Sort and categorize files easily with this best android file manager
  • Expand your phone storage
  • Explore images, tools, videos, music, apps, and recent folders
  • This app serves as an app cleaner
Download this best file manager for Android

Cx File Explorer - The best device manager for Android


Cx File Explorer is a powerful file manager app with a clean and intuitive interface. Using this file manager app, you can quickly browse and manage the files on your mobile device, PC, and cloud storage. You can even manage the space used on your mobile device with a visualized storage analysis. Hence, if you are looking for a file manager app that has a simple and sleek interface with amazing features, Cx File Explorer would be the best choice.

Features of Cx File Explorer, the top file manager for Android

  • Access files on cloud storage using this best device manager for android
  • Access your mobile device from PC using FTP
  • Manage the apps installed on your phone
  • This file manager app uses the Material Design interface
  • Copy, compress, rename, extract, delete, and share files 
Download this best device manager for Android

FX File Explorer - The top file manager for Android


This app comes with no ads and no tracking of user activity either. It features a nice-looking UI and also comes with AES-256/AES-128 encryption. You get SMBv2 support along with access to cloud storage services. It can also edit text files, create and open Zip files, or even create encrypted Zips. Additionally, it also features a built-in audio player, movie player, image viewer, and text file viewer. Multi-window support is also included along with split-view mode. All in all, this is the perfect file manager app for you. So, download it right away!

Features of FX File Explorer, the best android storage manager

  • No tracking or advertisements of any kind
  • The cleaning tool shows information about your phone's storage
  • User-friendly interface
  • Built-in audio player, movie player, image viewer, and text file viewer
  • Built-in light and dark themes
  • Get archive support with this good file manager for android
Download this good file manager for Android

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MiXplorer Silver - The best android storage manager


One of the newest file managers on the list, MiXplorer Silver comes with all the basic features such as file browsing, archive support, support for cloud storage, and an HTML viewer. Some of the other amazing features of this file manager app include EPub, MobiPlacket, and PDF reader support as well as file encryption. The app also comes with a built-in gallery, text editor, and a music player. 

Features of MiXplorer Silver, the best file manager for Android

  • Sort, disable and enable all menu options and action buttons
  • Explore different view modes and sorting options 
  • Advanced search options
  • File encryption and decryption using Aescrypt file format
  • In-built media player and text editor
Download this good file manager for Android

Root Explorer - One of the best file management apps


Root Explorer is among the top-rated file manager apps in 2021. Its prominent features include multiple tabs, SQLite database viewer, Text Editor,  create and extract zip, extract RAR archives, send files, etc. The app also gets frequent updates to create a better experience for users. This app is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a simple interface and easy accessibility. 

Features of Root Explorer, the best Android file manager

  • Create and extract the zip
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and network (SMB) support
  • Change file owner/group
  • Get APK binary XML viewer
  • Create shortcuts with this one of the best file management apps
Download this one of the best file management apps for Android

File Commander - The best Android file manager


This file manager app enables you to handle any file on an Android device through a clean and intuitive interface. The android app allows you to separately handle libraries of music, videos, documents, and pictures. You can even rename, delete, zip, and move with some taps. The premium version of the app offers some advanced tools such as a storage analyzer to view all your files and folders, secure more to encrypt your files and recycle bin to delete and restore files.

Features of File Commander, the best Android file manager

  • Find files easily from the fully customizable home screen
  • Bookmark favorite files & folders for faster access
  • Connect with nearby devices using Bluetooth
  • Support for popular cloud services
  • Easily manage external storage
Download this best android file manager for Android

SolidExplorer - The best file manager for Android phone


Solid Explorer’s popularity is growing each day due to the amazing features it offers. This file manager app lets you navigate files stored on your device and automatically organizes them into collections. You can also protect your files with strong AES encryption and put them in a secure folder. The file manager will ask for password or fingerprint confirmation when you browse the folder. Even if you uninstall Solid Explorer, the files stay on your device and are still protected. Hence, this app is an excellent choice for you if you want more security and data protection.

Features of Solid Explorer, Android best file manager

  • Protect files with strong encryption
  • Manage files on your cloud storage with this file manager for Android phone
  • Backup apps and files to any desired location on your device
  • Easily manage files in dual-pane layout
  • Internal image viewer, music player, and text editor for easier browsing
Download this best file manager for Android

Total Commander - The best file manager for Android phone


Total Commander is arguably the best root file manager app. This app comes with no ads and has a built-in text editor and search function. Total Commander has support for FTP and SFTP clients, via a plugin, and the same goes for WebDAV and LAN access. It has a dual-pane view and a built-in media player that can stream directly from LAN, WebDAV, and cloud plugins. For every advanced feature, there is a plugin, so you don’t have to download unnecessary software if you don’t need the functionality.

Features of Total Commander, the best file manager for Android

  • Get plugins for cloud services
  • Root support for the main functions
  • Send files via Bluetooth
  • Media player to stream directly from LAN, WebDAV and cloud plugins
  • Optimizations for visually impaired
  • Thumbnails for pictures
Download this best device manager for Android

X-plore File Manager - The best Android storage manager


This app delivers a dual-pane tree view to your phone’s display. Even though it doesn’t look the most modern, it’s highly functional to use a file manager this way. This app serves as a root explorer, supports cloud storage, and pretty much everything you can imagine. On top of that, it offers really good encryption. Additionally, it also features a music player that can play music tracks from any available location. All in all, this is a really great app for your mobile phone.

Features of X-plore File Manager, the best file manager for Android phone

  • Vault for encrypting sensitive files
  • X-plore shows folder hierarchy in a tree view for clear orientation
  • In-built music player and video player with subtitles
  • Fast Image viewer with zoom and slide to previous/next images
  • Thumbnails for images and video as well as for various file types
Download this good file manager for Android

To conclude, if you are looking for data protection and an easier way to manage your files on mobile phones, these easy-to-use file manager apps can help you! Along with security and data protection, you can also enjoy music, backup apps, and share files with others as well. So, what are you waiting for? Download these amazing apps right away!

Apart from these best file management apps, if you are interested in reading more such listicle articles on different mobile app categories like productivity apps, business apps, dating apps, etc, or if you want to get your app reviewed, get in touch. Our experts will review your app and provide you the assistance you need.

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