Best 10+ New Year's Resolution Apps to Use in 2022

Now you can keep your New Year resolutions in check with these amazing New Year’s resolution apps
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December 28, 2021
Keeping your New Year resolutions intact throughout the year is not as easy as it sounds! Millions of people make multiple New Year resolutions in the month of January and as the year progresses, those resolutions are broken.

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But that case does not have to be like that anymore because we have handpicked the most effective mobile apps for Android as well as iOS devices that will help people in living by your New Year resolutions.

Best Android & iOS Apps You Must Use This New Year

Below are the mobile apps that our team of experts at MobileAppDaily think could kickstart your New Year with great habits and will turn 2022 into one of your most successful years.

QuitNow! - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


Quitting smoking is one of the most common New Year resolutions that people tend to make at the beginning of every year. So, if you are someone who wants to quit smoking but is facing difficulties, QuitNow is the best quit smoking app that you need to get installed on your smartphone.

Notable Features of the QuitNow app are as follows

  • A community of ex-smokers to chat with
  • It offers a list of various health indicators
  • Multiple achievements for daily motivation
Download QuitNow!, the best app for New Year's resolutions

Headspace - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


Mental health has now become a common issue in today’s society. In other words, we can also say that people nowadays are stressed more than ever. That’s why you need a mental health app like Headspace to help you focus on meditation activities. The app will help you focus, and stay calm by practicing exercises related to mindfulness.

Notable Features of the Headspace app are as follows

  • More than 40 themed courses on meditation for various topics
  • Guided exercises to prepare your body for healthy sleep
  • Users can use sounds related to falling asleep and waking up
Download Headspace, the top New Years eve app

Skyscanner - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


The Skyscanner app is here to assist you in making your travel dreams come true. With more than 90 million users, the app has built a strong image in the market when it comes to finding the best flight booking prices along with huge discounts on hotels and other accommodation. The best part is that there are no hidden charges whatsoever!

Notable Features of the Skyscanner app are as follows

  • Effective car rental service
  • No requirements for booking fees
  • Users can find the cheapest flights on the basis of dates
Download Skyscanner, the top resolution tracker app

MyFitnessPal - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


Another common New Year resolution that people come up with every year is to lose a significant amount of weight or to get a toned healthy body in general. As per this one of the best fitness apps, its users have lost over 200 million pounds with more than 80 percent of users who started losing weight in the first week.

Notable Features of the MyFitnessPal app are as follows

  • Barcode Scanner allows you to simply scan barcodes to log into different foods
  • With Recipe Importer, you can easily import nutritional information from recipes
  • With the Restaurant Logging feature, users can quickly log into the menu items
Download MyFitnessPal, the best New Year's workout companion

Nike Training Club - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


The Nike Training Club fitness app can be your Ultimate Personal Trainer that will take your workout to the next level. Users can get fit with the free workout routines provided by the app that features world-class Nike Master Trainers. These professionals from this amazing fitness app for women and men will guide you through every exercise and yoga session.

Notable Features of the Nike Training Club app are as follows

  • Enter and record other activities and exercises you do
  • Users get daily picks specifically as per their routine
  • It offers a set of recommended workouts from professionals
Download Nike Training Club, the best New Year's workout app

Qapital - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


Handling your finances can be a tricky task but we have the right mobile banking app to handle your money in an efficient manner. The app allows you to 'save smartly, spend happily, and invest comfortably', and who doesn't want that? Qapital has over 8,000 five-star reviews, making it a suitable fit for those looking to improve their finances in 2022.

Notable Features of the Qapital app are as follows

  • Users will get significant interest on their accounts
  • The app offers Weekly Insights
  • Features such as automatic bill payments and purchase notifications
Download Qapital, one of the New Year’s resolution apps

Glassdoor - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


If you want to skyrocket your career in 2022 then Glassdoor is an app that can help you achieve this resolution. The app is referred to as the career builder on the go for both freshers and experienced professionals. From the latest job listing to candid company reviews, you will find everything on this app regarding the organization.

Notable Features of the Glassdoor app are as follows

  • Get instant push notifications for suitable jobs
  • Swipe on a job listing to email it over or view the profile
  • Read opinions of current and former employees about companies
Download Glassdoor, the best New Year career resolutions app

Match Dating - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


There are many people who are looking forward to finding their true love this year. It doesn't matter if you are looking to meet new people, flirt with local singles, or find a long-term relationship, the Match Dating app, a top New Year’s countdown app for dating, has room for you. The interesting part is that the Match Dating app existed before Tinder did.

Notable Features of the Match Dating app are as follows

  • Option for smart filter settings for high privacy
  • Users can exchange messages with voice commands
  • You get custom searches for potential dates
Download Match Dating, the top app for New Year resolutions

Way of Life! - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


There's no denying the fact that changing habits is hard work, especially old habits. So we found the perfect app to help you in adopting new habits and discarding the old ones. Way of Life is an amazing application with a highly intuitive habit tracker that regularly motivates users to build a healthier version of themselves.

Notable Features of the Way of Life app are as follows

  • It provides powerful reminders with custom messages
  • Option to add a passcode lock that supports Face ID
  • It comes with an interactive scoreboard for regular feedback
Download Way of Life!, the best New Year’s resolution generator

Nomo - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


With this one of the top New Year’s resolution apps, you can set and achieve your sobriety goals. The New Year’s resolution tracker allows you to create sobriety clocks, add accountability partners, and more to ensure that you have the help you need in staying sober.

Notable Features of the Nomo app are as follows

  • Free to install
  • Track sobriety with clocks
  • Add accountability partners with contact information
Download Nomo, one of the best New Year fitness resolutions

Rise Up - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


With this one of the best free happy New Year apps, you can keep track of your dieting pattern easily. The New Year goal tracker allows you to log your meals, export PDFs, and more to ensure that you have a tool to help you with your meal plans. You can add the data like your meals, and the emotions that you are feeling. It helps experts in helping you better with your fitness.

Notable Features of the Rise Up app are as follows

  • Log meals and the emotions easily
  • Set customized meal reminders
  • Find and share motivational quotes
Download Rise Up, the top app for New Year resolutions

Expensify - Best App for New Year's Resolutions


To have a better lifestyle this year, it is important to manage expenses. With this New Year goal tracker app, you can scan receipts, add businesses, share receipts with your manager or accounts team, categorize expenses, and do much more to ensure you have a track of every penny that you spent.

Notable Features of the Rise Up app are as follows

  • Add, categorize, tag, and share receipts with a simple scan
  • Approve or reject expenses easily
  • Share receipts with concerned people easily
Download Expensify, the top New Year’s resolution tracker app

2021 has been a year of ups and downs for almost everyone in the world. We saw new work trends, and the new adaptations of virtual learnings as well. And now, it’s time to welcome another year. So, we thought of providing you with a list of the best New Year’s resolution apps that could help you in making this upcoming year more productive. We hope the above-mentioned apps will come in handy for keeping your New Year resolutions throughout the entire year of 2022. 

In the end, if you own a smartphone app as well, you can get your app reviewed and if it has the potential, it can get listed in blogs such as this. For your apps, MobileAppDaily can turn out to be a great marketing platform. 

Happy New Year!

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